Running Man Episode 420 Recap

Running Man Episode 420 Recap

Another episode in Dangerous delivery series is finally here. We still haven’t seen anything deemed dangerous yet, hope that changes.

Running Man Episode 420 Recap
Welcome to sparta.


Running Man Episode 420 Recap

Broadcast Date: 30/09/2018

Jae-suk and Suk-jin are the only ones to arrive at the airport. They are getting punished after previous week’s loss. After complaining about impossible odds they were dealt last week (6 vs 2) they end up bickering with each other. They receive their punishment destination and its Busan. Seok-jin wants to move on but Jae-suk keeps talking to the camera. Century couple (total age of both) reach Busan and their punishment is to do through various par-time jobs. They need to finish total of 100 jobs (e.g. if delivering packages than 1 delivery will count as 1 job).

Running Man Episode 420 Recap
Dumb and Dumber

Jae-suk remembers he still have two hits on Kwang-soo from previous episode. He calls him, Jae-sook asks about previous week’s loss and Kwang-soo gets nervous. Jae-sook informs him,he is going to hit slap him today so he has to come to Busan. Kwang-soo angrily accepts his punishment and agrees to come to Busan. Jae-suk and Suk-jin starts bickering again.

Running Man Episode 420 Recap
See No Evil!

Meanwhile, other cast members are enjoying a feast. When inquiring about Kwang-soo they are informed that he is summoned to Busan. Winning members can do anything they want,  So-min wants a one-day date. Everyone gives their opinions, Yang Se-chan gets scolded by Kim Jong-kook when he disagrees with his choice. But there is a twist they have to pay for all the choices they made themselves and when their money runs out they will be send to Busan. They have to choose from 4 pouches all contain different amount of money ($10-$200). Ji-hyo makes the choice and it’s only 50 dollars.

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Our century couple receives their first part-time job “Bicycle Story Tour”. They have to take tourists around on bicycle and explain history of tourist attractions. It’s called bicycle but it’s more like a tuk-tuk. One of the workers takes them on a ride and explains them about their job and safety measures. Both meet their first customers (it’s more like they force them) and it turns out Suk-jin is not a good driver.

While our other members are also moves towards their first destination. Jong-kook says he knows a place where they will be able to finish two vacation spot at once (cycling and sauna) their destination is none other than a Gym. Ji-hyo is really disappointed, scared Haha and Se-chan agrees with his choice. So-min, Haha and Se-chan all receives massage from Jong-kook by a massage gun (more like a drill machine) while Se-chan receives a little extra love.

Running Man Episode 420 Recap
I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

Suk-jin is able to connect with his Taiwanese customers whereas Jae-sook’s customers (local residents of the area) gives him history lessons about the attractions. Our “guest” of the show Kwang-soo finally meets the century couple. He wants to get slapped fast and leave back to Seoul to winning members. Jae-sook wants to move to the next destination giving no attention Kwang-soo, annoyed Kwang-soo slaps him.

Running Man Episode 420 Recap
I am an Asian Prince, B***h

They reach their next destination but Sook-jin is still sleeping in the van. Their next part time job is to clean sky-walk, reluctant Kwang-soo (who looks “Ordinary” according to the sky-walk manager) have to participate in the job as well. They divide the sky walk into three parts farthest, middle and back.

They have to draw lots, Suk-jin after exchanging his card with Jae-suk is allotted middle part. Kwang-soo also exchanges his card with Jae-suk and gets to cleans the least dangerous back part. Kwang-soo then suggests if Jae-suk slaps him once he would agree to draw the lots again. Jae-suk hits him and after the draw Kwang-soo loses and gets to clean farthest part (Man, he is unlucky in every episode).

Running Man Episode 420 Recap
and I’m a God!

Winning team also finish their second “vacation” choice by using gym’s cold sauna, Haha not able to deal with the cold starts swearing at everyone. On the other hand three cowards barely manage to cleans the sky-walk and move onto the next destination the wharf. They start whining about how they get seasick easily.

Their final job is to catch fishes; species of fish they have to catch is chosen after their shoes land on the board with fish pictures. Every time someone’s shoe goes out of bounds someone else takes it away and runs with it. They have their little fun and finally the species are chosen. With that episode ends and we will see the finale next week.

Running Man Episode 420 Recap
Gym and chill.

Now to be honest I enjoyed the episode only when cast members were talking and bickering with each other. These tasks are boring and meaningless in my opinion. It would have been better if they just sat around and did a talk show like stuff. I think show needs to go back to its roots and bring “Name Tag Ripping” back again. That’s what made the show so popular all around the world. I feel like every week I am watching same crappy missions and tasks whose final outcome I doesn’t even really care about.

 Should I watch it:  If you enjoy Standstill man.
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