Running Man Episode 446 Recap Day of Somin

Running Man Episode 446 Recap

Running Man Episode 446 Recap


Running Man Episode 446 RecapRunning Man Episode 446 Recap

Continuing from last week the three teams will be participating in a tug of war to get the hint about the secret couple. The spartan legion led by Jong-Kook looks the most threatening among the three teams. Hence the other two teams are already lost their confidence even before the start of the game. The game starts with Kwang-Soo nearly winning the game because of his long arms. His failure leads to his teams defeat as Jong-Kook team wins the tug of war easily in the end. Other teams are annoyed as they are never able to defeat Jong-Kook in games when it comes to strength. After the game PD reveals that the secret couple failed at their mission during the game. Ji-Hyo and Kwang-Soo are suspected to be the secret couple. As a winner Jong-Kook team receives a hint which he shares with everyone. Because of the hint (height more than 175cm), Haha and Se-Chan are excluded as a member of the secret couple.


Hidden Members

Running Man Episode 446 RecapRunning Man Episode 446 Recap

They then move to the next round which is their last chance to catch the secret couple, called, “Shining Single’s Trial”. The hints about the secret couple and the relationship virgin are hidden in the building. Every 30 min two trials will take place in which members will be voting for the secret couple. If the members correctly vote for the secret couple pair they will win. But if relationship virgin is out or they are unable to find the secret couple then the secret couple will win the race. The first round of finding the hints begin, So-Min finds a hint but Kwang-Soo steals it from her. But then he is cornered by other members and has to reveal the hint (female partner in her 30s) and is suspected as a male member of the secret couple. Then it is revealed that the male member of the secret couple is Jae-Young. Before the first trial begins Jae-Young suspects Jong-Kook is the relationship virgin and oust him.


Death By Democracy

Running Man Episode 446 RecapRunning Man Episode 446 Recap

But Jong-Kook is not the relationship virgin, the identity of the relationship virgin is none other than Jae-Seok. Because of Jae-Young’s failure, another hint is given to the members which ensure that the male member is either Jae-Young or Kwang-Soo. During the first trial, members are not sure about who to vote for. Kwang-Soo also doesn’t help his case with his overdramatic antics. In the end, he receives most votes and is eliminated, this also confirms that Jae-Young is the male member of the secret couple. In the second round before the last trial, Jae-Seok eliminates Jae-Young with his secret mission. Then he finds another hint according to which either So-Min or Ji-Hyo is the female member of the secret couple. During the second trial, members suspect both Ji-Hyo and So-Min but are not sure about either one of them. The voting takes place and in a close match, Ji-Hyo receives more vote than So-Min and is eliminated.

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Birthday Girl

Running Man Episode 446 RecapRunning Man Episode 446 Recap

Finally, her identity is revealed, she is not the female member of the secret couple but So-Min is the one. Because the members were unable to find both members of the secret couple they lose the race and the secret couple wins it. A few days later, So-Min dressed beautifully is told that she will be shooting a special episode for her birthday. She will be joined by a male partner with whom she shot a drama. She will have a date with her male partner, while the other members will try to terminate her date before it finishes. If she completes her date then the member of her choosing will pay for all the expenses of her date. But if the members catch her before her date finishes then she will have to pay all the expenses herself. Elsewhere, the other members are told about today’s race as well. Kwang-Soo who got haircut gets teased by the members for looking more ugly. The members are then told to enter a building which turns out to be an escape room.

Lover’s of So-Min

Running Man Episode 446 RecapRunning Man Episode 446 Recap

Meanwhile, So-Min’s partner arrives at the date and he is Kim Ji-Suk from Top Star Yoo-Baek. So-Min is both excited and awkward around him as he showers her with compliments. During the date, she has to complete some secret missions so they can move to the next location. She is able to complete them quite easily because of the sweet guy Ji-Suk. Elsewhere, the other members having a hard time finding clues to escape the escape room. They smell food and find out that So-Min is having a date on the 2nd floor of the building they are in. Ji-Hyo then uses her strength instead of her brain to find a clue. The clue turns out to be “watch out” which makes them suspect that one of them is a spy and is helping So-Min. Unsurprisingly, Kwang-Soo is the one who gets suspected of being a spy. As time passes they find more clues to help them. What will be the result of the race, find out next week.


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