My Strange Hero Episode 16 Recap The Finale

My Strange Hero Episode 16 Recap

In the previous episode, Bok-Su presents the evidence showing that the chairwoman is responsible for the corruption in the school. The chairwoman is under pressure and losing her support from the bureaucrats. She then forces her son Se-Ho to take the blame for everything in order to save herself. Se-Ho takes the blame as she wanted, his reason is to save the school.

My Strange Hero Episode 16 Recap

True Criminal

My Strange Hero Episode 16 RecapMy Strange Hero Episode 16 Recap

Se-Ho confesses to being the sole person responsible for the corruption in the school. Bok-Su runs to him and tells him that he is making the situation worse. If he goes to jail for his mother’s crime he won’t be able to save the school. Because the school will fall back in the chairwoman’s hands. Bok-Su tells the prosecutor that Se-Ho was the one who gave him the documents that revealed where the corruption money was embezzled. After listening to Bok-Su, Se-Ho changes his mind and reveals everything including his deal with his mother to the prosecutor.  Meanwhile, the chairwoman is shedding fake tears in front of the press. She is hell-bent on closing and then selling the school. The students and teachers headed by Bok-Su try to stop the appraisers from the education board.

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We All Are One

My Strange Hero Episode 16 RecapMy Strange Hero Episode 16 Recap

Before the appraisers can enter the school, the chairwoman is arrested for bribery and embezzlement. She is further informed that her son Se-Ho revealed all the truth. She gets crazy while arrested, her arrest is recorded and spread on social media and the internet. After the video more people sign the petition to stop the closure of the school. The huge public supports leads to the cancellation of the abolishment of the school. Se-Ho goes to meet his mother in jail, she wants his help in order to get out of jail. He tells her he is not going to help her and he doesn’t want to be under her control anymore. He further tells her that he is planning to turn the school in a public school. Bok-Su and Soo-Jeong start dating again (they never actually stopped).

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The Future

My Strange Hero Episode 16 Recap

One year later, everyone is able to graduate from the school. Another time jump (to the year 2023), Bok-Su has become a teacher working in the same school, Mr.Park is the principal. The old habits die hard, he is still late to school. Bok-Su still seems to be popular among his students, especially the girls. Soo-Jeong is trying hard to become a teacher again, she is having difficulty because of her past (and her personality). But her hard work finally pays and she is allowed to teach again.

My Strange Hero Episode 16 RecapMy Strange Hero Episode 16 Recap

Bok-Su makes a special request to his old boss, all his classmates are “kidnapped” and they throw a congratulatory party to Soo-Jeong. Soo-Jeong is happy to see everyone, one of her student wrote a book based on the love story between her and Bok-Su. The chairwoman is released from the jail, Se-Ho goes to receive her. He tells her that he is ready to accept her as his mother again and forgive her. She hasn’t changed at all and is ruthless as before but he truly hopes that she will change one day and see him as a son.

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Things come to a satisfactory end, nothing out of extraordinary happens in the last episode. The second part of the episode was forced and has nothing meaningful to add to the series except the conversation between Se-Ho and his mother.

I found the whole series to be good but nothing special. The story was alright, the revenge part started too late and finished too quickly for my liking. Acting wise no complaints, everyone performed well. The young students were great as well. For me, the cast was the main selling point of the drama so if you don’t like the cast you are not going to enjoy the drama as well. I would rate the whole series between 2.5 to 3 out of 5, good watch enjoyable but doesn’t have that X-Factor to grab your heart.

I enjoyed doing the recaps of the series I hope you guys enjoyed them as well.

Next Mon-Tue drama I will be recapping from either Haechi or Item, let me know which one you prefer.


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