In the previous episode, Seo-Joon and Dan-Yi go out on a date. It ends up in disaster when Seo-Joon’s body fails him at inappropriate moments. Eun-Ho is delighted when Dan-Yi tells him what happened on the date. Ji-Hong tries to publish a poetry collection for a poor friend but everyone from the publishing company is against the idea. The poor poet ends up dead and Ji-Hong disappears after his funeral.

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 8 Recap

Starting Fresh

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 8 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 8 Recap

Eun-Ho relays Seo-Joon’s message to Dan-Yi but still acts petty in order to stop her from going anywhere. Dan-Yi and Seo-Joon still go out for a night walk. Seo-Joon talks about working for her publishing company, while she talks about how good Eun-Ho is to her (as a younger brother). Seo-Joon finally asks Dan-Yi to be in a relationship with to which she agrees. She is over the moon as she tells the details to Eun-Ho who doesn’t seem happy at all. They get in a little argument and then too close (physically) to each other. Eun-Ho then gets angry at her to keep talking about Seo-Joon. Next day, Seo-Joon pretends to go to work and wait for Dan-Yi at the bus stop. Eun-Ho sees him and goes over to him and then they get into another childish argument over Dan-Yi.

Old is Gold

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 8 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 8 Recap

At work, everyone is excited about the manuscript of the writer Ms.Yoo titled “Dear Stranger”. Eun-Ho and Dan-Yi are assigned to work together to digitize the manuscript. While Sae-Rin tells everyone that she will make book designer Seo-Joon sign the contract with their publishing company. She contacts him, he seems quite eager to the idea as well for obvious reasons. Ji-Yool and Park-Hoon go to the club after work, Dan-Yi and Young-A also go there but are not allowed to get in for being old. Yoo-Sun helps them getting in the nightclub, she later makes the crowd go wild with her sexy dance moves. Ji-Yool and Park-Hoon are “stalked” by Ji-Yool’s mother’s secretary, both of them start their act of boyfriend and girlfriend.

We All Have Imperfections

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 8 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 8 Recap

Elsewhere, Ji-Hong is spending alone time at a fishing pond, Eun-Ho and Jae-Min join him. Jae-Min wants Ji-Hong to get back to work, he still feeling down after the death of his friend. Elsewhere, Dan-Yi is forced to tag along with Young-A and Yoo-Sun. Three of them go to Yoo-Sun’s home (which looks like a dump) for more alcoholic drinks. They then play “Yaja Time” and totally diss Yoo-Sun, who then asks Young-A why she got divorced. She tells them she felt that Hong-Jin was never on her side. While Hong-Jin is talking about the same thing but he has a different view about their divorce. Dan-Yi also reveals that she is a divorcee as well then Yoo-Sun reveals that she ran away just before getting married. Three of them start crying and are a mess just like Yoo-Sun’s house.

Life Goes On


Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 8 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 8 Recap

Later, at home Eun-Ho finds Dan-Yi laid on the floor and he thinks the worst. He makes the call to the emergency services but then hears her snoring. Next day, Dan-Yi is “dying” because of the hangover. She feels worse when she remembers getting angry and swearing at Young-A and Yoo-Sun last night. Young-A goes to see her ex-husband and tells him that although his friend has died he needs to keep living for himself and his family. Meanwhile, Dan-Yi and Eun-Ho start working together to the digitize the manuscript. Elsewhere, Sae-Rin meets Seo-Joon in order to hire him for the publishing company. He agrees to sign the contract after getting affirmation from Dan-Yi. Dan-Yi thinks that Eun-Ho kissed her while she was sleeping and acts awkwardly around him.


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