In the previous episode, the leading couple’ marriage is not going so well after the revelation of Mi-Young being a cop. On top of that chairman Park’s daughter has arrived to take revenge on behalf of her father. Her man corners Jung-Kook while running away he accidentally catches a serial killer and becomes an overnight hero. This makes life tougher for Jung-Kook and his wife as well. Meanwhile, Hoo-Ja has her own troubles as she wants to control an assemblyman to help her pass a bill which will help her business.

My Fellow Citizens Episode 3 Recap

The Manchurian Candidate

My Fellow Citizens Episode 3 RecapMy Fellow Citizens Episode 3 Recap

Hoo-Ja has decided to make Jung-Kook an assemblyman instead of bribing and supporting any other candidate. She is tired of giving money to an assemblyman who doesn’t even respect her. Hence she is trying to make Jung-Kook an assemblyman on whom she has full control. Her little sister is not fond of the idea but gives all her support to Hoo-Ja. She also finds out that Mi-Young is indeed Jung-Kook’s wife and also that Mi-Young is assigned to catch con artists. Elsewhere, Jung-Kook and Mi-Young are having dinner with her mother and brother (not blood-related). Mi-Young is getting teased because of her delinquent days and because of her husband’s popularity. Later, Mi-Young and Jung-Kook go for another round of drinking as she wants to talk about issues in their marriage. At the restaurant, they get into an argument and Jung-Kook storms off from the restaurant. He feels bad and decides to back in but he is kidnapped by Hoo-Ja’s lackeys.

My Wife is Stronger Than Gangsters

My Fellow Citizens Episode 3 RecapMy Fellow Citizens Episode 3 Recap

He is then taken to be buried but the location is changed to a closed sauna because Hoo-Ja couldn’t handle the cold in the forest. She informs him that she is going to kill him unless he accepts her offer which he accepts even before listening to it. She then tells Jung-Kook about her plan to make her an assemblyman. He is surprised to hear the offer and thinks she is messing with him before killing him. She tells him that she chose him because of his brave citizen popularity. Jung-Kook tells her that even if she wants it he is not going to win the election. She gets tired of his constant denial to run for the election and calls Pil-Joo to attack Mi-Young. Jung-Kook gets really angry after hearing Hoo-Ja while Pil-Joo’s man moves to attack Mi-Young. Then Hoo-Ja receives a call from Pil-Joo whose man got thrashed by Mi-Young and he runs for his life.

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Love of Married Couple

My Fellow Citizens Episode 3 RecapMy Fellow Citizens Episode 3 Recap

Hoo-Ja gets taken back but pretends (while on call) that Pil-Joo didn’t kill Mi-Young because she looks like his sister. Out of desperation Jung-Kook apologizes to Hoo-Ja and agrees to run for the election. He is then made chief of philanthropy of Hoo-Ja’s company. Jung-Kook receives a call from the hospital about Mi-Young who is taken to the hospital for injuries. He runs to her but doesn’t see her as she doesn’t want to see him the state she is in. Jung-Kook then apologizes to Mi-Young and leaves to meet Hoo-Ja. He tells Hoo-Ja that if she dares to touch Mi-Young again he won’t leave her alone. Next day at work one of Mi-Young’s colleague asks her for help in carrying out a search warrant to which she agrees. Elsewhere, the headquarters of Jung-Kook’s campaign is decided but they lack someone who can provide them election strategy.

Meeting The Strategist

My Fellow Citizens Episode 3 RecapMy Fellow Citizens Episode 3 Recap

In Gwin-Nam’s (Hoo-Ja’s sister) opinion they should hire Joo-Myung, he was going to run for the election but got dismissed. Hoo-Ja is not happy to hire him but she has no choice, at the same time she receives a call from Joo-Myung. He tells her that a search warrant has been issued for her company after he tipped off the police. He wants money from Hoo-Jaa to keep her mouth shut. The search warrant Mi-Young is carrying out turns out to be for Hoo-Ja’s company. When Mi-Young is leaving after performing the search warrant she sees Pil-Joo entering the company and recognizes him as one of the attackers. She then asks her colleague to let her team do the investigation in the case regarding Hoo-Ja’s company. Elsewhere, Hoo-Ja meets with Joo-Myung and introduces to him to Jung-Kook as the candidate for the election. During their conversation, Jung-Kook is found out about lying that he attended Seoul University. Seeing that he has no choice Jung-Kook reveals the truth that he is a con man.



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