Running Man Episode 428 Recap Everyone Has a Secret With Twice

Running Man Episode 428 Recap

Running Man has given us very funny episodes during the past few weeks. So I have high hopes for this episode especially now that TWICE are the guests. Let’s see if stands to the hype and delivers us an exciting episode.

Running Man Episode 428 Recap

Yes or Yes

Running Man Episode 428 Recap Running Man Episode 428 Recap

As usual, the episode starts with remarks by members towards each other’s fashion. Today’s victim is Haha. He compares his fashion to G-Dragon and sees him as his competitor. Whereas the members compare his fashion to that of a beggar. It is also revealed that Suk-Jin is trying to be a DJ. Today’s race is called Who is Kimchi’s Partner? They are divided into 4 teams of 2 members each based on four dishes that goes well with kimchi. They will be further joined by “Soulmates” who will help them in searching the partner of kimchi. The soulmates are the members of the idol-group TWICE. Twice members show the dance move from their new song YES or YES. Jae-Seok and Kwang-Soo look over excited with the arrival of TWICE.

Running Man Episode 428 Recap

Suk-Jin tries to give his coat to Jeongyeon who is feeling a little cold because of the weather. His nice deed is intercepted by jubilant Jae-Seok who takes his coat and throw it away. Suk-Jin tries again but Jae-Seok blocks him again. In remembrance of their last visit Jae-Seok ask TWICE members to say acrostic poems. The first one to recite her poem is MOMO who ends up calling Suk-Jin Wang KKo Ni, Japanese anime style. Next one in Nayeon, members are startled by the sudden change in her cute voice which they were not expecting. Nayeon melts Kwang-soo’s heart with her poem just like last time. Although he gets punched and kicked by the cast members for touching her hand. Last but not least Tofu ahjussi Dahyun amazes Running Man cast with her funny dance, MoMo also shows her sexy dance.

We Love Kimchi

Running Man Episode 428 Recap Running Man Episode 428 Recap

Now its TWICE members’ turn to chose their partners in the race. 4 members choose Haha So-Min team whereas nobody chooses Kwang-Soo Suk-Jin’s team. PD tells 4 members to play RPS and losers will go to Kwang-Soo Suk-Jin team. Chaeyoung and Mina lost hence they are part of KSSJ team, also Dahyun who first chose Jong-Kook team changes her mind and goes to Kwang-Soo team. Final teams are as below:

Rice team – Haha So-Min Tzuyu Jeongyeon

Sweet Potato team – Suk-Jin Kwang-Soo Mina Chaeyoun Dahyun

Ramyun team – Jae-Seok Se-Chan MoMo Nayeon

Sooyook team – Jong-Kook Song Ji-Hyo Sana Ji Hyo

Ironically earlier the team with least members ends up with most members. The staff asked “teens to people in their 50’s” which food goes best with kimchi in a survey. The team who guesses the food in the first place wins the race. The losing teams will get penalized they have to season 100 napa cabbages. The teams get ready for the first game called invest Napa Cabbages. Each team will receive 50 cabbage leaves they get to bet those leaves in the games. The winning team will get additional leaves after winning games, the leaves could be used to buy the hints from the “Hint Shop”. The SP team has an extra member so they can choose any one of them to drop him/herself.

Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’

Running Man Episode 428 Recap Running Man Episode 428 Recap

First round is Low Bar Rollover, members have to roll over a bar and it will keep lowering as members of a team succeed. All 4 members of a team have to successfully rollover to win the game. Rice team who doesn’t have confidence in their athleticism (Haha the black hole) bets the least amount of leaves (only 1). The first to give it a go is So-Min she succeeds but falls right on her butt. Next, Nayeon succeeds as well with some help from her teammates Jae-Seok and Se-Chan. Next is Haha’s teammate Jeongyeon, sadly she fails while Jae-Seok succeeds in a back roll. Kwang-Soo also tries a back roll but ends up hurting his private parts and his face in the process. In the end, the only competitors left are Sparta Jong-Kook and his butler Se-Chan. Se-Chan fails as he lands face first on the mat much to others pleasure. Next Jong-Kook succeeds easily with his body strength (the bar is at the lowest height) while TWICE members look at him with amazement.

Family Jewels

Running Man Episode 428 Recap Running Man Episode 428 Recap

Jae-Sook who wants to impress TWICE members wants to try as well. But when he takes the position he realizes he can’t do it so starts to make excuses. Suk-Jin says if Jae-Seok succeeds he will give him all his money. Jae-Seok fails miserably and gambler Suk-Jin gets to keep his money. Next round is “Wrap is Yes or Yes”, they have to eat large wraps. The size of wraps will keep increasing as a member of a team succeeds. In the final Kwang-Soo beats Jong-Kook after eating a really large wrap. The third round is “Pig Ssireum”, the last member to survive wins with his whole team. While the game starts Jongyeon successfully steals leaves from Sweet Potato team much to Haha’s pleasure. While last to survive in the game are Ji-Hyo, Jong-Kook, and Kwang-Soo. Kwang-Soo attacks Ji-Hyo’s neck with his legs in retaliation she attacks his private parts and he surrenders because of the pain.

Running Man Episode 428 Recap Running Man Episode 428 Recap

The teams that bought the hints finds that Ramyun is the most sought-after food. Meanwhile, Sweet Potato team realizes that their leaves have been stolen. Kwang-Soo warns other teams that they should be ready for his revenge. Next game if flying wig shot put. To decide who will get which wigs they play Jae-Seok’s favorite game “Wits Game”. Sweet Potato teams with the game and they distribute the wigs to their like. Before the game, Kwang-Soo practices with a big runup, TWICE members find him really funny. Haha looks like his mother with his wig on. Kwang-Soo was useless with his big run up but still, his team wins in the end because of other members. The hints from this time as well point towards Ramyun to be most likely the winner.

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Sweet Potato and Rice Doesn’t Go Well

Now it’s time for the final round, rip the name tags. The teams can rip the tags of other teams and they will get that teams food if they rip the tag of the member carrying menu sticker. But if they rip the name tag of a member carrying a bomb sticker the whole team of the ripper will be out. There are also other hints hidden in the building where the race is taking place. Other teams are still confused but Sweet Potato team are sure that their food is not number one so they will be ripping the tags of other teams. Sooyook team also realizes that their food and sweet potato are not the winners. Both teams move comfortably around each other because of this. SP team meets Ramyun team and thinks Se-Chan has menu sticker because of his crooked name tag. Later, SP team joins hands with Rice team and mix partners and starts to look for hints.

Running Man Episode 428 Recap Running Man Episode 428 Recap

So-Min suddenly suspects Kwang-Soo of betrayal and rips his name tag but he has bomb sticker so her whole team is out. Meanwhile, Jeongyeon and Haha who are with other three members of the SP team are informed that their whole team is out. Because of the elimination SP team now also have Rice as their food as well. Elsewhere, MomO finds the conclusive hint that Ramyun is the winning food of today. Sooyook team, on the other hand, thinks that rice is the winner and chase after the SP team and eliminate Dahyun and take Rice food tag. Ramyun team find the hint for the final destination where they have to reveal the winning food name to win.

Lift Please

Running Man Episode 428 Recap Running Man Episode 428 Recap

Jae-Seok is worried they will be eliminated by Jong-Kook if they go on foot to the destination so they take a short lift in a Van of a passerby. When they reach the destination they are attacked by the SP team and Se-Chan gets his tag ripped. Se-Chan is carrying bomb sticker so the whole SP team is eliminated. Sooyook team also arrive at the destination and Ji-Hyo tries to eliminate Nayeon but Nayeon shouts the answer before her name tag is ripped. Hence the Ramyun team is today’s winner. Now its time for a penalty, PD tells them that only 1 team will be penalized. They will be playing pop-up cabbage pirate game. The pirate pops out during Jongyeon’s turn. So her whole team gets penalized and they have to season 100 cabbages.


Another very good episode from Running Man team. Not all the members of TWICE were active throughout the episode but it was still funny. I can understand that not everyone from 17 members will get the limelight through the whole episode and I’m alright with it. I just wanted to see more from my favorite TWICE member MINA. Who is your favorite member? The middle was a bit dull which was a letdown. Other than that not that many complaints about the episode.  The preview of the next episode also looks really exciting so I can’t wait for it.


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