Netflix Persona Recap, Story 3 Kiss Burn

Netflix Persona Recap

Netflix Persona Recap

Just A Hickey

Cast: IU, Shim Dal-Gi

Netflix Persona RecapNetflix Persona Recap

Han-Na (IU) goes to her friend Hye-Bok’s (Shim Dal-Gi) house (situated near a forest) after she misses a few school days. When she arrived at her house she runs into Hye-Bok’s father. He tells her that she is not home and has gone to her uncle’s. Han-Na doesn’t believe him and keeps questioning him, he evades her questions and tells her to go away. Han-Na then hides in the bushes as she keeps watch on the house. She is also carrying all the necessary things required for a short time stakeout. When Hye-Bok’s father leaves for work Han-Na goes into the house looking for her friend. Han-Na finds Hye-Bok in her room with her cut weirdly. She then sees kiss marks (hickeys) on Hye-Bok’s neck which intrigues Han-Na. Hye-Bok reveals to Han-Na that she went to the beach last night and met some guy from another school. Then things became heated and both of them ended up having kiss marks on each other. When asked about her hair Hye-Bok reveals that her father got drunk and gave her a “hair cut.”

Persona Story 1-2 Recap

Revenge Is Not So Easy

Netflix Persona RecapNetflix Persona Recap

They then go outside near the chicken coop as Han-Na asks more questions about the Hye-Bok’s adventure. Looks like our Han-Na doesn’t have much experience with the other gender of Homo Sapiens Sapiens (not a typo). As Han-Na smokes away her cigarette she plans to take revenge on Hye-Bok’s father basis on his hair cutting skills. They put some oil on the entrance and soap on the bathroom floor in the hope that the father slips. Their plan fails miserably but they don’t lose hope and put wax on the floor this time. But the result remains the same as the old guy doesn’t fall at all. In the night both teens smoke near the chicken coop as they plan their next move. Suddenly a vehicle arrives and they throw their cigarettes but it turns out to be a stranger who has lost his way. Hye-Bok’s cigarette butt starts a small fire in the chicken coop which girls are able to extinguish. Both girls decide to go to the beach to relieve their stress.  Han-Na asks Hye-Bok about her father’s job which is forest fire lookout while a big forest fire starts behind the house.


Before I give my thoughts on the story I have a little issue with the first scene. In which IU is questioning /investigating her friend’s father. I just felt she seemed rude especially when we consider the culture where the age really matters when it comes to manners. It could just be me but he tolerated a lot longer without getting angry at her or telling her how to behave. If you Korean dramas or movies as much as me you will notice that whenever a younger person is talking rudely to someone older (even while using formal language) gets called out very soon. Do you guys felt this as well or I’m a just a weirdo?

Anyways talking about the story it was as ambiguous as the earlier ones. The message of the story (if it had one) in my opinion was that Smoking Kills. What about you guys, let me know your thought and opinions in the comments below.

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  1. smoking kills??? that’s almost a comically superficial interpretation… the entire story revolves around acting out as a sort of defiance to and an act of revenge against hye-bok’s abusive father. assuming that her story is true, hye-bok probably initially went to the beach and kissed a stranger in her own act of rebellion. the theme, however, is that no matter what mishap han-na and hye-bok attempt to cause, it all fails miserably (her father hardly reacting to their pranks, as well as destroying hye-bok’s phone when likely discovering her hickeys during the “hair cut” fiasco earlier). instead, it is only when the two girls haphazardly throw their cigarettes away in fear of hye-bok’s father–an act one could perceive as cowardice or submission–that they truly exact vengeance. although they put out the fire in the coop, thereby temporarily preserving the father’s belongings, a chicken caught in flames escapes into the surrounding forest, eventually starting the full blown forest fire seen at the end credits. the key here lies in the fact that the girls’ earlier actions were malicious or purposeful, while the chicken escaping is completely and utterly accidental. there is something to be said about leaving revenge to karma–but this is all just my interpretation of course.

    1. Author

      Well for starters I am very thankful for ur reply. Secondly, as u said it all comes down to ur personal interpretation. They didn’t provide any clear message they want to provide from the story. In ur interpretation, u talk about Karma now someone who doesn’t believe in superficial things such as karma will disagree with your interpretation as well.
      Also, few people that I know who saw this (especially of older age) disagreed that the father was actually abusive. In their opinion, it was his way of protecting his daughter from outside danger. You also talked about revenge, so in your opinion, the forest fire is the correct outcome of revenge in this situation? The fire caused more harm to other living beings than to the father. So I think the fire was an outcome of an accident rather than a philosophical or divine act.
      I hope u don’t find me rude or anything, I am just trying to convey my thoughts. I hope u enjoyed the series and hoping to hear more from u soon.

      1. thanks for your reply! to address your post and clarify my own: i dont need to agree with the concepts of karma or unethical revenge for me to believe that this is what is being conveyed here. whether or not the forest fire is “correct” isnt important–what’s important is that it is clearly a poke at the father, given that he is on fire lookout and that it is his house that is burning down. regardless of the intention (accidental, divine, malicious, etc), the fire ultimately led to the girls getting what they wanted: to harm the father (or at least, an extreme version of it). while i do think it could be somewhat debatable as to whether or not the father is truly “abusive” given the cultural context, i also believe that drunkenly punishing your daughter seems like… a big red flag. he also clearly destroyed her phone so she wouldn’t be able to contact the outside world (for help), and was keeping her isolated at home. what would he need to protect her from at school? in addition, han-na mentioned that hye-bok was not close to her father (presumably meaning that they had poor relations), and immediately rushed over to her house in concern after hye-bok didn’t show up to school for just one day (implying there was a history). the father also never appeared to be protective or caring outside of lying about the whereabouts of his daughter to her best friend (and why would he do that?)… but again, these are just my thoughts.

        1. Author

          I do agree with u on abusive father thing. While on the fire thing we just have to agree to disagree. And I think that is what the director wanted from his audience.
          Anyways did u enjoyed the IU’s performance and are u looking forward to season 2 with IU or u want someone else in the next season (if we get one).

  2. does any know the name of the song played in kiss burn? and artist for performs the song?

    1. Author

      If u are talking about the ending music score it is by Kwon Hyun Jeong, sadly it is just instrumental not a complete song.

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