Omniscient Interfering View Episode 27 with Winner Recap

Omniscient Interfering View Episode 27

After their first appearance, last week WINNER are back again on Omniscient Interfering View. I would like to apologize to Yoshi who asked about WINNER’s appearance in this episode. I was wrong when I said they will not be appearing but their video was not played and they were just spectators. Hope you will read this and forgive me :). Anyways moving on, in Omniscient Interfering View Episode 27 we have Sung- Kwang going to Gag concert with Song manager and Gwang-Bok. We will know happens to Young-Ja’s manager after he forgot the precious bread last week. We also get to see Young-Ja’s favorite healing food.

Omniscient Interfering View Episode 27 Recap

Broadcast Date: 3rd November 2018

Winner are thanked for their appearance on the show even after their busy schedule (This is part their schedule, isn’t it?). They talk about their manager (Si-Mon) being lonely and how they want him to find a girlfriend. Yong-Ja asks Eun-Yi to introduce someone to the manager. Which makes her mad because she has been single most of her life. Hyun-Moo asks Eun-Yi for an important news, which she tells reluctantly. The news is that Hyun-Moo received the citation from the Prime Minister at Korean Culture and Arts Awards.

Omniscient Interfering View Episode 27 Omniscient Interfering View Episode 27

Yang Se-Chan also explains about Sung-Kwang’s popularity these days. All the shows that he has appeared on received higher ratings than their previous episode. Hyun-Moo talks about how Sung-Kwang showed his over cuteness during Show! Music Core. He starts to show again but gets shut down by Eun-Yi.


Sung-Kwang Video

Nice Guy

Omniscient Interfering View Episode 27Omniscient Interfering View Episode 27

The first video for today’s episode is of Sung-Kwang, Song Manager and Gwang-Bok (his dog). He is eating alone while watching Real Men 300. Is it a coincidence that he is watching another MBC variety show? He calls Song manager and asks (stammering) her to come and eat breakfast. She declines but he asks again and she says yes. She comes up warmly welcomed by Gwang-Bok. He gives her his fried eggs, he tells her he has already eaten but that was not the case.

Cast members suspect that he is obsessed with his image of being a nice guy. He thinks about it and then confesses that he may be obsessed. Back to the video, he lives in front of KBS building and today he is going back to the GAG Concert (KBS Variety Show). He is returning to the show for a junior’s skit with Gwang-Bok. They finish their food, Sung-Kwang gets ready while Song manager washes the dishes.

Return of the KING

Omniscient Interfering View Episode 27

They are on their way to the gag concert meeting. Song manager looks a lot more confident while driving compared to her earlier days. Just as I was praising her for her driving she misses the turn (still bad at directions). She starts laughing embarrassingly. They reach KBS building, Song manager is amazed while Sung-Kwang is reminiscent of his old days. They meet Oh Na-Mi and Bong-Sun but only Song manager gets all the attention.

Omniscient Interfering View Episode 27 Omniscient Interfering View Episode 27

While Gwang-Bok runs away to somewhere, he is at the front of production team’s office. He looks familiar with the place and looks really excited. Sung-Kwang finally reaches his practice room and orders some pizzas for his juniors. The bill comes out over $700. They start script reading and practicing. After the practice, he gives them feedback which brings heavy silence in the practice room. Clumsy Song manager drops a chair which helps bring the mood up. He is visited by Min-Sang who also has a female manager. Both female managers go out to buy some coffees and Song manager gets advice from the senior manager.

Your Turn to be a Celebrity

While Song manager is out, one of the juniors thinks about recruiting Song manager in the skit. Sung-Kwang plans to ask her subtly while she helps him with the lines. He does ask her but not so subtly, she asks for some time before deciding. She finally gives up to all the pressure and agrees to join the skit. They start practicing but she is too embarrassed. They finally finish the practice and rest of it will be shown next week.

Omniscient Interfering View Episode 27 Omniscient Interfering View Episode 27


Young-Ja’s Video

Healing Trip

Omniscient Interfering View Episode 27 Omniscient Interfering View Episode 27

Young-Ja and her manger’s “healing trip” continues. Last week she was really angry at her manager after he forgot to buy the twisted bread. While the mood is down he plays IU’s “meaning of you”, which makes her happy. She starts lip sync as IU while the manager lip syncs Kim Chang-Wan’s part. Their performance continues as they pass another rest stop and she gives elaborate information about the food that is sold there. She gets emotional as their healing trip continues. Young-Ja talks about her hardship, her manager also opens up to her and also talks about his hardships.

In his interview video he talks about, getting lot of calls every day. When he doesn’t answer either because he is busy or sleeping, they leave him mean messages. They also call him about good restaurants and that all these things are making him stressful. He also says that he is thankful towards the show for making him popular but it has come with some negatives as well.


Best Healing Food

Back to the video, they reach their destination, Sobaek Mountain. She is welcomed by the village people and looks like she has known them for years. One of the villagers brings her the pine mushrooms that she wanted. They were picked that same day and has a quite aromatic smell. The manager also enjoys it but he is not allowed to touch them. The Pine mushrooms are in top 5 in Young-Ja’s best healing foods list. She also reveals best pine mushroom dish, which is pine mushroom ramyeon. All cast members are surprised as they have not heard about the dish before.

Omniscient Interfering View Episode 27 Omniscient Interfering View Episode 27

While the village ladies are cooking the dish, the manager is enjoying raw mushrooms. These mushrooms cost $150/Kg, I guess then the whole ramyeon will cost around $250-$300, quite expensive if you ask me. They wholeheartedly enjoy the delicious food with the village people. One them gives Young-Ja lot of chestnuts. Next week, we will be seeing the manager’s other side. He will be singing at the field day event. We get a little glimpse of it and sounds really good.

Acrostic Poem

Omniscient Interfering View Episode 27 Omniscient Interfering View Episode 27

In the studio seeing the clip Se-Hyung remembers something. He remembers his performance of WINNER’s Really Really in front of old people during Infinity Challenge (Muhan Dojeon) show. For which he got a sullen response from the crowd. He also remembers asking Jin-Woo about how many time to say really, while singing this song. Jin-Woo gave him the wrong answer at that time and is still confused himself. Byung-Jae has to finish the show with his trademark acrostic poem and today’s topic is song-i. He says a lot of famous people’s name starting with song, such as, Song Joon-Ki, Song Hye-Kyo, Song manager etc. but forgets to say Song Eun-Yi’s name who was sitting in front of him. He also forgot his label-mate Song Min-Ho’s name as well which brings him some friendly criticism. Winner says their final goodbye.

Omniscient Interfering View Episode 27


I’m excited about Song manager’s performance at the gag concert. I can’t wait for next week so I will just go and search for the gag concert episode right now. If any of you guys know the episode number please write in the comments. We will also have a new manager next week, who looks more of a celebrity himself than the celebrity he is managing. I wish they have Yang Se-Hyung’s video broadcasted in near future.

Let me know your thoughts about the episode and share if you enjoyed it.


P.S. – Did anyone of you noticed My Mister in one of the photos? If yes kudos to you and a special hi-five from me!


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