My Strange Hero Episode 14 Recap

My Strange Hero Episode 14 Recap

My Strange Hero Episode 14 Recap


My Strange Hero Episode 14 RecapMy Strange Hero Episode 14 Recap

Chae-Min tries to jump off the roof of the school, Se-Ho tells him he should jump and kill himself. But if he thinks that things will change if he dies, he is totally wrong. Nothing will change and people will forget him in the end. Bok-Su tells Chae-Min to reconsider and that as long as he is alive he can start things over and bring the change. Bok-Su is able to convince him and saves his life in the end. Later, Young-Min tells Chae-Min that only Chae-Min himself can himself. Bok-Su wonders, if he has saved Se-ho in the past, things could be different now. He tells Se-ho not to run away anymore and take this chance to live in a way he won’t regret in the future. Elsewhere, the principal confesses that he is alone responsible for all the embezzlement of school money and illegal donations. Prosecutor is unable to investigate much further into the case because of the pressure from his superiors (Se-Ho’s mother’s doing).

The Evil Returns

My Strange Hero Episode 14 RecapMy Strange Hero Episode 14 Recap

Se-Ho’s mother returns as the head of the school, she changes all the previous changes made by Se-Ho and fires the new people he hired (including Myung-Ho). Myung-Ho threatens that he will reveal everything, he is told that what he did was illegal and if he causes any issues he will have to take the responsibility. The chairwoman threatens Soo-Jeong with the photographs of her with Bok-Su in order to stop her from being a whistle-blower. Soo-Jeong ignores her threats and leaves after handing out her resignation letter. The news about Bok-Su being an assailant is released as well that he is doing the disclosure because as an act of revenge. Bok-Su’s classmates are angry with for getting caught dating with Soo-Jeong by media. It turns out they already knew about both of them dating. Soo-Jeong takes Bok-Su to Jeju island in order to “comfort” him. Bok-Su gets surprised by the gluttonous Soo-Jeong, they spend a “beautiful” night at Jeju.

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The Public Enemy

My Strange Hero Episode 14 RecapMy Strange Hero Episode 14 Recap

Mr.Park returns and surprises Bok-Su, he seems to be starting something new. Elsewhere, Se-Ho shows up to the Soo-Jeong’s house and returns her the resignation letter she gave to his mother. He tells her that she got hired because of her merit and not because of money or because he likes her. Soo-Jeong tells him that she did give the money to get hired and she wishes that Se-Ho apologizes to Bok-Su for his past mistakes. Chae-Min is expelled from the school because of the public opinion, his mother threatens the teachers that she won’t let it end this way. Se-Ho meets with Mr.Park, his mother gets a subpoena for the hearing of the corruption case. Later, at home Se-Ho tells her to stop treating school as a business. She tells him that that’s how business is done and she is not an incompetent person like him.

Time to Face Up The Crimes

My Strange Hero Episode 14 RecapMy Strange Hero Episode 14 Recap

The romance between Kyeong-Hyun and Min-Ji is also picking up the pace. When they are about to have their first kiss they get “caught” by Soo-Jeong and Bok-Su. Se-Ho arrives at their office, all of them are surprised to see him. Education board’s meeting regarding the corruption in Sulsong High takes place. To everyone’s surprise, the chairperson of the hearing is Mr.Park. Chae-Min’s mother tells the hearing committee that she got the leaked exam papers because the principal and the chairwoman told her that if she “donated” money to school they will take care of her son. She also presents the receipts which shows how much money she has donated. Myung-Ho and Soo-Jeong give their testimony as well and blames the chairwoman for all the corruption. The last witness arrives, he is none other than Bok-Su. He reveals the evidence against the chairwoman (given to him by Se-Ho) and her plans to build a university using the embezzled money from the school. The chairperson blames Bok-Su for fabricating the evidence for his revenge. Elsewhere, Se-Ho also organizes a press conference to reveal the truth about the incident of Bok-Su’s violence.

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Revenge seems coming closer to the finish line. We got another good episode nothing special though. Se-Ho seems to become terms to his past actions and is on the path to redemption. In a way, he is trying to save his mother as well.

I’m not sure how did Mr.Park got the job and if getting that kind of job even will be possible in his situation in real life. Especially when Se-Ho’s mother has so much control over the bureaucracy of the education system. That aside he looked dashing compared to his past look.

The romance seems to be on the backburner now that revenge is up in the front seat. Only two more episodes left looks like a happy ending for everyone except the chairwoman. I would be pissed if her personality changes at the end.

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