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My Strange Hero Episode 12 Recap

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My Strange Hero Episode 12 Recap

My Strange Hero Episode 12 Recap

The Corrupted Wood

My Strange Hero Episode 12 RecapMy Strange Hero Episode 12 Recap

Soo-Jeong and Bok-Su are saddened by Mr.Park’s departure from the school. Se-Ho is working with Myung-Ho to get the knowledge of the corruption in the school. Meanwhile, Se-Ho’s mother meets the school board members, they are not happy with Se-Ho. Se-Ho’s mother wants to remove Se-Ho from his position as the head of school. Se-Ho’s “advisors” are very happy with the news. The principal gets drunk, Bok-Su disguises himself as a driver and drives him. Bok-Su overhears the conversation (involving bribery) between the principal and the parent’s committee head. He makes a plan to take down the people involved in corruption, he starts with the corruption involving the school furniture. Bok-Su and Kyung-Hyun disguise themselves as the school administrators and meets the furniture dealer.

The Gangster of Studies

My Strange Hero Episode 12 RecapMy Strange Hero Episode 12 Recap

The dealer is selling the furniture to the school about 5 times the market price. The furniture dealer tells them that the price was settled with the previous general manager of the school and on top of that, he paid a lot of money to the previous general manager for it. Bok-Su also finds out that the principal sends the question paper for the class exam to the PTA head. The retest takes place, Seung -Woo again gets the highest marks in the entire school. Seung-Woo decides to stay in wildflower class even after Se-Ho asks him to get transferred to the IVY class. Bok-Su spends another night at Soo-Jeong’s place, he remembers the time when he and Soo-Jeong celebrated Se-Ho’s birthday. In a flashback, we see them getting drunk in the school and spending some “quality” time with each other.

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The Slap

My Strange Hero Episode 12 RecapMy Strange Hero Episode 12 Recap

Myung-Ho gives the list of teachers who got appointed after bribing, Soo-Jeong’s name is on the list but Se-Ho tells Myun-Ho to remove her name from the list. Although he insisted to put her name on the list in the first place. Min-Ji also gets her hands on the list she is surprised to see Soo-Jeong’s name on it and gives the list to Soo-Jeong. Soo-Jeong confronts Myun-Ho and finds out that Se-Ho was the one who returned her the money that she lost through the scam. She goes to Se-Ho and calls his selfish jerk for his acts, Se-Ho tells her that he gave her money because he saw her struggling. He further tells her that in the past he was the one who told their class that Soo-Jeong was poor. Even though Bok-Su knew about it as well he never told her, she slaps him and gets furious with him. Se-Ho than shows her the photographs of her and Bok-Su together, he tells her that she should break-up with him if she wants to protect him.

The Break-Up

My Strange Hero Episode 12 RecapMy Strange Hero Episode 12 Recap

Se-Ho plans to bring down his mother and while she plans to bring him down (Loving Family). Soo-Jeong starts to keep avoiding Bok-Su in order to “protect” him. Bok-Su goes to her house, she wants to break-up with him. He knows that she is trying to protect him, he tells her that he will leave the school. She tells him that if he does that than Mr.Park’s sacrifice will go in vain. They “break-up” in order to be happier in the future. Sulking Bok-Su next day tells Soo-Jeong that he will take his revenge so she should wait for him until it is all over. He catches Myung-ho taking photographs of him and Soo-Jeong, Bok-Su tells him that if he keeps going like this he will be cast aside and will get blamed for everything in the end. Soo-Jeong feeling guilty returns Se-Ho his money and tells him to keep her name in the list of corrupted teachers. Elsewhere, Bok-Su is planning to reveal all the information he has got on the corruption in the school. Soo-Jeong tells him that she will be the witness and evidence in relation to the hiring of employees with bribery.


Well, everything is out in the open now, all that’s left is a head-on confrontation. The triple fight between Bok-Su, Se-Ho and Se-Ho’s mother is coming up. I think Bok-Su and Se-Ho will join hands to beat Se-Ho’s mother. This may re-ignite the flames of friendship between them. I still see a happy ending for Se-Ho even after every douche thing he has done.

On the side note, anyone else bothered by the rough skin of Se-Ho and Kyung-Hyun? What’s worse is that I am hating myself for letting this bother me. I mean the looks of a character have become more important than the character itself. So it is time for some self-reflection and to clear my mind of these “evil” thoughts.




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