My Strange Hero Episode 7 Recap

My Strange Hero Episode 7 Recap

I didn’t post much in the past week because I was away on holidays (also ‘coz I am super lazy). But not much aired because of special programmes which were a blessing in disguise. But I am back now (although u guys don’t care ūüôĀ ), hope you guys will keep enjoying the recaps. The first recap of the year is going to be from My strange hero.

My Strange Hero Episode 7 Recap


My Strange Hero Episode 7 RecapMy Strange Hero Episode 7 Recap

After Bok-Su tells Soo-Jeong that he didn’t push Se-Ho neither did he told the class about her being poor. Both cry and clear the misunderstanding between them that lasted for years. Soo-Jeong wishes she had asked him about these misunderstandings when they were in school. But she didn’t have the courage because she thought he pitied her. They have a fresh start, Bok-Su doesn’t tell her that Se-Ho was the one who told the class about her financial situation in the past. Next day, Bok-Su is in high spirits and overexcited to go back to school. His classmates are also happy for his return. Bok-Su and Soo-Jeong keep peeking at each other throughout the day. Soo-Jeong who ran away after hearing Se-Ho’s confession have a¬†meeting with Se-Ho regarding her students although she feels uncomfortable around him.

Fluttering Feelings

My Strange Hero Episode 7 RecapMy Strange Hero Episode 7 Recap

She wants to hire a lecturer who can help her students with their future plans. Se-Ho agrees to hire a lecturer, she wants to ask him about the past but holds it in. Mr.Park is assigned to a field survey, he can take another teacher with him. Bok-Su keeps following Soo-Jeong in the school, she tells him that she is his teacher and he should behave himself. Although she is saying these things her is fluttering at the same time. Mi-Jin comes back to work (“Your Request” Company) and is excited to be with Bok-Su again, she gets sad when she founds out that Bok-Su has started school again. Later, Bok-Su takes food for Soo-Jeong from his restaurant, she declines the dishes because it will be considered as bribe between a student and a teacher. He leaves it at her door, she unable to resist takes all the dishes after he leaves.

Too Evident

My Strange Hero Episode 7 RecapMy Strange Hero Episode 7 Recap

Next day, both of them are over the moon again,¬†Mr.Park catches both of them (alternatively) and understands¬†that something is going between them. Se-Ho is the new lecturer, he tells students that he was a very good student himself but that is not the right way to spend your time in school. In his opinion, they should look and work towards what they are good at (if not studies) or what they like rather than wasting time in school. Bok-Su thinks differently to Se-Ho’s opinion and they get in a vocal confrontation. Later, Soo-Heong tells Se-Ho that he was a bit too forceful with his ideas. They go to dinner because of the “cancellation” last time, where she tells him Bok-Su wasn’t the one who told her classmates about her being poor. Se-Ho apologizes explaining that someone told him that Bok-Su was the one.

Kissing An Angel

My Strange Hero Episode 7 RecapMy Strange Hero Episode 7 Recap

She further asks him if Bok-Su did push him, to which he replies yes he did.¬† For some reason, she doesn’t believe him and leaves the place. Mr.Park goes to Bok-Su’s company as a client, Bok-Su has to drive a teacher and help him/her instead¬†of Mr.Park during the field survey location. The teacher turns out to be Soo-Jeong bringing happiness to Bok-Su’s face. He makes a video call from the location to his “business partners”, Mi-Jin sees Soo-Jeong there and she urgently wants to go to that place. Kyeong-Hyun wants to stop her but she is able to change his mind, both of them go the Bok-Su’s location. While Bok-Su is enjoying his time with Soo-Jeong, he gets interrupted by his friends. Mi-Jin tells Soo-Jeong that if she doesn’t have feelings for Bok-Su she shouldn’t lead him on. Later, Bok-Su confesses to her, Soo-Jeon unable to hide her feelings accepts and both of them Kiss.


We waited quite long but we finally have the kiss. A belated new year gift for all you guys out there. I am still want to see some kind of revenge that may trigger some more excitement in the series. I know you guys are enjoying all the lovey-dovey scenarios but I would like to see more back and forth between Se-Ho and Bok-Su. They started this drama with “revenge” as the main backdrop but we haven’t seen anything worthwhile. I know that it is not going to be dark or bloody but something petty as scratching Se-Ho’s car would be worthwhile. From the preview, it looks like Se-Ho is going to find out about them and it may trigger the revenge plot which is a good thing. Other than this I am really enjoying it especially the childish and comedic moments.

Also, the speech Se-Ho gave to the students and Bok-Su’s counter remarks to Se-Ho’s statement, which one do you agree with let me know in the comments. Personally, I feel Se-Ho and I are on the same page with modern education especially in Asian countries and how it is affecting the young minds both physically and mentally. I think the other drama¬†Sky Castle¬†explores this issue very well. I highly recommend it.


P.S. For all you who are still hungover from new year parties and booze.

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