Running Man Episode 438 Recap

Battle of the “Forced” Lovers

Running Man Episode 438 RecapRunning Man Episode 438 Recap

Song Ji-Hyo and Kim Jong-Kook both won the Level up Race. The PD tells them that they can either take the money together or play again. If they decide to play again then the winner will win the prize money alone. Without giving it thought both decide to spend the prize money alone. Jong-Kook is worried that if he had decided to spend the winning with Ji-Hyo together he will be a tease by the cast again about their love-line. His thinking turns out to be correct when the PD explains the situation to the rest of the cast. The PD reveals that anyone out of Ji-Hyo and Jong-Kook wins today’s race will get fully paid trip to LA. The winner also can take one more person of his/her choice.

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The Trip

Running Man Episode 438 RecapRunning Man Episode 438 Recap

The members suspect that it is a fraud as both of them will choose each other and go on a trip together. Overexcited Kwang-Soo gets shut down quite quickly by Jae-Seok. The rest of the members are informed that they can choose their team after the two captains provide their trip itineraries. Jong-Kook trip is completely scheduled with restaurant trips and a visit to a live Dodgers baseball match. Whereas Ji-Hyo’s trip is more relaxing, everyone is free to do their own things. Her trump card is that she will reveal the full story (with details) about her ex-boyfriend which she skipped a couple of episodes ago. Se-Chan, Kwang-Soo, and So-Min (promised dates) while Jae-Seok, Haha, and Suk-Jin wants to know the details of the story.

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La La Land

Running Man Episode 438 RecapRunning Man Episode 438 Recap


Today’s race consists of three rounds and is called La La Land Race. Depending on the results of every round they will be provided with slots on the roulette wheel. Whoever is chosen at the end by the roulette will be declared the winner. The first round is a quiz round called “Fate of Go or Stop”. Whoever answers correctly will get chose from sets of cups that either have point or “Kkwang”, you can stop any time after choosing a set. The team’s score will go zero if they get Kkwang otherwise their score will be whatever points they get. If anyone of them answers wrong that someone will get a hit by a toy hammer from the members of the other team. For the first two questions, both teams end up getting Kkwang or zero.

Poor Old Man

Running Man Episode 438 RecapRunning Man Episode 438 Recap

Meanwhile, Suk-Jin is punished by Jong-Kook because of his own mistake and for Haha’s mistake as well. For the third question, Ji-Hyo’s team is able to score 10 points while Kwang-Soo gets scolded by Jong-Kook. Suk-Jin is keep getting punished by Jong-Kook for other people’s mistake. He is really angry at Jong-Kook but is unable to do anything. Jong-Kook’s team answers correctly but thanks to unlucky Kwang-Soo their score remains zero. Jong-Kook team makes a late comeback but still lose thanks to Ji-Hyo (final score 16-15). After the round one team Ace receives 5 slots while team champion gets 1 slot. For the second round both teams start with 5 slots, they can bet those slots to win more.

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The Right Measurement

Running Man Episode 438 RecapRunning Man Episode 438 Recap

The team captains will be told a keyword then they can choose their player based on that keyword and bet the number of slots. The first competitors are the dirty players Jae-Seok and Kwang-Soo. Both stay true to their nature, Jae-Seok, in the end, comes out a winner after the long final leap. Next up are the ladies from both team, Ji-Hyo easily beats So-Min. After two losses the Champion steps up and beats the old and fragile Suk-Jin (who gets humiliated again). For round three, the players have to cut the given ingredient exactly in half in the given time. Whoever cuts more accurately wins and will receive a point, if they cut exactly in half they will receive two points. First up are Suk-Jin and Se-Chan, Se-Chan wins with the difference of only 2 grams.

Ace of Base

Running Man Episode 438 RecapRunning Man Episode 438 Recap

Next up So-Min beats Haha, again with the difference of just 2 grams. Team Ji-Hyo has their first victory in round 2 when Jae-Seok beats Kwang-Soo (today’s worst player) again. Final competitors of today’s race are the team captains Ji-Hyo and Jong-Kook. Jong-Kook surprises everyone including himself when he cuts a boiled egg exactly in half (his cuts weighing 20g each). Thanks to him team champion has their first-round win, they receive 5 slots while team ace receives 1 slot. After both of them decide their slots they spin the roulette, the final winner is *drum roll* Song Ji-Hyo. More will be revealed next week.



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