I was unable to recap episode 5 because I got busy with something else. I would like to apologize for that I hope you guys understand. Let me summarize episode 5 before I start recapping this one. Dan-Yi attends the marketing meeting before the launch of a new book by her publishing company. Her idea about how to market the new book is chosen, she gets help from Eun-Ho and Sae-Ri. The writer of the book gets cold feet before the launch, he comes around after the writer has a talk with Eun-Ho and Dan-Yi (separately). Later, Sae-Rin confesses to Dan-Yi that she likes Eun-Ho but he likes someone else. Dan-Yi doesn’t know that someone else is she herself.

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 6 Recap

Knowing Each Other Better

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 6 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 6 Recap

Dan-Yi sees Sae-Rin entering Eun-Ho’s home so to give them some alone time she decides to spend the night out. She is waiting at the bus stop where she coincidentally meets Seo-Joon. Sae-Rin hides her confession letter in Eun-Ho’s study room between his books. Sae-Rin doesn’t see Eun-Ho’s “housemate” and wonders if he is lying to her. Meanwhile, Dan-Yi and Seo-Joon enjoy some noodles in a restaurant nearby and also exchange their phone numbers. They end up talking about the writer Kang Byung-Joon (who has gone in hiding) and his last book. According to Dan-Yi, she thinks that Byung -Joon already decided to retire even before his book got released. She further talks about how people wrongly accuse Gyeoroo publishing, she also reveals that she works there.

Meeting The Housemate

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 6 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 6 Recap

Seo-Joon gets surprised when he hears that she works for Gyeoroo publishing company. The same company which tried to hire him (episode 4). Dan-Yi gets a call from Eun-Ho, she tells him that she is with a friend and asks him to join them. Both Eun-Ho and Seo-Joon get surprised when they see each other. Elsewhere, Ji-Yool has another failed blind date and she asks Park-Hoon to console her. She keeps getting calls her mom for other blind dates, annoyed by her mother she tells her mom that she is dating a colleague named Park-Hoon. Park-Hoon gets happy for a second before she tells him that it was just a lie to buy some breathing space from her mother. Meanwhile, Eun-Ho tells Dan-Yi that he is the same Seo-Joon that their company is trying to hire.

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Just a Guy I Know

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 6 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 6 Recap

Eun-Ho is in for a bigger surprise when he founds out that Seo-Joon knows that both of them are living together. Seo-Jin is interested in what is their (Eun-Ho and Dan-Yi) relationship, she tells him that Eun-Ho is like a younger brother (from the neighborhood) to her. Eun-Ho is not happy with her explanation neither seeing her with Seo-Joon. Later, at home Eun-Ho asks Dan-Yi about Seo-Joon, she tells him that how they met and became close. In a flashback, we see that after their dinner Seo-Joon tells Eun-Ho (when they are alone) that he has feelings for Dan-Yi which really irks Eun-Ho. Next day, everyone from the publishing company volunteers at an orphanage.

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What’s In a Name

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 6 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 6 Recap

In another flashback, we see Eun-Ho handing the declaration of retirement by the writer Kang Byung-Joon to Jae-Min. He also reveals to Jae-Min that the writer Byung-Joon is his father. Dan-Yi is happy to see her name included in the new book (as a staff). Yoon-Seo tells Sae-Rin and Eun-Ho to remove her name, Eun-Ho stands for Dan-Yi but in the end, has to agree with Yoon-Seo. Sae-Rin feels bad about it but she gives the bad news to Dan-Yi. Eun-Ho wants to console Dan-Yi but he doesn’t know what to say. Later, Dan-Yi finds out that Yoon-Seo didn’t steal her idea because she came up with the same idea. Dan-Yi apologizes to her for coming to a wrong conclusion. Dan-Yi immerses herself in the work again now that her idea had made the new book a success. Eun-Ho gives her the copy which contains her name, she receives a call from Seo-Joon.

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