Running Man Episode 426 Recap With Han-Na, Seol In-A and Irene and Joy of Red Velvet

Running Man Episode 426 Recap

Running man is back with another episode. This time they also have a good supply of female guests. Actresses and Idols join today’s show. Recently Running Man has picked up its game and has given us some really funny episodes. I hope it will continue this trend as I really love this show. Let’s check out if this episode delivers the goods.

Running Man Episode 426 Recap

Broadcast Date: 18th November 2018

Keeper of the Secrets

Running Man Episode 426 Recap Running Man Episode 426 Recap

All the cast members are at different locations at the start of the show. They start the mission without even greetings the viewers. Their first mission is to choose the member who knows most about Running Man members. Haha talks about Jong-Kook’s past girlfriends and boast about knowing much more about other members as well. In the end, though everyone unanimously chooses Jae-Seok. The staff tells them they have succeeded in their first mission. Kwang-Soo feels disappointed that not a single person choose him. Now, Jae-Seok has to choose from the different missions and decide which member can complete it. If that member completes the mission they will get a success.

If all the members finish their missions they can go home right away. On the other hand, even if one of them fails they will be dragged to a final location. Jae-Seok chooses Ddakji Game but is worried that as he is Ddakji King nobody else will be able to complete the mission. In the end, he chooses Suk-Jin and goes to his location. Our Suk-Jin ahjussi is not at the location, he is using a restroom at a time like this. Jae-Seok tells him his mission and he looks confident as he has won in Ddakji game before. He completes the mission successfully and starts boasting about his power. Next mission is to figure out the answer with a picture.

Competition of the Bottom Feeders

Running Man Episode 426 Recap Running Man Episode 426 Recap

Jae-Seok chooses Kwang-Soo as the new competitor. Jae-Seok tells the staff that someone he knows told him about Kwang-soo’s school rank in studies. According to him, Kwang-Soo used to be last in his grade. Kwang-Soo strongly denies and rightly states that he was 3rd from last. That means two others were below him. He also reveals he is really close with one of them. Unlike before when they used to be cut-throat competitors they are now good friends.

Back to the mission, he is given a picture (very badly drawn) of a man laying with pain relief patch on his back. While Kwang-Soo has trouble with the picture, Jae-Seok confidently says it is too easy. PD asks him to whisper his answer, Jae-Seok does but it turns out to be a wrong answer. Embarrassed Jae-Seok is further teased by the other two members. Kwang-Soo finally gives the right answer and they move on to the next competitor, Jong-Kook. His mission is to Spin the Prince (Jae-Seok) around him 5 times in 30 seconds. Jong-Kook completes the mission but Jae-Seok is in tatters after the mission. New information is revealed, that Jae-Seok won’t be able to have the third kid (ROFL).

November Rain

Running Man Episode 426 Recap

Next is So-Min she has to drop a tear within 30 seconds. She suddenly starts the mission and is able to cry just within 15 seconds. Everyone is amazed by her and asks for her success. She says she thought about beaten by Jong-Kook if she fails. I think anyone will cry if they were to be beaten by Sparta. Next is Se-Chan who also completes his mission by recognizing Jennie (BlackPink) just with the picture of her eyes, nose, and lips. Next is common sense quiz and the team is frustrated as both of the members that are left are stupid (don’t let Ji-Hyo hear you guys say that). They choose the lesser evil Haha who feels burdened and excited at the same time. His question is, “Which one of these has most teeth? Shark, Crocodile or snail.” He chooses a shark which was a wrong answer (Snail right answer) and all of the members including Ji-Hyo dragged to a secret location.

At the secret location, they have to complete two missions before they can go home. One mission is to throw a shoe with their leg in each compartment of a laid down shoe rack. The second mission is to hit “ON” marker situated at a bull’s eye on a dartboard. They able to finish the first mission with the help of Haha’s short legs and Kwang-soo’s long legs. Jae-Seok miraculously finishes the second mission and they are able to go home. although few of them are suspicious about it.

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall Who is The Ugliest of Them All?

Running Man Episode 426 Recap Running Man Episode 426 Recap

On some other day, all the cast members gather together. Jae-Seok is worried that his daughter looks like him but others console him saying that it will change as she grows. I really hope it does and if doesn’t she will really need braces. On the same note, they are shown some mysterious photos. Everyone burst into laughter after looking at the pictures. The pictures are graphically combination of each male member with the other two female members. Most of them are shockingly ugly especially the one with Se-Chan in them. His big white teeth ruin the beauties of both Ji-Hyo and So-Min. Haha’s mustache was in a close second place in the ugliness department. Surprisingly Suk-Jin and female members combination don’t look that bad.

Now it’s time for the guests, members and guests will choose their partners based on the rendered photos. After the guests chose their partners the other two members will partner with Ji-Hyo and So-Min. Today’s four guests are Kang Han-Na, unluckiest and specialist in freeze Seol In-A and Irene and Joy of Red Velvet. Just like earlier Se-Chan ruins the beauty of these angels. All of the guests are surprised one after another when they see the rendered photos of themselves and Se-Chan. Irene looked the most shocked out of them all. Also, In-A shows her specialty, Baby Freeze, Red Velvet also shows the teaser to their new song “Really Bad Boy”.


Running Man Episode 426 Recap Running Man Episode 426 Recap

Now it’s time to chose their partners, first, it’s Han-Na’s turn. She has only Jae-Seok by her side but she chooses Jong-Kook. Happy Jong-Kook pushes Jae-Seok away who throws Han-Na rendered photo and picks up In-A’s photo. Surprisingly In-A, So-Min, and Ji-Hyo object to the choice. Now Jong-Kook has to choose his partner among these four ladies (Man he is popular). He even without giving a thought eliminates Ji-Hyo and So-Min immediately. Other remaining two females recites cute acrostic poems for him. Jong-Kook eliminated Han-Na and chooses In-A in X-Man (Yoo Eun Hye) style. Eliminated Han-Na joins Ji-Hyo and So-Min in the discarded bin.

Joy or Sorrow

Running Man Episode 426 RecapRunning Man Episode 426 Recap

Meanwhile, all this going on Jae-Seok and Haha who were holding In-A’s pic have changed over to Irene. Their loyalties are changing faster than the politicians. Now it’s Irene’s turn to choose but before she could do that Joy tells Jae-Seok that she know his secret. Depending on whom he will choose she will decide to reveal it or not. Listening to her, Kwang-Soo who choose Joy slams her pic to the ground in anger. Jae-Seok, on the other hand, keeps running back and forth while changing pics between Joy and Irene. The secret is revealed that he had a pimple.

It’s the turn of remaining male members to impress Irene with an acrostic poem. Se-Chan successfully does it ending the poem with a real CF line. Which not only impresses her but all other members as well. Other members also try to impress Irene by plagiarising but fail miserably. Irene chooses Se-Chan without hesitation much to his surprise. Ji-Hyo and So-Min objects again but he doesn’t even listen to them. Will he finally able to forget Na-Eun? Joy, in the end, chooses Kwan-Soo who was a couple with her during her last visit. The remaining male and female members also become couples. Han-Na and Haha, Ji-Hyo and Suk-Jin and last but not least So-Min and Jae-Seok. We will see hilarious couple race next week.


Running Man Episode 426 Recap

This was a weird episode in many ways. I don’t get the meaning of the first half of the episode. I highly doubt that it has anything to do with the episode next week. In my opinion what happened was they wanted to shoot this episode in two parts with these guest. But after editing they find out it lacks in total time. So they called the members and shot a little episode. It is just my theory and I could very well be wrong. So if anyone has more concrete information please let us know.

Anyways, whatever the reason is it felt like watching the preview of an upcoming episode rather than an episode itself. It has its funny moments, especially in the second half. Se-chan’s so-called ugliness brought some unintentional laughs. Surprisingly the two actresses were more active than the other two Idols. We all know about Irene and her shyness but I will be expecting more from Joy next week. In the end, all that on my mind is about next week’s episode than this one. I hope the upcoming episode doesn’t disappoint us.

P.S. – Checkout famous Kim Jong-Kook Dangyunhaji move.


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