Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 9 Recap

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 9 Recap

In the previous episode, Dan-Yi and Seo-Joon start afresh after their disastrous first date. Eun-Ho is not happy to see Dan-Yi and Seo-Joon get close. Seo-Joon decides to work at the same publishing company as Eun-Ho and Dan-Yi. Dan-Yi has a night out with the girls (her superiors) and ends up swearing at them after getting drunk. Park-Hoon and Ji-Yool continue their fake relationship in front of Ji-Yool’s mother. Eun-Ho and Dan-Yi work from home on the new book, he nearly kisses her while she is “sleeping”.

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 9 Recap

Tell Me I’m Not Your Type

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 9 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 9 Recap

After their little “kiss” incident Dan-Yi is feeling awkward around Eun-Ho. She asks her if he likes her to which he doesn’t reply. She keeps pressing him for an answer he says no to keep things normal between them. They go back to work, Dan-Yi starts re-imagining the earlier “kiss” moments. He keeps teasing and arguing with Dan-Yi until she smacks him on the face. Meanwhile, Hae-Rin and Seo-Joon run into each other again after their earlier meeting after ignored by their respective partners. At work, Dan-Yi and Young-A are acting like friends after their drunken night out while Yoo-Sun is stern as ever. Ji-Yool makes another mistake with letting the new book print with incomplete information. Hae-Rin has to take the blame and gets scolded by Yoo-Sun.

Acknowledged At Work

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 9 Recap Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 9 Recap

Hae-Rin is furious with Ji-Yool and starts drinking soju at work. She calls Ji-Yool out, Park-Hoon gets worried about her fake girlfriend. When they are alone Hae-Rin just goes off scaring the shit out of Ji-Yool. Both ladies end up crying for totally different reasons. Hae-Rin sends her (to the printing press) to put stickers with correct information on all 5000 copies, Ji-Yool is totally clueless about how to do it. Meanwhile, Dan-Yi gets applause after her strategy help increases the sale of the books. She has to go buy gifts on Yoo-Sun’s order, she runs into Eun-Ho who is buying a necklace. He lets her choose the necklace and then puts on her but then takes it away. She gets disappointed because she thought it was for her.

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Mom, Please Save Me

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 9 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 9 Recap

Back at work, Hae-Rin asks Dan-Yi about the working condition at Eun-Ho’s house. She indirectly wants to ask about the woman Eun-Ho is living with. Hae-Rin gets happy when Dan-Yi tells her that there was no one else beside them. Elsewhere, Ji-Yool is a mess at her given job assignment. Park-Hoon and Dan-Yi are worried about her and decide to go and see her. Park-Hoon wants to go alone for obvious reasons but Dan-Yi doesn’t get it. He even subtly tries to tell her but she is just not quick-witted. In the end, he is able to block her and goes alone to Ji-Yool. He gets disappointed when Ji-Yool is more happy to see the food than him. But he is still able to get a hug from her, she has no idea that he has a crush on her.

The Hidden Father

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 9 RecapRomance is a Bonus Book Episode 9 Recap

Meanwhile, Hae-Rin goes to meet Seo-Joon to sign the contract for designing the new book. He likes her passion and decides to increase the term of the contract after adding some extra conditions. Eun-Ho is waiting for Dan-Yi with the present he bought earlier. Seo-Joon drops Sae-Rin to Eun-Ho’s house as it is on the way. Dan-Yi sees Hae-Rin and hides in front of the house, Seo-Joon sees her. Dan-Yi then tells Seo-Joon that people at the office doesn’t know about her co-habiting with Eun-Ho. They then go out for dinner while Hae-Rin questions Eun-Ho about his roommate. He indirectly rejects her with a letter, the same way she confessed to him. He then gets a call and goes to see his father (famous writer) who is tied to his bed and have many wounds all over him. Meanwhile, Dan-Yi is in a conundrum over her future relationship with Eun-Ho.




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