Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 14 Recap

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 14 Recap

In the previous episode, Eun-Ho and Seo-Joon avoid after her drunken incident. Mr.Kang’s health gets worse, Eun-Ho is told to prepare for the worst. The office founds out about Dan-Yi lying on her resume, Jae-Min decides to terminate her contract. Ji-Yool is kicked out of his home and starts living in Park-Hoon’s home while he stays in a nearby sauna. Dan-Yi ends up resigning from her job, this news makes Eun-Ho furious.

Friends Turn Into Strangers

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 14 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 14 Recap

Eun-Ho gets really angry during his lecture when he learns that Dan-Yi has resigned. In a flashback we see, when Dan-Yi comes to work everyone feels awkward with her their presence. Nobody gives her any job to do, she is treated as an outcast. Few of the staff are against treating her that way which leads to a confrontation among the staff. Then another staff member makes a big mistake and blames Dan-Yi for that. This incident breaks the camel’s back and Dan-Yi resigns from the job.  Eun-Ho runs to the company while she takes her stuff and leaves the company. Eun-Ho sees her at the bus stop, seeing him she tears start to fall from her eyes. Later, Ji-Yool is working on her financial plan, Park-Hoon is not happy with her stay. Even having his own home he has to spend the nights at the Sauna.

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Another Romance

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 14 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 14 Recap

Ji-Yool’s mother sees Park-Hoon spending the night at the sauna and gets happy. Elsewhere, Eun-Ho is doing his best to console Dan-Yi who is getting used to being jobless. He takes day-off from work, his colleagues think he is protesting out of humanity. Jae-Min finds Yoo-Sun’s shirt button in his office, he sews it back for her leading them to get close more than ever. He compliments Yoo-Sun for her service to the company which makes her blush. Meanwhile, Eun-Ho is spending his day off at home with his girlfriend in a lovey-dovey way. Hae-Rin comes to Seo-Joon’s place again he is not happy to see her at all. While she tries to help him she just causes more problems for him. She then talks about Dan-Yi and Eun-Ho which leads to them getting drunk again in anger.

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First Step Towards New Future

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 14 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 14 Recap

Seo-Joon and Hae-Rin both feel sorry towards each other and anger towards the leading couple. Next day, Seo-Joon wakes up to find Hae-Rin going through the documents he shredded (about Mr.Kang). He gets angry towards her again for being nosy. He then calms down as they go for the hangover soup. Elsewhere, Dan-Yi receives a call for Yoo-Sun and she asks Dan-Yi to meet her. Dan-Yi dresses really flashy in hopes to surprise Yoo-Sun and to take petty revenge. But she gets humbled by Yoo-Sun and her unmatching charisma. Yoo-Sun called her to inform Dan-Yi about her new job in an upcoming publishing firm. Later, Eun-Ho spends the night in her bed to “congratulate” her for the new job. Next day, she meets her very welcoming boss and gets really happy but her new colleague tells her to run away as fast as she can.

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The Revelations

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 14 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 14 Recap

Meanwhile, Dan-Yi’s ex-colleagues are feeling the after-effects of her resignation. Eun-Ho tells Hae-Rin that Dan-Yi has found a new job. In the process, he spills that he and Dan-Yi are living together. But Hae-Rin is not surprised as she already knew about the relationship and starts teasing him. Meanwhile, Dan-Yi is having a hard time at her new job. She comes home exhausted but gets re-energized by Eun-Ho and his body. Next day, while cleaning home Dan-Yi finds Mr.Kang’s diary among Eun-Ho’s stuff. In the diary, she reads about how Mr.Kang and Eun-Ho got close and also about Mr.Kang’s real son. She then finds out that Mr.Kang is sick and Eun-Ho has been taking care of him. Meanwhile, at the publishing firm, they receive a manuscript which could be Mr.Kang’s work.





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