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Running Man Episode 437 Recap I Am The King

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Running Man Episode 437 Recap

First, I would like to apologize for not able to recap the past four episodes of Running Man. I was busy (and too lazy) but now I would try my best to recap each and every episode of Running Man. I am also looking forward to recapping the second season of Village Survival.

Running Man Episode 437 Recap

The Old, The Sick, and The Spartan

Running Man Episode 437 RecapRunning Man Episode 437 Recap

Running Man Episode 437 RecapRunning Man Episode 437 Recap

The episode starts with the cast (wearing traditional clothing) greeting the viewers for the Lunar New Year. Haha is feeling under the weather and is suffering from cold. Jong-Kook (too health conscious) get teased by the members for avoiding Haha and then he is forced into a love-line with Ji-Hyo. Kwang-Soo gets flies high with excitement but then gets scared of beating from Jong-Kook and comes down to the earth. Then we are introduced to today’s guests, the cast of the upcoming drama Haechi. The guests Go A-Ra, Jung Il-Woo, Kwon-Yool and Park-Hoon are welcomed by the cast. A-Ra wants to be in a passionate romance drama with her senior, the dashing Zo In-Sung. Il-Woo her co-star feels a bit dejected by her sudden confession, when Il-Woo is asked to describe A-Ra in 3 words he remains speechless.


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You Don’t Remember Me?

Running Man Episode 437 RecapRunning Man Episode 437 Recap

Is it his petty revenge on A-Ra? When A-Ra is asked the same question she calls him cool. When asked about Zo In-Sung she “confesses” her love for him. Il-Woo is then teased by Kwan-Soo for wearing dressing shoes with Hanbok, for stopping the further damage Jae-Seok moves on to Kwon-Yool. Who turns out to not to be of a great singer as he was rumored. Park-Hoon who is from the same hometown as Suk-Jin reveals that he met Suk-Jin at his radio programme. Suk-Jin doesn’t remember at all and gets teased for his old age and lack of sincerity. Park-Hoon then tells that he also met Jae-Seok (he doesn’t remember as well) before at Jung Jun-Ha’s musical. He also reveals that Jae-Srok rather than meeting Jun-Ha was more busy with thanking the staff of that musical. Which further establishes Jae-Seok’s nosiness in other people’s business.

Running Man Episode 437 Recap

The King and His Plebs

Running Man Episode 437 Recap

Finally, today’s race is revealed and it is called “Will You Be The King or Nobody?”. Three contenders (whose surname starts with J) for the throne are Suk-Jin, Il-Woo, and So-Min. The real King is chosen from them after a lucky draw. The three contenders have to create their kingdom with civilians, the King with the most number of civilians will win the throne. If the real king wins he and his civilians will win the price if the pretender wins he will win the prize and others will get the penalty. Surprisingly, Jong-Kook is revealed to have the face of the traitor, Suk-Jin banishes him from his team. Three teams play the first round call “fold a finger”. You have to fold a finger (or King’s photo) if your answer is yes to a question asked by the other team. If one team folds three times they lose, the last remaining team will win and get a hint about the real king.

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Public Relationship

Running Man Episode 437 RecapRunning Man Episode 437 Recap

Kwang-Soo is the first one to fold after he is asked if he has a girlfriend (Lee Sun Bin). Suk-Jin’s team is the first one to lose after So-Min team beat them in the Karaoke round. The So-min team then beat (Kwon-Yool single-handedly) Il-Woo’s team in ddakji. They get a hint about the real king, “the real king has more desire than luck”. They also can recruit a civilian from another team, they choose Kwang-Soo. Kwon-Yool the MVP of the game wins a treason card, using this card he can choose any team he wants at the end. Kwang-Soo is treated like a slave rather than as a civilian in his new team. The next mission is called, “Royal Table Coins”, the mission will also decide the lunch menu for the teams.

The Fall of a Kingdom

Running Man Episode 437 RecapRunning Man Episode 437 Recap

To decide the order of play they play the initial consonant game. Suk-Jin’s team wins even after having the least amount of participants. The order of play is So-Il-Woo and then Suk-Jin’s team. So-Min shows great skills and her team wins again, they get a treason card, a hint and right to recruit another civilian from the other team. The next hint about the real king is, “he lacks in honor but has a developed nose and he hesitates between wealth and fame”. So-Min team’s civilians are in confusion about the real king after getting the hint. Jae-Seok receives the treason letter and they recruit Park-Hoon from Suk-Jin’s team. The Suk-Jin’s team is now only left with an old man and a sick civilian (Haha).

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The Leak

Running Man Episode 437 RecapRunning Man Episode 437 Recap

The last mission is called “The King’s tears”. If the king gets the answer he/she can recruit the member from another team. The recruitment only finalizes if the water comes out of the cap after removing the stick (hard to explain just with words). If a civilian answer correctly he can switch teams if the water comes out of the king’s cap or the member of another team. So-Min answers correctly to the first question and is able to recruit Haha (with help of unlucky Kwang-Soo) from the Suk-Jin’s team. Jae-Seok answers the next question correctly and he is informed by the staff that out of Seok-Jin and Il-Woo one of them is a real King. With the help of earlier hints, he concludes that Seok-Jin is the real king, he then tries to get recruited to the Suk-Jin’s team but fails.

King of Kings

Running Man Episode 437 RecapRunning Man Episode 437 Recap

Kwang-Soo is then able to answer correctly and told the same thing as Jae-Seok, Kwang-Soo is able to successfully become part of Suk-Jin’s kingdom. So-Min then answers correctly and then with some help from unlucky hands of Jae-Seok she is able to bring Kwang-Soo back to her team. Haha then answers correctly and become a teammate with Suk-Jin again. This goes on until the last question after the last question A-Ra and Jong-Kook are the final civilians of the Suk-Jin’s team. Jae-Seok and Kwon-Yool use their treason card and become the other two members of Suk-Jin’s kingdom. Suk-Jin wins after having the most number of civilians in his team. All the other cast members are punished with a water bomb and it is revealed that Suk-Jin is the real king.


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