One Spring Night Episode 5-6 Recap

Asking Permission To Stalk

One Spring Night Episode 5-6 Recap

Ji-Ho asks Jung-In that can she allow him to see her and he won’t let her catch him. She tells him if she can’t catch him then it should not matter if she allows him or not. Meanwhile, Ki-Seok is trying to call Jung-In but is unable to get through to her. Next day, Jung-In goes to her mother who is upset because Jung-In kept the secret about Jae-In coming back to Korea. Elsewhere, her elder sister receives a big offer in her career but she is not sure to accept it because of her personal problems caused by her husband. Jung-In and Ki-Seok meet for dinner where Ki-Seok talks about Shi-Hoon (Jung-In’s Brother-in-Law), she tells him not to get involved himself with Shi-Hoon. They end up arguing with each other when the topic of marriage comes up. She yells at him that he knows his parents don’t like her then still why does he bring up marriage again and again. Jung-In tells Young-Joo that she is thinking about breaking up with Ki-Seok. Young-Joo tells her that if that is the case she should never tell Ki-Seok about it at all. Because if she tells him then it will cause more issues and Ki-Seok will not let her go so easily.

Marriage Marriage Marriage

One Spring Night Episode 5-6 Recap

Jae-In and Young-Jae are having dinner when they see Seo-In on TV, Jae-In gets jealous when Young-Jae starts complementing her elder sister. When the topic of Ji-Ho comes up Young-Jae ends up revealing that Ji-Ho has fallen deeply for someone. Jae-In then gives the information to Jung-In but Jung-In already knows who that “someone” is. Elsewhere, Ki-Seok tells Shi-Hoon that he won’t be able to get the loan because he already has two loans. Later, Shi-Hoon’s wife comes to his clinic and tells him that she has put the apartment on the market, he starts to get physical but has to stop because of his employee. Elsewhere, Jung-In calls Ji-Ho after her work but he doesn’t pick up the phone. So, she goes to his house to meet him face to face. They go out and have dinner together and then Ji-Ho drops her at her home. There he meets with Jae-In and Young-Jae who are coming back from their “date”. Jae-In then invites both Young-Jae and Ji-Ho to “her” home while Jung-In cleans up the house in a hurry. It gets a little awkward when four of them are in the home and none of them have any idea about what to do.

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This is Awkward

Jae-In and Young-Jae leave together to buy something to eat while Jung-In and Ji-Ho are left behind together. Jung-In then receives a call from Ki-Seok, he asks her what does she wanted to talk about. She tells him that she wants to break-up with him shocking both Ki-Seok and Ji-Ho at the same time. She then tells Ji-Ho that the break-up is not due to him while Ji-Ho is having a hard time expressing him. Later during dinner, Jae-In asks Ji-Ho the reason he likes his new lady friend he tells her that because she is a little foolish. He then receives a call from his son, Jung-In ends taking the call. Meanwhile, Ki-Seok not wanting to break-up drives to Jung-In’s home. He then sees men’s shoes at the entrance of her home and asks her if another man is the reason she is breaking up with him. All three of the involving leads are feeling sad for different reasons. Meanwhile, Seo-In decides to resign from her job not wanting to cause trouble for her company. Her senior asks her the reason but she doesn’t tell him that she is getting divorced neither that she is getting physically abused by her husband.

To Tell or Not To Tell

One Spring Night Episode 5-6 Recap

Later, Gi-Seok meets with Ji-Ho in front of his work who is there to drop something for Hyun-soo. Ki-Seok recognizes the shoes from yesterday and asks both of them out for dinner. There when asked Ji-Ho reveals that he was at Jung-In’s apartment at “that” time. Furthermore, he reveals that he was there because of Young-Jae and Jae-in. Ki-Seok feels a little relieved after hearing that while Hyun-Soo feels left out of the conversation. Jung-in and Jae-In receive this news from Hyun-Soo, Jae-In then tells Jung-In that Ki-Seok has met with the pharmacist. Jae-In feeling something fish between her sister and Ji-Ho asks her if she is the woman Ji-Ho likes. Jung-In doesn’t deny and also reveals that she likes Ji-Ho. Jae-In then tells her to call Ki-Seok and asks him to meet with her. When at her home Ki-Seok tells Jae-In that he didn’t felt threatened because Ji-Ho is a single father who is raising a son. Next day, Ki-Seok’s father tells him that he wants to meet with Jung-In. Later, Ki-Seok and Ji-Ho drive together after their basketball match when Ji-Ho receives a call from Jung-In.




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