Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 3 Recap

Blessing In A Disguise

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 3 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 3 Recap

After getting caught by Eun-Ho, Dan-Yi starts repeating her sob story in the hope he will pity her and not throw her out of the house. Eun-Ho wonders why she didn’t tell him about her situation earlier. Dan-Yi act seems to work as she is able to stay at Eun-Ho’s house for at least one more night. Dan-Yi is happy that she doesn’t have to eat in hiding anymore. Next morning, Eun-Ho decides to cook hangover soup for Dan-Yi, he knocks at her door but she has already left for her part-time job. After seeing the condition of her room his empathy level rises higher. Later, he meets her at the workplace and she starts her “poor me” act again.

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 3 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 3 Recap

Eun-Ho is not fooled by her act this time, they start bickering with each other about Dan-Yi staying at his place. Eun-Ho told Dan-Yi to act as strangers at the workplace but he is concentrated more towards her rather than his work. He acts nonchalant but keeps helping her (through SMS) with every little issue. Dan-Yi looking at Eun-Ho and others at work feels like she got left behind in her life. Later, Jae-Min orders Eun-Ho to hire a new book cover designer Ji Seo-Joon (the knight in Shining Armor from previous episodes). Eun-Ho’s pride is hurt by this because in his opinion the book should sell by its contents and not by its cover.

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New Home

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 3 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 3 Recap

Elsewhere, Dan-Yi has started her search for her new “house” but isn’t going smoothly. She coincidentally meets Seo-Joon who is really happy to see her. Meanwhile, Park Hoon coincidentally meets Ji-Yool at a restaurant, she is waiting for her boyfriend. Her boyfriend arrives and breaks-up with her because of her mother. Park Hoon consoles her after the break-up although she doesn’t look that sad about the whole situation. Eun-Ho buys new bedding and furniture and arranges it in a new room for Dan-Yi. Dan-Yi arrives home and sees that her stuff is gone (moved into the new room). She gets angry at Eun-Ho even blaming him for her father’s death (who died of cancer). He shows Dan-Yi her new room and she changes her tune dramatically and starts praising him and his cooking.

The Way Of The World

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 3 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 3 Recap

Dan-Yi works hard on a blurb for a new book even after told otherwise by her superior. Next day her work is looked down at because of lack of modern ideas by Yoo-Sun. This doesn’t demoralize her and she keeps her confident outlook. She works harder to get better ideas and gets some useful tips from Hae-Rin. Before the deciding meeting, Dan-Yi gives her final blurb to Yoo-Sun, her idea is chosen but Yoo-Sun claims it is written by her. Hae-Rin (and Eun-Ho as well) recognizes that the blurb is from the ones written by Dan-Yi. Hae-Rin is unable to go against her senior and just looks away from the situation. Later, she tells Dan-Yi that if she wants to stay in the workplace for long she should forget what happened today.

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Drunk In Love

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 3 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 3 Recap

Dan-Yi in return tells her that she is just not feeling unfair but is also is disappointed in “someone”. She wishes that the person at least sympathized with her. She is talking about Eun-Ho but Hae-Rin thinks she is talking about her. Later, she has a drink with Eun-Ho, she is angry at him for taking his superior’s side. He tells her that’s how the workplace is and that is why he told her that the work won’t be easy. Dan-Yi hopes that she just wants her colleagues to know that it was her idea. Eun-Ho gets drunk and takes a taxi to Dan-Yi’s past home, he doesn’t realize that he was just drinking with her until he receives a call from her. In a flashback, we see that he used to do the same thing whenever he got drunk. He comes back home, Dan-Yi is waiting for him in the front of the house. He gives her a hug.


Another good episode was quite similar to the last two episodes. More emphasis on character building, little back story and little to no hint of romance. Most people may find the pace of the show to be slow but I’m enjoying it. It is also good to see that both the male leads are younger than her which makes it a pure Noona-Donsaeng romance unlike the most of other I have seen.

I also really like Dan-Yi’s cold-hearted emotional blackmail of Eun-Ho in order to get what she wants. We can see that Eun-Ho has feelings for her but will she be able to look at him as a man rather than her younger brother. I hope she makes her choice mid-way through the drama. Because I don’t like to play another guessing game until the end. Mama fairy and the Woodcutter I’m looking at you.



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