My Strange Hero Episode 4 Recap

The Enemies Re-United

My Strange Hero Episode 4 RecapMy Strange Hero Episode 4 Recap

Bok-Su is on the roof with the two people who ruined his life with their lies. Both Se-Ho and Soo-Jeong says they did not lie, again we go into a flashback to their school days. Soo-Jeong’s female classmates are jealous and badmouthing her because of her good grades. Bok-Su walks Soo-Jeong to her home, at first she pretends to be from a rich family but later takes him to her real home in a poor neighbourhood. Next day, he fixes her house’s front door and paints it as well, his deed touches her heart. When she reaches school everybody laughs at her and bullies her because of her poor background. Se-Ho tells her that Bok-Su was the one who told everyone about her poor status. Back to the present, Bok-Su tells them that they are going to regret what they did to him and he is going to hurt both of them as much as they hurt him.

Close Encounter

My Strange Hero Episode 4 RecapMy Strange Hero Episode 4 Recap

Later when Soo-Jeong is with Se-Ho in a meeting she receives a call from the hospital, her grandmother’s condition has worsened. She is also burdened by the medical bills, she decides to get her $50,000 back. Meanwhile, Bok-Su is having a hard time because he doesn’t know how to get revenge on his two “enemies”. He also meets one of his classmates at his other job. Bok-Su starts to look into Se-Ho and school to learn about Se-Ho’s weakness. When he is searching administrative office’s documents, Soo-Jeong comes in as well to look some clue to get her money back. Then other teachers arrive, Bok-Su hides Soo-Jeon with him. After the teachers leave both Soo-Jeong and Bok-Su gets in an argument again and hurt each others feeling.

Jail Breakers

My Strange Hero Episode 4 RecapMy Strange Hero Episode 4 Recap

Young-Min is having a hard time after his return, he is getting bullied and his teacher tells him to leave the high-level class and go to a lower one. He is really angry and locks himself in his study room, Se-Ho is on around with parents association as they see the commotion. Bo-Su reluctantly breaks Young-Min’s study room door and tells him that the one keeping Young-Min in prison is not his parents or the school. But he himself so if he wants to break out of the prison in his heart he will have to open the door himself. Parents association want Bok-Su to be expelled but they want to wait and see how Se-Ho reacts to the incident. Soo-Jeong shares her hardships with the convenience store clerk. She also reminded of her days with Bok-Su.

Blood Doesn’t Lie

My Strange Hero Episode 4 RecapMy Strange Hero Episode 4 Recap

Next day, Bok-Su and Se-Ho meet again at the school, Bok-Su tells him that he is just like his mother, he and his school is torturing students. Se-Ho tells him that he is different from his mother and Bok-Su will come to acknowledge that. School is receiving complaints about Bok-Su and his behaviour from the parents. Soo-Jeong is called to Se-Ho’s office, his mother is also in attendance. Se-Ho’s mother wants him to expel Bok-Su, Se-Ho asks for Soo-Jeong’s opinion. She reluctantly agrees with Se-Ho’s mom, she thinks breaking school property was wrong and he should be punished. Meanwhile, Bok-Su has become popular with the students because of the incident, he even gets applause from his classmates.

The Saviour

My Strange Hero Episode 4 RecapMy Strange Hero Episode 4 Recap

Soo-Jeong arrives in the class and tells Bok-Su what he did was wrong. Students are curious about what will happen to him, he thinks he has to pay fine while one of them is sure that he will get expelled. Bok-Su asks Soo-Jeong, what he did was wrong and will he get expelled? Elsewhere, Mr.Park confront Se-Ho’s mom and wants to stop Bok-Su’s expulsion. Bok-Su goes to the disciplinary committee, his sister arrives as her guardian overly dressed for the situation (same could be said for the mother’s of parents association, somebody please call PETA). Bok-Su apologises for his behaviour but he says what he did was right as it brought a smile to Young-Min’s face. Parents association put pressure on the teacher’s committee to expel Bok-Su, Soo-Jeong is asked about her opinion.


Looks like Soo-Jeong didn’t really know what actually happened on the rooftop in the past and only believes what she heard. Se-Ho’s feeling for Soo-Jeong is also coming to the light. He may side with Bok-Su on this incident just to show him that he is different from his mother. The Soo-Jeong’s involvement could be another factor that will push Se-Ho to do the right thing. The next week’s preview looks exciting and I can’t wait for it. I hope you guys are also enjoying the drama as much as I do.

P.S. – Enjoy the OST part 3 sung by Hwang Chi Yeol






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