Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 16 Recap The Finale

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 16

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 16 Recap

Back To Work

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 16Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 16

Dan-Yi returns to work in her usual high spirits after being specially recruited back for the job. She is welcomed by her colleagues with open arms. Ji-Yool reveals to Ji-Hong that they received a manuscript may be written by Mr.Kang. He insists to see the manuscript and the news about the manuscript reaches to everyone in the office putting Hae-Rin in an uncomfortable position. Elsewhere, Eun-Ho meets Seo-Joon and shows him the manuscript knowing he is the one who sent it to them. Seo-Joon wants to meet Mr.Kang, Eun-Ho reveals that he knows Seo-Joon wrote the manuscript. Eun-Ho then shows him the letter in which Mr.Kang talks about his son visiting him. He further tells Seo-Joon that Mr.Kang is not well and asks him if he is Mr.Kang’s son. He then leaves all the notes and letter written by Mr.Kang to Seo-Joon.

The Last Testimonial

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 16Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 16

Seo-Joon then finds out that his father is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Hae-Rin worried about Seo-Joon visits his home but he doesn’t come outside. Next day, Eun-Ho receives news about Mr.Kang, he takes Seo-Joon with him to where Mr.Kang is living. But when they reach it is already late, Mr.Kang has already passed away. Both Eun-Ho and Seo-Joon are devastated by Mr.Kang’s death prepares for his burial. Mr.Kang’s doctor gives Mr.Kang’s will to Eun-Ho in which he wants to reveal about his disease. New edition of Mr.Kang’s last book is published revealing information about his Alzheimer. Things are going well for the staff of the publishing company. Ji-Yool has become really good at her work, Jae-Min, and Yoo-Sun starting to show feelings for each other.

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The New Challenges

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 16Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 16

Hae-Rin worried Seo-Joon brings him the home cooked (by his mother) meal. She shows interest in him while he teases her knowing that fully well. Dan-Yi and Ji-Yool are working on publishing a new book which they are really excited about. But their idea is dismissed my the money-minded Jae-Min who doesn’t like the book (it is about plants). Their idea is dismissed by all their superior but more frustrating for them is that their colleagues’ book is published. Out of jealousy, they start to badmouth everyone from the firm who dismissed their idea. Their last hope of publishing the book is Eun-Ho who asks for time. Elsewhere, Seo-Joon and Hae-Rin are again in an argument over the concept of the book cover.

Happy Ever After*

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 16Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 16

When she tells him that she is going on a blind date he tells him not to go and reveals his feelings for her. Dan-Yi wants to look for a new place but Eun-Ho tells her that they will be living together “forever”. (Looks like she has been sentenced for life without parole). Dan-Yi and Ji-Yool are still unable to publish their book while their colleagues’ books are reprinted after their success. But then they are given the good news that their book will be published, although everyone believes that it won’t sell well. Eun-Ho then reveals that he and Dan-Yi are dating surprising everyone. Moved by the atmosphere Jae-Min and Yoo-Sun also reveal their relationship.


Story – I really liked the simplicity in the story from beginning to the end. There were no evil villains, in-laws, social pressure, exes or any other kind of cliched obstacles that the leading couple neede to go through. The only obstacle was revealing their true feelings for each other which they did and everything went smoothly. The side stories were also simple and entertaining which adds to the pleasure of watching the show.

Cast – The leading cast was the main reason I started watching the show and it was the right decision. All the cast members performed their characters very well including the supporting roles and small characters. I couldn’t find any kind of flaw even Mr.Kang laid in the bed very well. Only thing I was wishing and didn’t get was the cameo by Won-Bin. Although I knew it was very unlikely that he will perform a cameo.

Recommendation – I will highly recommend this show if you are looking for an easy watch. It has romance, thrill, Melo and comedy that every good drama needs. Also, these aspects are not over exaggerated which could be a turn off for some, especially if you enjoy Korean makjangs. All in all highly recommended, it is also available on Netflix which makes it easy to binge watch.



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