In the previous episode, Dan-Yi suspects Eun-Ho likes and he doesn’t clearly deny it until she forces him to. Ji-Yool gets in trouble again with Hae-Rin and then have to bear Hae-Rin’s wrath. Park-Hoon ends up taking care of her again. Hae-Rin gets dumped by Eun-Ho while Dan-Yi is troubled about her own feelings towards Eun-Ho. We also finally got to see the famous writer (and Eun-Ho’s dad) but not in a good condition.

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 10 Recap

I Miss You!

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 10 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 10 Recap

Seo-Joon drops Dan-Yi back home, she was lost in some other thoughts whole time she was with him. Hae-Rin is sad after getting rejected but her parents try their best to cheer her up in their own way.  Dan-Yi doesn’t find Eun-Ho home then she texts him but he is busy taking care of his father and is unable to reply. Elsewhere, Park-Hoon is doing his best to take care of the penniless princess Ji-Yool. Eun-Ho is absent from work as well, he still hasn’t replied to Dan-Yi who is curious about where he is. Park-Hoon and Ji-Yool sleep at the office, they overslept and staff held a meeting while both of them are sleeping on the table. Sae-Rin informs everyone that she has signed the contract with Seo-Joon and he will be working for the publishing company now.

Alcohol is Injurious To Health

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 10 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 10 Recap

Eun-Ho is staying at the bedside of his father and doesn’t reply to any of Dan-Yi’s messages. When he finally replies she gets really excited and runs back home to see him. Eun-Ho is in bed and has a slight fever. She is curious about where he was but he doesn’t give her a direct answer. She takes care of him until he feels better again, he then tells her that he likes her. He further tells her how he feels about her and that nothing will change between them. Eun-Ho wants them to continue living the way they have done until now. Hae-Rin gets drunk and calls Eun-Ho, she starts complaining to him about his behavior. She even swears at him for answering her call, Seo-Joon sees her while taking his dog for a walk.

Touch Your Heart Episode 6 Recap


How Do You Know The Handsome?

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 10 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 10 Recap

Hae-Rin continues her blabbering telling Eun-Ho that she will kill him and then go to jail. When she sees Seo-Joon she gets embarrassed, he sympathizes with her and tells her not to cry anymore (doesn’t know the reason she is crying). Next day, at work everything is back to normal, Ji-Yool is still getting scolded by Hae-Rin. Eun-Ho gives Ji-Yool a new task in the hope to change her mindset and make her better at work (future Hae-Rin). It does seem to have some effect on her, Park-Hoon is also learning new things about his job. Seo-Joon comes to the publishing company everybody is happy to see him except Eun-ho. Seo-Joon asks about Dan-Yi, Hae-Rin is surprised that he knows her. Dan-Yi is out meeting a guitarist (cameo by Jo Jung Chi) for a “book concert”.

Something is On Your Lips

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 10 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 10 Recap

Meanwhile, Hae-Rin, Eun-Ho, and Seo-Joon are working on the design of the new book. Seo-Joon doesn’t like their idea his clear cut answer embarrasses Hae-Rin. Dan-Yi returns back to the office all her colleagues are curious about how she knows Seo-Joon. Meanwhile, Seo-Joon and Hae-Rin are getting into a heated argument as both dislike each others idea about the book cover design. Eun-Ho has to mediate and calm both of them down, Hae-Rin thinks Seo-Joon is dol+I (crazy as f#@k). In the end, she ends up liking his idea, later, Seo-Joon asks Dan-Yi out for dinner. They are forcefully joined by Hae-Rin and Eun-Ho, Eun-Ho is not happy to see Dan-Yi and Seo-Joon together. During their dinner, it is revealed that Hae-Rin got rejected by her crush making Dan-YI uncomfortable. After dinner at home, Eun-Ho is confident that he has more than a chance with Dan-Yi and Kisses her.


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