Running Man Episode 439 Recap

Do You Even Have Fans?

Running Man Episode 439 RecapRunning Man Episode 439 Recap

It’s Suk-Jin’s birthday so his fans send a coffee truck to the shooting location. The cast and the staff are suspicious that Suk-Jin paid himself for the coffee truck. They also get surprised with Haha’s outfit, he looks like a serial killer dressed in all black. The Pd informs that today’s teams are chosen based on the order they arrive. First four Jae-Seok, So-Min, Kwang-Soo, and Suk-Jin are one team and the other four are the second team. The first team complains that they are too weak (and unlucky) but it falls on deaf ears. In today’s race, they need to cut the opponent’s wire to the bomb to win. The bomb contains five wires of different colors out of which cutting one wire will lead to the explosion. To cut the wires teams need to complete special missions. Out of the given list of dishes, they need to find the cheaper dish than the opponent to cut the wire of the bomb.

Do We Even Need To Play The Game?

Running Man Episode 439 RecapRunning Man Episode 439 Recap

When the bomb explodes the race finishes, there are also 4 chance cards to help the teams win (also 1 penalty exemption card). To decide the order they play the lonely raw egg game (Kwang-soo’s kryptonite). He gets lucky at his first try and picks a boiled egg but his luck soon runs out and on his second try he gets the raw egg. Unlucky Kwang-Soo gets scolded by another unlucky guy Jae-Seok. Jong-Kook team are the first one to depart their chosen is Pyeongyang naengmyeon. The whole team is allowed to eat only one serving so they order the dish with extra noodles (costs $1 more than normal). Meanwhile, birthday boy Suk-Jin gets bullied by his teammates. Their chosen dish is the smelly fermented skate. Elsewhere, Haha and Se-Chan force a love line between Ji-Hyo and Jong-Kook again and again (really annoying).

Wow The Smell

Running Man Episode 439 RecapRunning Man Episode 439 Recap

Jong-Kook team can choose the wire to cut from the other team’s bomb. They choose white wire and it is a safe wire and there is no explosion. Meanwhile, Jae-Seok team finds their dish to be a penalty in itself. They decide that whoever is able to eat the skate without making the face will get the exemption card. The usual suspects Suk-Jin and Kwang-Soo fail while Jae-Seok is allowed to keep the exemption card for now. They further decide to cut the black wire from the other team’s bomb, the bomb doesn’t explode. Both teams move to their second dishes, Jae-Seok team play “you laugh, you lose” game to decide who will get to eat the dish. Jae-Seok and Suk-Jin laugh when Kwang-Soo eats a bean sprout that Suk-Jin put in his nose earlier to make others laugh. So-Min (with Jae-Seok’s help) beats Kwang-Soo after showing him his own photograph.

Food Over Penalty

Running Man Episode 439 RecapRunning Man Episode 439 Recap

Kwang-Soo gets a spoonful of the dish after he gives up on the exemption card (the one holding the card, in the end, will be exempted). Jae-Seok’s team survives another wire cut although Jae-Seok’s face is redrawn as a penalty. Jae-Seok’s team needs to complete a side mission to win the chance card to attack Jong-kook’s team. Two of them succeed hence the price range for the next dish of Jong-Kook’s team is lowered. Meanwhile, Jong-Kook’s team who are still busy forcing a love-line are under pressure to choose a cheap dish. They can increase the price range using a chance card if they succeed in the mission to earn a chance card. They need to call a friend, visit him/her and complete the mission together to earn the chance card.

The Other Woman

Running Man Episode 439 RecapRunning Man Episode 439 Recap

The friend is Jong-Kook’s other woman Ji-Young, on their way they have to cut another wire and the bomb doesn’t explode. Jin-Young successfully completes the mission and Jong-Kook’s team get to enjoy the dish with the increased price range. The Jong-Kook team gets to attack Jae-Seok’s team but their chosen wire doesn’t explode the bomb. Now, it’s Jae-Seok’s team turn and their choice of wire explodes Jong-Kook’s bomb and the race is finished. Jae-Seok’s team wins and they get to water slap the member’s of the losing team. Serial Killer Haha has the penalty exemption card and he survives. The other three members are not so lucky and they get water slapped by the winning team.

I really wish they stop putting Ji-Hyo and Jong-Kook together it is getting really annoying now.




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