In the previous episode, Hae-Rin gets drunk after the book concert and makes a fool of herself in front of Seo-Joon, Eun-ho comes to her help. Yoo-Sun finds out about Dan-Yi lying on her resume, she tells Eun-Ho to fire her. He looks for another job for her. Eun-ho finds out that his father’s last manuscript’s title and Seo-Joon’s birthday are the same and thinks that he could be his father’s real son.

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 13 Recap

The Guardian Angel

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 13 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 13 Recap

Eun-Ho is trying his best to find a new job for Dan-Yi now that he has to fire her. but he is getting the same response from his acquaintances that because of her experience and job gap she can’t be hired. Hae-Rin is trying to apologize to Seo-Joon for her drunk debacle. But he is avoiding her and not picking her calls. Even, Eun-Ho is not picking her calls. When Eun-Ho returns home he finds Dan-Yi working hard on the idea contest. He wants to tell her that she will be fired soon but hesitates to tell her the truth. He encourages her and gifts her earring before she goes to meet Ji-Yool and Park-Hoon. All three newbies are meeting to come up with new ideas for the contest. Eun-Ho cooks food for Dan-Yi and leaves (before she arrives) to look after his father with Jae-Min.

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Prepare For The Worst

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 13 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 13 Recap

The doctor tells them that the patient is suffering from pneumonia and is in critical condition. Tears start falling from Eun-Ho’s eyes and he wonders if just letting his father being forgotten is the right thing to do. ElseHae-Rin is able to locate Seo-Joon and apologizes to him in a special way but he just ignores her. At the office, Dan-Yi and Young-A are getting close to each other, Young-A even wants her to join her team. Hae-Rin continues to stalk Seo-Joon who finally “forgives” her after she promises to not drink alcohol again. Meanwhile, a rumor about Mr. Kang (Eun-Ho’s father) sighting with a young woman is spreading online. The staff of the publishing company is also coming up with their own theories about his disappearance and future appearence.

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Lies Are Revealed

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 13 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 13 Recap

Dan-Yi also seems quite interested in Mr.Kang and asks Eun-Ho the reason behind his disappearance. Next day, there is a special “air” about the founding members of the company who arrive wearing similar long coats. They check the result regarding the publication of the poetry collection. Much to Jae-Min’s surprise all 4 members excluding him votes in favor of the publication of the collection. Young-A then asks Dan-Yi to be transferred to her team, Eun-Ho is in favor of the idea but Yoo-Sun is against it. Yoo-Sun reveals that Dan-Yi lied about her educational background in the resume. Eun-Ho is against her termination but Jae-Min tells him that it is a company and rules can’t be changed so easily. Young-A is feeling sad and awkward around Dan-Yi because of the situation.

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Time For New Beginning

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 13 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 13 Recap

Young-A reveals to Dan-Yi that the CEO knows about her lying on her resume and has told Eun-Ho to fire her. Dan-Yi knows that she has put Eun-Ho in an awkward position so she directly goes to Jae-Min. She tells him her reason for lying about her credentials and hopes he will reconsider his decision. Everybody is feeling down because of the awkward situation. Later, Ji-Yool is kicked out by his mother and she arrives at Park-Hoon’s home with her stuff. She tells him that she will be living with him from now on, he is quite taken back by the situation. Next day, Eun-ho drives her to the job as he has to go somewhere else. He receives the message that Dan-Yi resigned from the job, he gets really angry.


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