In the previous episode, Eun-Ho sees Dan-Yi and Seo-Joon eating together and finds out that both of them have known each other for some time now. Dan-Yi and Seo-Joon also find out about each other’s names and about their work. Seo-Joon reveals to Eun-ho that he likes Dan-Yi. It is also revealed that the famous writer who has gone in hiding is Eun-Ho’s father. Ji-Yool lies to her mother that she is in a relationship with Park-Hoon in order to get some freedom.

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 7 Recap

Your Disappointment is My Pleasure

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 7 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 7 Recap

Seo-Joon calls Dan-Yi (while she is at work) and asks her out for dinner to which she agrees. Just as she is getting ready to go out Eun-Ho (who know about the “date”) gives her some unnecessary work (acting petty). She finishes the work quickly and goes out and meet Seo-Joon while Eun-Ho is left jealous. Later, after the date, Dan-Yi tells Eun-Ho what happened during her date. Eun-Ho is delighted that her date didn’t go well while Dan-Yi is disappointed with the outcome. During the date, Seo-Joon’s body fails him at the most inappropriate times. Right, when Dan-Yi tells him that she is a divorcee the fork and knife fall off from Seo-Joon’s hands making things awkward. Similar things keep happening to him which made the date awkward, later Dan-Yi thinks that she got rejected.

Seems Like Real But Not

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 7 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 7 Recap

Elsewhere, Ji-Yool’s mother barges in Park-Hoon’s house and demands that he break-up with Ji-Yool. Park-Hoon starts acting like a real boyfriend and tells her that he doesn’t want her money and the only thing that he needs is Ji-Yool. Ji-Yool’s mother is stunned by his response as none of Ji-Yool’s ex-boyfriends acted this way. Next day at work the publishing company is working on the release of a new book. Recently divorced Ji-Hong starts reciting a poem and tries to sell water purifiers to the staff for a poet whose book he wants to publish. Jae-Min tries to put some sense into him and tells him to grow up and look after his family. Ji-Hong’s ex-wife Young-A overhears their conversation. She tells Jae-Min (in tears) that not to treat Ji-Hong as a pushover and he has no right to tell Ji-Hong to grow up.

The Fiery Priest Episode 1 Recap


Poetry (and The Poet) is Dead

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 7 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 7 Recap

Ji-Yool tells Park-hoon that her mother is in a shock after meeting with him (and because of his act). Park-Hoon replies that it is a good thing and she should use him to achieve her freedom. Meanwhile, Dan-Yi comes up with a new idea to promote the books through the company’s blog. Young-A and Hae-Rin both like her idea and give her a green light for the new plan. Ji-Hong and Jae-Min get in another argument over the poet and publishing his book. Ji-Hong is really angry with the “greedy” attitude of Jae-Min, Eun-Ho is able to calm him down. Meanwhile, Dan-Yi remembers her failed date and gets angry when she doesn’t receive any call or messages from Seo-Joon. Ji-Hong calls the poet out for lunch but he doesn’t arrive. He later goes to the poet’s home, he also meets Eun-Ho who is there to meet the poet as well. When they reach the poet’s hope they find him dead.

The Inner Voice

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 7 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 7 Recap

Ji-Hong finishes the funeral, he then misses the work for the next four days. Ji-Yool gets scolded by Sae-Rin for her attitude and work ethics. Sae-Rin is already stressed because of her writer who hasn’t submitted her work even after the due date. A writer appears as a guest at Eun-Ho’s radio/podcast show. Later, she meets Seo-Joon in a flower shop and gives him her flowers after recognizing him and tells him that he owes her one. Both of them are going to the same place, Seo-Joon mistakes that she is following (stalking). She tells him that he is mistaken and now he owes her two favors. Both of them meet the writer and Eun-Ho, Eun-Ho is surprised (and unhappy) to see Seo-Joon. Seo-Joon is thinking about working at Eun-Ho (and Dan-Yi’s) publishing company. Eun-Ho and Seo-Joon later get into a petty argument over Dan-Yi. Seo-Joon gives him something to give to Dan-Yi and to tell her that he will be waiting for her outside. Eun-Ho doesn’t want to but he listens to his consciousness and does the right thing.





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