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My Strange Hero Episode 15 Recap

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My Strange Hero Episode 15 Recap

My Strange Hero Episode 15 Recap

Rise From the Ashes

My Strange Hero Episode 15 RecapMy Strange Hero Episode 15 Recap

Mr.Park tells the chairwoman that the school is not her personal property and is financed by the government through the tax money. The chairwoman denies all charges and blames Bok-Su for creating false evidence. In her opinion, Bok-Su is doing all this to get revenge on the school that expelled him years ago for his violent behavior. Soo-Jeong tells everyone in attendance that Bok-Su didn’t do any kind of violent act and he is innocent. In the process, she also confesses her love for Bok-Su. Elsewhere, Se-Ho holds a press conference to reveal the truth about the incident from 9 years ago. He reveals that Bok-Su never pushed him and because he lied to the school Bok-Su got expelled as well. He further apologizes for his behavior towards Bok-Su. After the hearing, the chairwoman cries fake tears in front of the reporters. Bok-Su finds out about Se-Ho confessing about the incident.

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Hoping for a Better Future

My Strange Hero Episode 15 RecapMy Strange Hero Episode 15 Recap

Later, Bok-Su, his friends, Soo-Jeong and Mr.Park have dinner at Bok-Su’s restaurant (technically his mother’s). The chairwoman is losing her support because of the public backlash. She is really angry with Se-Ho who wishes he never lied about Bok-Su pushing him from the roof. He is thrown out of the house and his mother warns him that she is going to close down the school. Next day, the reports about the corruption by the chairwoman are all over the news. The documents from the school are confiscated and she is summoned to the prosecutor’s office for further investigation. Mr.Park is put in charge of the school by the education board, Bok-Su returns to school in glory. Although Soo-Jeong has to leave the school because of her “illegal appointment”.

The Evil Within

My Strange Hero Episode 15 RecapMy Strange Hero Episode 15 Recap

Mr.Park tells the teachers that some of them became a teacher with unlawful means. He hopes they will submit their resignation letter and people who really deserve the job will get it. Elsewhere, during the investigation, the chairwoman puts all the blame on Se-Ho. Se-Ho is now under investigation for heading the corruption in the school. Bok-Su is angry that Se-Ho is taking all the blame, he meets him to understand the situation. Bok-Su tells him to live differently now and come out of his mother’s shadow. It turns out he is taking the blame to save the school. If he doesn’t take the blame for the corruption his mother will shut down the school and all the kids will have to transfer. Soo-Jeon has started her new job as a part-timer at Bok-Su’s restaurant. Bok-Su’s sister is really strict with her future sister-in-law.

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The Confession of a Criminal

My Strange Hero Episode 15 RecapMy Strange Hero Episode 15 Recap

The news about the school getting shut down is revealed, the teachers and students are worried about their future. All the students join with Bok-Su and ready to do anything in hope of saving the school. They start with a petition to save the school, the students use different methods to get signs.  Se-Ho comes to the restaurant and apologizes to Bok-Su’s mother for his and his mother’s behavior and acts. She serves him his favorite jjajangmyun and hopes future holds good things for him. Later, she tells Bok-Su about Se-Ho’s visit, he is then called to the prosecutor’s office. He then runs into the chairwoman, she tells him that Se-ho is going to confess to all the crimes she committed in order to save the school. Bok-Su runs to change his mind but Se-Ho confesses to all the crimes. He tells the prosecutor that he is the sole perpetrator and his mother is not involved.


The chairwoman is not going to go down so easily, she has Se-Ho totally under her control. Everybody seems to hate her character which shows how well she has performed. This character is totally different from her comedic role from Terius Behind Me. I also really liked her in Can You Hear My Heart (great drama).

Although she has put blame on Se-Ho we all know that evil always looses (at least in dramas). I am pretty sure she will be punished for her crimes and truth will prevail. I feel really sorry for Se-Ho for having this kind of mother, at least he gained his friend back.

Good things do come to an end, only 1 episode left. Hope we get a suitable ending that doesn’t ruin the whole drama.


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