In the previous episode, Eun-Ho goes silent on Dan-Yi while he taking care of his sick father. She keeps missing him and gets overexcited when he comes back. Eun-Ho then confesses his true feelings to her she is not sure how to react. Seo-Joon comes to work for the publishing company when he asks about Dan-Yi everybody gets curious about their relationship. At the end of the episode, Eun-Ho kisses Dan-Yi.

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 11 Recap

The New Beginnings

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 11 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 11 Recap

Dan-Yi is talking to herself about the kiss with Eun-Ho in the office bathroom, Young-A overhears her. Young-A is happy for Dan-Yi, she is also envious that the guy is younger than Dan-Yi. They get surprised when they see Yoo-Sun who has also heard all their talk. She is her cold self and doesn’t show any interest in their talk when all of them leave another female colleague has heard the conversation. (They are coming out one after another like Russian Dolls). The female colleague spreads the news of Dan-Yi kissing a younger guy in the whole office. Dan-Yi tries to avoid Eun-Ho but he keeps teasing her about the kiss. Ji-Yool writes an “apology” letter for her mistake but the content of the letter only makes Hae-Rin angry. The female trio order some food while working late night, the delivery guy turns out to be Yoo-Sun’s ex-fiancee.

Meeting The Past

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 11 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 11 Recap

Both get surprised to see each other, tears start to fall from Yoo-sun’s eyes. The guy waits for her outside the office, she lies to him that she is married. He seems all cool about the situation and tells her to visit her restaurant sometime. Next day, Eun-Ho and Dan-Yi are busy cleaning “their” house, they keep having a lover’s quarrel. Dan-Yi is trying hard to protect herself but keeps blushing whenever Eun-Ho gets close. Meanwhile, Eun-Ho finds her cute even when she swears or hits him. He then gets jealous when Dan-Yi tells him that he is going on a date with Seo-Joon. In reality, she is on a date with Seo-Joon’s dog rather than himself. Seo-Joon wats to rest after completing his work but gets a call from Hae-Rin and has to go and meet her.Hae-Rin messages to Eun-Ho that she is meeting with Seo-Joon regarding the book. Eun-Ho knows that Dan-Yi lied about being Seo-Joon and gets happy.

Touch Your Heart Episode 8 Recap



Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 11 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 11 Recap

Eun-Ho messages to Dan-Yi about Seo-Joon and Hae-Rin meeting which embarrases Dan-Yi. He keeps teasing her about the lie when she returns home. Eun-Ho then gets serious and asks her why can’t she date him. She tells him different reasons, Eun-Ho tells her he will change until she likes him. Eun-Ho leaves the dog at the restaurant where he finds both Hae-Rin and Seo-Joon sleeping. After Seo-Joon wakes up he asks Hae-Rin if Dan-Yi came around, she is surprised to hear Dan-Yi’s name. She tells him that Eun-Ho was the one who left the dog, he then nearly spills that Eun-Ho and Dan-Yi live together. Hae-Rin gets suspicious she then sees Eun-Ho wearing the same shirt she saw on Dan-Yi’s desk. Yoon-Sun arrives at the office dressed beautifully to compensate for the sad meeting. Dan-Yi understanding the situation tells her she can always call her Young-A if she needs a friend.

Love And Lies Can’t Be Hidden Forever

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 11 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 11 Recap

The new book is published, the cover designed by Seo-Joon. Seo-Joon and Dan-Yi meet for lunch she seems to have something on her mind. She tells him that they should stop dating and stay as friends. He is saddened by her sudden change of mind about their relationship but remains calm. Later, Young-A is unable to make to the book concert because her kid gets sick. Dan-Yi understanding her situation tells her that she will take care of the situation. Dan-Yi lies for her, Eun-Ho makes Dan-Yi the supervisor of the book concert. Things get hectic before the concert because some people are unable to make it. The staff of the publishing company calls their friend and families to fill the numbers. The interviewer who humiliated Dan-Yi (Episode 1) is also there, Hae-Rin’s parents are there to take revenge on Eun-Ho for dumping their daughter. Hae-Rin sees Eun-Ho staring at Dan-Yi and realizes that he has feelings for her. The interviewer remembers Dan-Yi and tells Yoon-Sun that she use to be a famous copywriter.



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