My Strange Hero Episode 3 Recap, Revenge of The Fallen

My Strange Hero Episode 3 Recap

I was not able to recap episode 2 because of some other work but I will try my best to recap this drama until the end (unless it becomes boring and I lose interest). Before the recap of episode 3 let me do a small recap of episode 2. Bok-Su becomes famous after saving Soo-Jeong and receives an award. His frenemy Se-Ho becomes the new head of the school and he wants Bok-Su to come back to school as a student. Se-Ho asks Soo-Jeong to convince Bok-Su to come back and in return, he will make her a permanent teacher. Bok-Su overhears their conversation.

My Strange Hero Episode 3 Recap

Fallen Hero 

My Strange Hero Episode 3 RecapMy Strange Hero Episode 3 Recap

To get his revenge Bok-Su decides to go back to the school, rumours about him has already spread because of the news and his past. Bok-Su gets swarmed by the reporters at the school (Se-Ho’s doing), a press conference is held without his knowledge. Se-Ho tells in the conference that his (Se-Ho) arrival as the head of school will bring more changes, he will get rid the school of all its problems. Reporters and other staff members are interested in why did Bok-Su was expelled (the answer is not revealed). Mr Song announces to the school teachers that a new class will be formed, it will be made of troublemaker students. Mr Park who is against this idea gets a lecture from Se-Ho. Se-Ho also thanks Soo-Jeong for saving Young-Min and announces that she will be a permanent teacher from now on.

The Romantic

My Strange Hero Episode 3 RecapMy Strange Hero Episode 3 Recap

She tells Se-Ho that she has nothing to do with Bok-Su’s readmission so she doesn’t deserve the permanent position. Se-Ho tells her she got the position because her class has the highest evaluation points. Soo-Jeong is informed that she is the homeroom teacher of the new class (wildflower class), the class includes Bok-Su and his nephew as well. She is surprised to see Bok-Su’s name, they finally meet each other. He tells her that she should be thankful to him as she got the permanent position because of him. She tells him that is not the case and further asks what he wants from her. He tells her he wants her to confess that she tried to buy the position with money and if she doesn’t he will stay in the school and “help” her until she does. They further argue about their past memories.

Old Boy


My Strange Hero Episode 3 Recap

Bok-Su is then introduced to his classmates, most (not everyone) of them are excited to see him. Se-Ho who also sees him in the class is reminded of his past and in a flashback, he sees how he became close to Bok-Su and how he fell in love with Soo-Jeong. In present, Bok-Su gets surprised to see his nephew in the problematic class and drags him away from his bullies. His nephew confesses that he is not good at studies and is getting bullied. He begs him to keep this a secret from his mother. Bok-Su becomes the new slave to his nephew’s bullies to save him, he also holds himself back so not to cause any issues that will get him expelled again.

See You At The Rooftop

My Strange Hero Episode 3 RecapMy Strange Hero Episode 3 Recap

Later, Mr Park takes him to drink and they are joined by Bok-Su’s business partner (who are also his old classmates). Min-Ji gets really drunk and gets a big surprise when she hears that Soo-Jeong is also in the same school and Bok-Su’s new homeroom teacher. Next day, Soo-Jeong who is under stress because she lost so much money gets further agitated by Bok-Su who keeps making remarks about $50,000 when she is in the class. She asks him why he is being so immature. He takes her to the rooftop, on their way we go in a flashback. In past, Se-Ho and Bok-Su are fighting over Soo-Jeong, Se-Ho decides to jumps off the roof. He is sad because of his life and wants to end it. Bok-Su holds him with his tie just as he is falling, Se-Ho removes Bok-Su’s hands and falls to the ground. Just then crying Soo-Jeong arrives at the rooftop. In present, Bok-Su and Soo-Jeong arrive at the rooftop Se-Ho is already there and they meet again.


Frenemies of the past are really going at each other. I have some idea about why Se-Ho said that Bok-Su pushed him off the roof when he woke up after his fall. I think it is because of his authoritative mom and/or because of his jealousy towards Bok-Su. From the fight scene, it also looks like Se-ho wants Bok-Su to take his side rather than of Soo-Jeong. On the other hand, I have no idea why Soo-Jeong said that Bok-Su is the one who pushed Se-Ho. You could make a point that she saw in wrong and made a misconception. That would be too easy of an explanation so I hope writers will come up with something more interesting. Also, I have to say Dong-Yeon looks really chic and this kind of character suits him better than his character in My ID is Gangnam Beauty. I can’t wait for their re-meeting at the rooftop but I am sure it will be less interesting than my imagination.


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