Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 1 Recap

The Wedding

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 1 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 1 Recap

Eun-Ho (Lee Jong-Suk) arrives at the Dan-Yi’s wedding celebration. She looks stunning and Eun-Ho tells her that. Eun-Ho will be playing the piano when the bride enters. The groom enters but when it is Dan-Yi’s turn she is nowhere to be found. She has run away from her own wedding ceremony, Eun-Ho drives in the hope of finding her. He is less worried about her and more angry at her because he practiced really for his piano performance. Dan-Yi is hiding in his car and Eun-Ho gets a shock when he finds her. He then receives the call from the groom who knows that Dan-Yi is in his car (from CCTV). The groom asks him if they are in a relationship to which they deny. Eun-Ho tries to console Dan-Yi, who is worried about her mother (she fainted). Also, the amount of money her mother spent on the wedding even though her family is broke. Meanwhile, Eun-Ho is consoling Dan-Yi his cars gets towed away.

The Divorce

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 1 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 1 Recap

Eun-Ho takes her back but in present (time jump) she wishes she had not gone back. Dan-Yi is looking for a new job but gets rejected during her interview (and for some reason, it was a cue for a dance musical). She is working part-time and she has been a divorcee for a year now. After another interview, she gets chewed by the female interviewer because of her past successes. Elsewhere, Eun-Ho working as a professor (second job) seems to be really popular with female students. Dan-Yi is working as a house-maid for Eun-Ho but apparently, he has no idea that his maid is Dan-Yi. Eun-Ho hired the maid on Dan-Yi’s recommendation but he is not happy with the “maid’s” work. Eun-Ho’s main job is chief editor of a publishing company and he is surrounded by some weird characters at his work. His company is hiring new recruits, Eun-Ho is not happy with his bosses recruitment philosophy.

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The Dumping

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 1 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 1 Recap

Later at home when Eun-Ho is trying to print something he finds Dan-Yi’s resume in his printer. Meanwhile, Dan-Yi is living in her rundown house (illegally) alone away from her ex-husband (cheated on her) and daughter. Next day, the house is torn down by the owner and she has nowhere to go now. She has trouble even commuting to her job interviews and she has to send money to her daughter (medical expenses). She goes to Eun-Ho’s house but he not there and he has changed the password to his house lock. Eun-Ho is busy braking heart of his “girlfriend”. His girlfriend who is getting married to someone else splashes water on his face and tells him that he has no idea what love is. Dan-Yi is walking around holding a flower pot (other belongings) like Mathilda (older version) from Leon The Professional. Eun-Ho doesn’t call her back even after seeing a lot of miss calls from her.

The Knight in a Shining Armor

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 1 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 1 Recap

Eun-Ho finally gives her a call and tells her that he called late because he was getting dumped. When he asks her about the resume she tells him that she is looking for work but no one is hiring her. A drunk old man tries to molest her but she is saved by a young man Seo-Joon. He acts like her boyfriend and chases the old man away. Seeing her barefooted he give her shoes he has, it turns out they are her shoes (one she lost and other she threw away). It starts to rain and he gives his umbrella to her and she gives him her flower pot (spring onions). She ends up at Eun-Ho’s home looking worn out. Dan-Yi tells him she will stay at his house for one night. Eun-Ho is worried about her and thinks about calling her husband.

Apparently, he doesn’t know that she is already divorced. Next day, she tells him that she will be his housekeeper as she doesn’t have anywhere else to go. She also tells him that she is already divorced but he doesn’t believe her. After Eun-ho leaves for work she finds the recruitment documents from his company. Dan-Yi continues to live in Eun-Ho’s house without his knowledge. Next day, she applies for the job and Eun-Ho is surprised to see her application.


Another Noona-Dongsaeng romance after Encounter, this looks less Melodramatic than the Encounter. The first episode was all right had some laughs here and there but not much. I can’t really make my opinion about this one until I get to see a few more episodes. It looks promising but most K-Dramas start that way, the middle and end will decide the entertainment value and total quality of the drama for me.

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