Running Man Episode 425 Recap Dangerous Family

Running Man Episode 425 Recap

Running back is back with the family storyline. They meet their daddy who wants to taste a dish his mother used to cook for him. Will they be able to fulfill their father’s wishes or we will have some storyline twist? Let’s check out the family drama, Kdrama style in the Running Man episode 425 recap.

Running Man Episode 425 Recap Dangerous Family

Broadcast Date: 11th November 2018

He Must Be Our Dad

Running Man Episode 425 Recap Running Man Episode 425 Recap

The cast members arrive at a pre-historic park. They talk about Jae-Seok’s suspicious behavior last week. He finds it frustrating as he was not the “spy” last week. Suk-Jin is also enjoying his heydays. The majority of comments on Running Man forums are about Suk-Jin. Though most of them are malicious, he still likes them. They are shown a video, in which actor Kim Byung-Ok appears. He talks to them as they are his son and daughters, he also disses all of them one by one.

Their dad wants to eat the dish his mom used to make during autumn. He tried his best but he couldn’t find the dish. He wants them to find the dish before the end of the day. If they find the dish, they will receive all his “inheritance” otherwise they will get punished. Although the dad doesn’t look much elder than the eldest son Suk-Jin.

Go! Determined Gourmet

The race is titled Go! Determined Gourmet. Every time they complete a mission, they will receive a hint about the dish. They can check the answer at the restaurant that sells the dish. The time limit for today’s race is six hours. If they bring the dish before the time expires, they will receive the inheritance. They will receive a “huge” punishment if they lose. They always say this but always come with puny punishments. What was the harshest punishment did anyone from the running man cast has ever received. Write your choices in the comments below, if any.

One-mind Family Portrait

Running Man Episode 425 Recap Running Man Episode 425 Recap

The first mission of the day requires unanimity from the members. The members have to choose an identical item. The items are inside the huts. In case of failure they will get punished but not all of them. The minority that chose a different item will be punished by the majority. Each of them goes to a different hut, they have to choose from 4 different wigs and put it on. If all of them chose the same wig (not in their wildest dream) they will win. 7 out of 8 members chose bald (or samurai) wig, only Ji-Hyo chooses the Chucky wig. They blame her for going for looks and looking pretty. As a punishment, she receives some “make-up” from the artist Suk-Jin.

For the second round, they have chosen from 3 funny looking glasses. This time as well 7 out 8 chose the same item, big nose glasses ironically Suk-Jin was the only exception. He also receives his new make-up. In the third round, they have to choose the ugliest member from Running Man. Jae-Seok and Se-Chan are the top contenders, except Ji-Hyo and Jae-Seok everyone chooses Jae-Seok. Both of them gets punished with some make-up. Next round they have to choose the most handsome guy from the cast. Suk-Jin and Kwang-Soo choose themselves, So-Min surprisingly (or from the “hatred” towards Jong-Kook) she chooses Haha. Everyone else chooses the spartan Jong-Kook and so the three anomalies get punished. (Are Jong-Kook and So-Min are going to be the new “Love Line”? I don’t know how I feel about that.)

Betrayer Saves Us All

Running Man Episode 425 Recap

They continue to give wrong answers and get punished as time elapses. Staff finally gives them an easy question, chose the “Betrayer”, everyone without giving it a thought chooses Kwang-Soo. He is also forced into choosing himself by Jae-Seok. They finally finish the mission. They receive their first hint for their grandma’s dish. “The ingredient must have lived in the water”. (My best guess is Aquaman)

Jumbo Shrimp

Running Man Episode 425 Recap Running Man Episode 425 Recap

Their choice is Jumbo Shrimp, they move to the jumbo shrimp restaurant. While they are moving Suk-Jin gets teased about his old age by the youngsters. They arrive at the restaurant, other than the ingredient they also need to guess the correct name of the dish. Their decision is grilled jumbo shrimp. Their answer is wrong and before they can move, they need to eat grilled jumbo shrimp. Jae-Seok is worried about the amount of time left.

They will receive an extra hint if they complete a mission. The new mission is called dried persimmon hat, they need to eat dried persimmon hanging from the hat. Anyone else remembers PABO Gary from the princess episode, Uee was one of the guest stars. He and Ji-Hyo had a choco-kiss, Man I miss Gary.

Most Intelligent Out of The Stupidest

All of them take turns and the time limit is 3 minutes. Depending on the number of successes they will receive the number of portions and the quality of the hint. 5 of them are able to make it and receives a “medium” hint and six servings. To decide who won’t eat they play wits game, Jong-Kook loses in the first round. Haha, and Se-Chan are caught in the second round. Because there are six servings one of them can still eat. They decide on a Quiz to choose the one who can eat. Their question is to name the capital city of Singapore. Se-Chan looks confident after listening to the question. Haha, write Kuala Lumpur whereas Se-Chan writes Chang-ee (name of the airport).

Running Man Episode 425 Recap

Haha rightly answer next question, capital of Mongolia. Se-Chan gets teased because of his creativity or stupidity whatever you want to call it. When they are enjoying their food Haha finds a secret number to call, in his food plate. Their next choice is blue crab because of the hint they received. Haha goes to the bathroom and makes the call, the audience doesn’t know the contents of the call. When they are moving towards the next destination, Haha tells them that all of them might not be siblings. Members are split between Crab Stew and Steamed Crabs. Jong-Kook votes for steamed crabs and their next dish choice is steamed blue crabs.

Blowing Ping Pong Ball

Running Man Episode 425 Recap

Their next mission is blowing a Ping-pong ball. They have to blow a ping-pong ball overturned upside down bottles and make it fall into the glass. If one player fails the next player takes over. Jae-Seok was so close but Jong-Kook scares the PD into making it a complete success. (They need to cast Brock Lesnar to control Jong-Kook) Se-Chan, Kwang-Soo, and Ji-Hyo also succeed in the mission. They receive the hint and dishes for four people. PD gives them another opportunity and if they succeed 6 people can eat.

Suk-Jin gives it a go and succeeds much to my surprise (in my opinion every time he succeeds it’s scripted lol). His smile doesn’t last long as he and Ji-Hyo lose in wit game and are not able to eat. Their next hint is, “there were bones”. Kwang-soo’s plate contains a secret hint and he hides it before anyone else notices (as expected from him).

Magic Bowling

Running Man Episode 425 Recap

The cast has to play magic bowling to receive an extra hint. They line up 10 magic markers and use a marble as a bowl. They are separated into four teams of two. If a team makes a strike or a spare it is counted as a success. Cheating Kwang-Soo uses his breath rather than marble to make them fall. PD wants to check it again but Jong-Kook interferes and it is counted as a success. Except for Jae-Seok and Se-Chan, everyone succeeds and enjoys the food. Their next hint is “Suk-Jin reminds me of this”. They choose loach as the ingredient and loach soup as the dish. They go to the restaurant and it is the correct answer.

I’m Your Daddy………………..Not

Running Man Episode 425 Recap

They take the dish to their father, who is dressed in all white suit looking dashing. While he is reminiscing his mother’s memories, Suk-Jin ruins the mood by asking about the inheritance. He answers Suk-Jin in his deep voice which scares Suk-Jin. He agrees to give them his assets but tell them that he forgot them on the 3rd floor of the building. The inheritance will be distributed in order of arrival on the 3rd floor.

He starts the race, Jong-Kook takes a healthy lead but Haha stays behind and hides, Kwang-Soo does the same. Jong-Kook reaches first and sees a wig, glasses, a letter, and a photo frame. In the letter, it’s written that Byun-Ok is not their father but their 9th and eldest sibling.

Running Man Episode 425 Recap Running Man Episode 425 Recap

In the flashback, we see Haha on phone with Byung-Ok who tells him that he is his eldest brother. He has the same conversation with Kwang-Soo as well. We also see Ji-Hyo receiving a secret message in her food plate which was not shown earlier. Other members notice the missing three members. They are now separated in two teams Big Brother and Brothers team. Big brother team has to find the hidden materials and successfully parcel the food to win. Brothers team have to rip their name tags to win. Loser team will get punished.

Not Much of a Race

They arrive at the park where the episode started. Big Brother team have to find the box, tape, and an invoice. Byung-Ok seems clueless as of where to find the items and toddles around. They find the box and tape when Brothers team arrives. Brothers swiftly outs three members of Big Brother team, only Kwang-Soo survives. In the end, he is captured by Se-Chan and Jae-Seok. Brothers team receives the inheritance “Dried Persimmons”.

Running Man Episode 425 Recap

Now the “HUGE” punishment they mentioned earlier turns out to be a pie slap. Only two out of four losers will get punished. Byung-Ok decides to play the game of wits to chose the losers and in the blink of an eye wins. Ji-Hyo and Kwang-Soo are chosen to be punished and gets a pie blast to the face.


The show was really enjoyable and funny but still has a couple of issues. I think they really need to come up with some new punishment ideas. It’s always pies blast or water drenching. The twist in the brothers’ story we saw it coming (right?) but it was enjoyable none the less. The name tag ripping race was a letdown but they are going in the right direction. I mentioned about bringing the name tag race back during Dangerous Delivery episodes. I think it will make Running Man more enjoyable and may be able to bring it back to its older glory days.

Let me know your thoughts about the episode in the comments below and share if you enjoyed the recap.



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