My Fellow Citizens Episode 4 Recap

In the previous episode, Jung-Kook is forced to run for election after Hoo-Ja’s man attacks Mi-Youg (Who kicks their asses by the way). Later, Mi-Young during carrying out a search warrant at Hoo-Ja’s company sees Pil-Joo there and recognizes him as one of the men who attacked her. Hoo-Ja introduces Jung-Kook to Joo-Myung, he is the one Jung-Kook needs if he wants to win the election.

My Fellow Citizens Episode 4 Recap

Testing The Skills

My Fellow Citizens Episode 4 RecapMy Fellow Citizens Episode 4 Recap

After Jung-Kook reveals that he is a con artist he and Joo-Myung get into a little argument. In Joo-Myung’s opinion, he acknowledges Jung-Kook’s popularity but doesn’t see him fit as an assemblyman. While Jung-Kook argues that other politicians are frauds just like him so it is the right place for him. He tells Joo-Myung that both of them need something from each other so they should put their cards on the table. Joo-Myung then takes Jung-Kook with him to show him a building which he owns. The building doesn’t have many renters and has lost its property value. Joo-Myung makes a deal that if Jung-Kook can sell the building for 1.5 times it’s bought value then he will help Jung-Kook with his election. Jung-Kook having full confidence in his conning skills agrees to the term and asks for 1 weeks time to make the sale.

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Setting The Camp

My Fellow Citizens Episode 4 RecapMy Fellow Citizens Episode 4 Recap

Meanwhile, Mi-Young during investigation sees the photographs of Pil-Joo and Hoo-Ja. She remembers meeting Hoo-Ja while she was investigating a con artist (her husbands). She then thinks that is the reason why Pil-Joo and his men tried to kill. Elsewhere, Jung-Kook meets with his “associates” Charles and Seung-Yi in order to help him with selling the building. He tells him the story about him being forced to run for assembly and in order to do that he needs to sell the building. But his associates think he is lying and doesn’t believe him at all. As a last resort, he calls Hoo-Ja to convince them. After Charles get a beating from Pil-Joo both him and Seung-Yi readily agrees to help Jung-Kook. Their plan is to offer a big commission to the brokers in order to sell the building at a higher price. They clean the building and hire a few actors in order to show that building has a lot of renters.  Their idea seems to be working when they start to get more and more interested parties.

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Revenge Of A Cop

My Fellow Citizens Episode 4 RecapMy Fellow Citizens Episode 4 Recap

But all of them wants either more time or discount on the price both which are not an option for Jung-Kook. This leads to them wasting a lot of their time with very less success. While all this is going on one of Mi-Young’s detectives (while staking) sees Pil-Joo along with Seung-Yi and Charles going in and out of the building. She suspects that they are doing a real estate fraud. She then takes the case to her other detectives of her team which leads to an argument because of the increase in unnecessary workload. Mi-Young tells them that these people tried to kill her after which everyone agrees to help her and they start staking the building. Meanwhile, Jung-Kook finally gets a customer, an old couple, who got the money after winning the lottery. They agree to sign the paper in two days time when the old couple comes out Mi-Yung meets them.

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Change of Conscience

My Fellow Citizens Episode 4 RecapMy Fellow Citizens Episode 4 Recap

Jung-Kook also follows the couple in order to return a hat the old man forgot in the restaurant they met. Jung-Kook then sees Mi-Young with the couple and gets suspicious, he then calls her and then her office. Later, when she tells that she has moved to the team which catches frauds her suspicion becomes truth. He goes to Hoo-Ja in order to stop the con but she tells her he can stop if he can with the election on his own. With no other choice, he continues the con, on the day of the signing of papers he gives instructions to the old man to meet him. While the old man goes through little alleys he is followed by Mi-Young and another detective. The old man is then taken in a car by Charles and dropped at a subway station. Mi-Young meets the old man in a subway station where he tells her that he already sign the contract yesterday but the other party canceled it. Elsewhere, Jung-Kook goes to Joo-Myung and Hoo-Ja and tells them that he will run for election on his own.



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