Running Man Episode 440 Recap

War of Money

Running Man Episode 440Running Man Episode 440

All the members start from different places, they will be competing to earn money. They need to carry out the missions with the citizens to get the basic funds. They are also free to form teams own their own, the team of four will earn the most money followed by the team of two and last the left two will play single. The member with the most money at the end of the race will be declared the winner. After they are told the rules members start to form the teams, everyone wants to be the part of the four-member team. Jae-Seok calls Se-Chan both want Ji-Hyo and Kwang-Soo be the part of their team as the other two members. Jae-Seok receives a call from Kwang-Soo and he tells him to come to his location acting like a boss which annoys Kwang-Soo. Everything becomes a mess when everyone starts betraying each other from the start. Kwang-Soo, Haha and So-Min for a team of three but before they could find the fourth member Jong-Kook completes his team of four. Hence Kwang-Soo and other team are not valid anymore. (Jong-Kook team consists of him, Se-Chan, Ji-Hyo, and Suk-Jin).

The Civilians Help 

Running Man Episode 440Running Man Episode 440

Haha and Kwang-Soo betrays So-Min and form the team of two so now So-Min and Jae-Seok are left to fight on their own. 4 member team’s mission is to complete jump rope with 6 citizens while Jae-Seok and So-Min play bowling after forming a team with a civilian respectively.  Elsewhere, 2 member team has to carry out their mission (play 369) with the civilians, Kwang-Soo gets angry at one person for talking when he is explaining the rules. They successfully complete their mission but the citizens have to face the “wrath” of Kwang-Soo in the process. They are given a password chart which is the address of their next destination. PD further informs them that the 1st 3 to arrive will increase their winning money, unsurprisingly both start to betray each other. Haha takes away the hint chart and runs away, Kwang-Soo goes to the 4 member team who have also succeeded in their mission. Meanwhile, So-Min beats Jae-Seok and wins the basic fund while Jae-Seok is the one with the least amount of money.

Stealing From The Kook(ie) Monster

Running Man Episode 440Running Man Episode 440

The first three to arrive at the destination are Haha, Suk-Jin and Ji-Hyo they will get a chance card. There are two different betting zones with different rules, chances to win and the winning amount. PD informs them that a member could only leave after making a total of $1000. If someone wins more than $1000 he/she can give that extra money to someone else. Suk-Jin loses from the start, Jong-Kook gets a winning streak which annoys the other members. He ends up winning the required money quite quickly, he gives the extra$50 from his winnings to Jae-Seok. Haha uses his chance card and half of Jong-Kook’s money is transferred to him. Next up Kwang-Soo wins thanks to unlucky Jae-Seok, Kwang-Soo then betrays Jae-Seok. He “donates” the extra money to society rather than giving it to Jae-Seok. Kwang-Soo gets his phone taken, blindfolded and locked in one of the 8 cells.

Unluckiest Man On Earth

Running Man Episode 440Running Man Episode 440

He needs to get out of the cell after solving the questioned within 100 minutes, he will lose $10 with every minute passing. He will also be splashed with water if answers wrong to the questions. Meanwhile, Jae-Seok is surprising the other members with his unluckiness. So-Min and Jae-Seok are next to arrive in their cell, they also solve one question while Kwang-Soo hasn’t answered any question yet. Elsewhere, Ji-Hyo wins extra $300, Jong-Kook yells out “HONEY” in order to receive the extra money. Se-Chan is the next one to complete the mission, he gives his extra money to Jong-Kook (his total $1000) as well and both are taken to the cells. The thief Haha is the only one left at the betting zones even after being the first to arrive. Jong-Kook solves the first question as soon as he arrives while Kwang-Soo is getting drenched in water.

The Final Winner

Running Man Episode 440Running Man Episode 440

Haha is still stuck in the betting zones while Jae-Seok becomes the first one to be free from the cells. He then receives his final mission, the first four to be free are the runaways. They need to protect their name tag from the other four. Jae-Seok wants to make Jong-Kook his fellow runaway and tries to give him hint but Kwang-Soo and Suk-Jin catch on the hint and gets free. Last to be free is So-Min and she completes the team of Miserable Four. The other three gets furious at So-Min for coming and run for their life when others including Jong-Kook is released from his cell. The last four are informed that their money has disappeared, they need to rip the name tags of 4 runaways. Every time one of them rips a name tag they will get the money of that runaway. Haha catches So-Min while Jong-Kook catches Suk-Jin, Kwang-Soo is leaving his “last” message before caught by Ji-Hyo. Jong-Kook catches Jae-Seok and becomes the final winner. They then commemorate the 100th anniversary of the March 1 Movement.

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