My Strange Hero Episode 11 Recap

Bad Teacher

My Strange Hero Episode 11 RecapMy Strange Hero Episode 11 Recap

Bok-Su rips Mr. Park’s resignation letter and gets in a verbal argument with Se-Ho. Mr.Park stops Bok-Su before things get more serious and write another resignation letter. Bok-Su confronts Se-Ho on the matter of student transfer, Se-ho tells him it is better for them to transfer rather than being the last position in the school. Bok-Su proposes if the students of Wildflower class increase their grades they can stay, Se-Ho accepts his proposition. He tells his class to study and increase their grades if they want to stay in the school. Bok-Su asks Mr.Ma’s help to teach his classmates, Soo-Jeong, Min-Ji, and Kyung-Hyeon are surprised to find that he is their former classmate.  Mr.Park has been demoted to a cleaner because of all the complaints from the IVY class regarding his teaching methods.

For The Better Tommorow

My Strange Hero Episode 11 RecapMy Strange Hero Episode 11 Recap

Mr.Park goes to Se-Ho and apologizes to him that he was not able to see his pain in the past. he further asks Se-Ho does he regret the choice he made in the past, Se-Ho denies. Mr.Park tells him that although Se-Ho can’t change the past he should move towards a better future. The students of wildflower class don’t want to transfer but they can’t study either and keep running away when its time to study. Bok-Su and his team personally kidnap every student from wildflower class to force them into the study. Elsewhere, Se-Ho meets their parents and tells them it is better for the students to transfer to another school if they want to go to college. The parents tell their kids to transfer, the students put extra effort in the studies to prove everyone wrong about them.

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One Man Army

My Strange Hero Episode 11 RecapMy Strange Hero Episode 11 Recap

Meanwhile, Mr.Park is going to reporters and education board for them to look into the corruption in the school. But his efforts in are vain as nobody wants to touch the case. Bok-Su spends the night at Soo-Jeong’s house and falls asleep just holding her hands. Much to Soo-Jeong’s disappointment as she squirms around in her bed, seeing her in “distress” Bok-Su fulfills her desires. Next day, Mr.Park is starting a one-man protest against the discrimination and corruption in the school. Se-Ho meets the head of the parent’s committee, Bok-Su secrets records their conversation. Bok-Su finds the evidence regarding the “donation” from IVY class students and gives it to Mr.Park, someone takes photographs of them without their knowledge.

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Winds Have Changed Direction

My Strange Hero Episode 11 RecapMy Strange Hero Episode 11 Recap

Wildflower class gives their best in the tests and increase their grades significantly. Surprising not only Soo-Jeong but other teachers as well. Not only that the “bully” Seung-Woo comes first in the whole school as well but students from IVY class are pissed. Se-Ho calls the teachers and tells them that the test results are invalid because the examination paper has leaked. Se-Ho shows the photographs of Mr.Park and Bok-Su together with “papers” to Mr.Park and he further wants to expel Bok-Su blaming him for stealing. Soo-Jeong is really furious with Se-Ho, Mr.Park stops her. He then meets Se-Ho and signs his resignation letter and tells him to leave Bok-Su alone. He further tells Se-Ho that tormenting other people will not make the pain go away, it will make it even worse. In the end, he gives him a hug and apologizes again for not helping him in the past, leaving Se-Ho in tears. Bok-Su is in tears as well when he finds out about Mr.Park’s departure.

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I feel sorry for Mr.Park for getting an early retirement although now he can put all his concentration into seducing Bok-Su’s mom and becoming his new dad. Look like Se-Ho is also trying his best to get rid of his mother’s influence from “his” school. Regarding the leak of examination paper it very much likely that it will be someone from IVY class. The past two episodes have been more like the episodes of Gokusen rather than My Strange Hero. With more emphasis on the whole school rather than the three leads which is a good thing in my opinion.





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