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Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 4 Recap

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Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 4 Recap

In the previous episode, Eun-Ho finds out that Dan-Yi is living in his house in secrecy. He moves her from the attic to the “guest room”. Eun-Ho’s boss wants him to hire a famous book cover designer Seo-Joon who seems to have feelings for Dan-Yi. Dan-Yi’s┬ásuperior Yoo-Sun takes credit of her hard work, Dan-Yi is upset with Eun-Ho for not taking her side even after knowing the truth. Later, Eun-Ho gets drunk and gives Dan-Yi a hug.


Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 4 Recap

Last Night is a Blurb

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 4 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 4 Recap

Eun-Ho wakes up hungover, he doesn’t remember what happened after the hug. In a flashback, we see Dan-Yi teaching him to drink alcohol (more like another way around). In present, Dan-Yi is angry at him for getting drunk, she is also curious where he went last night. He lies to her and tells her that he went to a girl’s house. Eun-Ho is curious what happened after he hugged her last night, she tells him he drooled all over her shoulder. Later, he returns Hae-Rin’s clothes to her which she left at his place after getting drunk. Eun-Ho tells Hae-Rin not to do come at his home drunk as he is living with a woman now. The new book has the blurb Dan-Yi wrote but Yoo-Sun took the credit for. Dan-Yi is happy and sad at the same time because of her blurb.

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Reckless Driving

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 4 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 4 Recap

The new hires from the company visit the print shop with Eun-Ho. He shows them the “sad reality” of the books that are returned or doesn’t get sold. We see the hard work publishing companies put in to release a book. Hae-Rin arrives there as well, Dan-Yi recognizes the bag (the one Eun-Ho returned earlier). Ji-Yool thinks that Eun-Ho and Hae-Rin are dating each other, DAn-Yi doesn’t give any opinion on this matter. Hae-Rin shows the photograph of Seo-Joon to Eun-Ho, he recognizes him from the bookstore (from the previous episode). Park-Hoon lacking in driving skills has put the lives of all three rookies in jeopardy. They barely survive, they have to call the tow truck to take them back to the office (their car is working fine).

Hidden Truth

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 4 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 4 Recap

Hae-Rin takes Eun-Ho to the restaurant run by her parents, while Dan-Yi using her “detective” skills comes to the conclusion that Hae-Rin and Eun-Ho are dating. Later, she runs into Seo-Joon after she finds his lost dog. Elsewhere, Hae-Rin (and her parents) seems to have feelings for Eun-Ho but she doesn’t get close to him especially after being told by him that he is living with a woman. On their way back Eun-Ho runs into Dan-Yi’s ex-husband (he told Dan-Yi he is living in Canada) who is running a small diner now. Ex-Husband (he is married and has a wife who is pregnant) is surprised to see Eun-Ho before he could explain anything Eun-Ho starts chasing him. After Eun-ho beats him, he tells him to apologize to Dan-Yi and send her alimony. Eun-Ho feels more sorry towards Dan-Yi meanwhile she enjoys ramyun with Seo-Joon.

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Oh, It’s You

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 4 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 4 Recap

Dan-Yi makes weekend plans with Seo-Joon, they still call each other by nicknames because they don’t know (or ask) each other’s real names. Later, Eun-Ho finds out that she spent time with a “stranger” he gets worried about her. Whereas in her opinion he is just over exaggerating things. Next day Eun-Ho with Jae-Min go to Meet Seo-Joon in order to hire him. Jae-Min doesn’t know that Seo-Joon is the same person he humiliated himself in front of at the book store (in the previous episode). He gets ashamed when he sees him in person, Seo-Joon teases him further after they meet. Jae-Min tries to buy Seo-Joon with money but gets humiliated which makes Eun-Ho angry towards Seo-Joon.

My Only Solace

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 4 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 4 Recap

Seo-Joon asks Jae-Min about the writer Kang Byung-Joon (episode 1) who has been retired and gone in hiding for a long time. His question makes Eun-Ho really angry and tries to leave the place. But Seo-Joon keeps talking about weird rumors and he nearly gets in a confrontation with Eun-Ho. Jae-Min is able to calm Eun-Ho down and tells Seo-Joon that he himself hasn’t heard from the famous writer. Seo-Joon doesn’t believe him and thinks they are hiding something and leaves the place. It seems that Eun-Ho is burdened by the words from Seo-Joon. He doesn’t go back home till late, Dan-Yi waits for him in front of the house.




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