I was unable to recap the last episode because of lack of time so I would like to apologize for that. Here is recap of episode 10 (episode 19 and 20) hope you guys enjoy it.

My Strange Hero Episode 10 Recap

You Are My B*tch Now

My Strange Hero Episode 10 RecapMy Strange Hero Episode 10 Recap

My Strange Hero Episode 10 RecapMy Strange Hero Episode 10 Recap

Soo-Jeong and Bok-Su get caught by Seung-Woo, Bok-Su begs him not to tell anyone else about him and Soo-Jeong. Soo-Jeong is worried about the rumors, next day Bok-Su bribes Seung-Woo with food. Young-Min gets in a fight with his previous classmates over the debate results, Bok-Su stops him. Homeroom teachers of both classes write the “crime report” blaming the student from other class. Young-Min gets punished even though another student started the fight. Wildflower class students barge in the broadcast room and air the video of the fight to the whole school. Se-Ho wants to expel Young-Min but the video ruins his plan. Soo-Jeong tells her superior that she didn’t know about the video although in a flashback we see that she was the one who planned all this.

It’s In The Genes

My Strange Hero Episode 10 RecapMy Strange Hero Episode 10 Recap

Young-Min agrees to forgive the other student as long as he doesn’t get himself involved with Wildflower class students. Young-Min gets applauded by his classmates, he (Bok-Su and Seung-Woo as well) also receives the award for the debate win which was contested. Bok-Su has become Seung-Woo’s slave again after being caught by him. Bok-Su and Soo-Jeong kiss each other in the classroom later he gets to meet Soo-Jeong’s grandmother. He gets scolded (verbally abused) by her for painting the door pink. Soo-Jeong’s grandmother wants Bok-Su to promise her that he won’t suddenly disappear¬†like Soo-Jeong’s father. He promises to her that he will not leave Soo-Jeong ever.

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Mother To Rescue

My Strange Hero Episode 10 RecapMy Strange Hero Episode 10 Recap

Next day, Mr. Park scolds (his official opinion) Wildflower class for breaking in the broadcast room and compliments them (his unofficial opinion) for what they did. Mi-Jin (working part-time at school) finds that school has already chosen the winners of the competitions and has also prepared the winner certificates for the competitions that are not even held yet. All the winners are from the IVY class, Mr.Park finds out about the certificates as well. He files for indictment, accusing his school of corruption. Auditors arrive at the school for sudden inspection but Se-Ho’s mother is able to stop the audit.¬† Se-Ho’s mother wants Se-Ho to leave the school for good but he retaliates and tells her that the school belongs to him now. She further tells him that he has never achieved anything without her help before storming out.

Pack Your Bags

My Strange Hero Episode 10 Recap

In a flashback, we see Se-Ho and Bok-Su running for the school president post and Se-Ho winning the election. Se-Ho goes home hoping for compliments but finds out that his mother manipulated the results and Bok-Su was the original winner. Jumping forward to the incident, we see Se-Ho’s mother forcing his son to blame Bok-Su for pushing him. Back to the present, he tells his administrator to tell Wildflower class that they will be transferred. The students of wildflower class are not happy after hearing the news of school transfer. Se-Ho goes to Mr. Park and wants him to voluntary resign from the school, Bok-Su gets himself involved again.


This episode was all about the students and issues they are facing in the school. I have no knowledge about South-Korean school systems but I hope things are not as bad as they are shown in the school dramas. I am not only talking about corruption but bullying, child abuse, and other issues. The school is the place where future Psychopaths and Saints are made so I really hope things are over exaggerated in the dramas.

With each episode, my hatred meter for Se-Ho is increasing and feeling sorry for him meter is decreasing which is not what I wanted. He is turning more like his mother just what she pointed as well. He looks quite chic though which is his only redeemable pointy right now.

The romance was on the back burner in this episode although we did get to see a kiss. Although technically what they are doing is immoral but VAR rules in their favor.




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