In the previous episode, the whole office finds out about Dan-Yi kissing a younger guy. While Yoon-Sun gets to meet his ex-fiancee and lies to him about being married. Eun-Ho actively pursues Dan-Yi even when she outright rejects her. Dan-Yi not able to control her feeling breaks-up with Seo-Joon. Dan-Yi finally shows her true feeling towards Eun-Ho at the book concert. Hae-Rin gets really suspicious about their relationship when she sees Eun-Ho staring at Dan-Yi.

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 12 Recap

Got Caught!

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 12 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 12 Recap

Hae-Rin gets suspicious about Eun-Ho and Dan-Yi’s actual relationship. Meanwhile, her parents take petty revenge on Eun-Ho for dumping their daughter. The writer of the new book thanks Dan-Yi for the beautiful concert. Ji-Yool’s mother has also come to the concert after the concert both Ji-Yool and Park-Hoon start their love acting. Ji-Yool’s mother came with Ji-Yool’s new date, Ji-Yool threatens to move out of her house and start living with Park-Hoon. Ji-Yool then confesses to Hae-Rin then she would like to become like her in the future. Meanwhile, Dan-Yi is over joyous with the successful finish of the book concert. Yoo-Sun finds out about Dan-Yi’s career past from her friend and that she also lied on her resume when applying to the publishing company.

Alcohol is Injurious To Health

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 12 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 12 Recap

Dan-Yi and Eun-Ho have a long hug when they meet each other after the concert. Hae-Rin goes out with Seo-Joon for drinks and asks him indirectly about Dan-Yi and Eun-Ho. She got really suspicious about their relationship after seeing Eun-Ho staring at Dan-Yi during the concert. She gets really angry and drunk while Seo-Joon doesn’t know whom she is talking about. Elsewhere, Ji-Hong runs to the hospital to see his sick son, he wants another chance from Young-A. Eun-Ho receives a call from Seo-Joon and he has to go and pick-up Hae-Rin who has passed out after drinking. He and Seo-Joon get in another argument about who should take care of her. Eun-Ho has to carry her all the way to Seo-Joon’s house. Eun-Ho also spends the night there to protect Hae-Rin from the pervert Seo-Joon.

Fire The Liar

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 12 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 12 Recap

Next day, both wake-up in each other’s arms while dreaming about Dan-Yi. They get in another argument about who hugged who. Hae-Rin wakes up with pimples all over her face because of her cucumber allergy. At work, all the newcomers are excited about the inter-company new idea contest. Dan-Yi gets worried about Hae-Rin after seeing her “rocky” face. Ji-Hong comes up with a new poetry collection he wants to publish. The foundation members put it to vote and results will be announced after two weeks. Yoon-Sun tells Eun-Ho about Dan-Yi that she lied on her resume to get this job. She wants her to be fired while Eun-Ho thinks that are lucky to get someone of her caliber. He stands up for Dan-Yi but Yoon-Sun tells him to terminate Dan-Yi’s contract.

The Real Blood

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 12 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 12 Recap

Eun-Ho doesn’t tell Dan-Yi and looks for a solution so that she doesn’t get fired. He even looks for another job for Dan-Yi just in case her contract gets terminated. Later, they go out for their first date, both are really shy about the situation. After dinner, they go to watch a movie as well. At the movies, they have lovey-dovey moments with a lot of skinship. When they return home Dan-Yi tells Eun-Ho that Seo-Joon’s birthday is the same as Mr.Kang’s (his father) last novel. He then remembers that the passcode of Seo-Joon’s house from the time he dropped Hae-Rin there, is the same. Eun-Ho then goes into the storage room and looks at his “father’s” original manuscript of his last book. Looks like Seo-Joon may have some relationship with Eun-Ho’s father. Seo-Joon could be the real son of Eun-Ho’s father.


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