Running Man Episode 447 Recap, Lover’s Parade

Running Man Episode 447 Recap

Continuing from last week where So-Min started her date while other members will try to make her remain single.

Running Man Episode 447 Recap

Open Sesame

Running Man Episode 447 RecapRunning Man Episode 447 Recap

The members realize that the clues point to the poem So-Min wrote on her SNS. But they have no idea what does they suppose to mean. Meanwhile, So-Min and her date nearly finish with their meal. So-Min tries to complete her last missions slyly but the sweet guy Ji-Suk doesn’t get the hint. She silently pressures him with her stares which leads to the completion of the fourth secret mission. She then brought up Sang-Yeob “Oppa” again which brings jealousy (her final mission) filled remarks from Ji-Suk. But again the sweet guy is little slow to figure things out. Elsewhere, the members are having a tough time figuring out the password of the safe. Thanks to Haha they finally open the safe which contains more hints to open the lock of their room. Looks like they have found the password to the entrance door. Meanwhile, So-Min finishes all her missions, Ji-Suk gets surprised and disappointed that their date was an act by So-Min to complete her missions.

Love Triangle

Running Man Episode 447 RecapRunning Man Episode 447 Recap

The members finally unlock the door to their escape room and go upstairs but So-Min and Ji-Suk have already rushed to the next location. So-Min picks Se-Chan who then pays for So-Min and JiSuk’s meal. So-Min and Ji-Suk reach their next destination and finds Yi-Kyung, So-Min’s another man. Ji-Suk feels jealous while So-Min enjoys the attention of two men. For her next mission, So-Min needs to complete tango moves (after practice) she will have to choose one partner from her two dates while the other one will be eliminated. Ji-Suk and Yi-Young both show their dancing skills while the chasing members also meet their dance teachers. Their mission is to complete BTS’s song IDOL’s choreography. Both teams are working on their choreography but are not achieving good results. Kwang-Soo is scaring his teachers with his Zombie-ish movements which according to him is dancing.

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The Heartbreaker 

Running Man Episode 447 RecapRunning Man Episode 447 Recap

Meanwhile, Yi-Young is a bit shy when it comes to skinship during dancing. Before So-Min chooses her partner she has a trial dance with both of her dates. Yi-Young was quite good while Ji-Suk had better chemistry with her. She then chooses Ji-Suk while broken-hearted Yi-Young had to leave. Elsewhere, the chasing members first try at their dance is cut short by Suk0Jin’s mistake. On their second try, the above-mentioned member again ruins the choreography and has to face the anger of the other members. After some custom training from Jae-Suk, Suk-Jin learns his moves and the chasing members successfully complete their mission. They are given the address of So-Min’s location, on their way Jong-Kook receive a call from Yi-Young. He reveals that he was “thrown away” by So-Min hence he will join the chasing team in order to eliminate So-Min’s name tag.

Next Challenger

Running Man Episode 447 RecapRunning Man Episode 447 Recap

Meanwhile, So-Min and Ji-Suk finish their mission as well and move to the next location. This time So-Min choose Kwang-Soo who will have to pay for her dance classes. So-Min and Ji-Suk arrive at a racing kart place, So-Min even applies make-up in anticipation of another man. The man waiting for her is 1% of anything co-star Ha Seok-Jin who is also in the variety show Problematic Man with Ji-Suk. She seems to be a little awkward around him for some reason. Suddenly Ji-Suk starts talking about kissing So-Min (in drama) which makes her blush. This time as well So-Min will have to choose her partner (for kart race) while the ditched one will be eliminated. To help her decide between both men they will play pit-a-pat Jenga. Elsewhere, the chasing members joined by Yi-Young arrive at a skating ring to complete their mission to get So-Min’s location.

Best Birthday Ever

Running Man Episode 447 RecapRunning Man Episode 447 Recap

So-Min finally makes her choice and chooses Seok-Jin over Ji-Suk and on top of that Ji-Suk also loses in the Kart race which leaves him devastated. Elsewhere, the chasing team completes their mission after trying for a really really long time. For completing their mission they receive the GPS tracker which reveals the location of So-Min. They start chasing after her, Yi-Kyung is extra determined to rip So-Min’s name tag. They then receive a call from sweet guy Ji-Suk who has turned into a guy burning for revenge. Meanwhile, So-Min and Seok-Jin arrive at the final location where they have to take selfies at 3 stated location to complete their mission. They take the first selfie before the chasing team arrives. Two men of vengeance Yi-Young and Ji-Suk, join each other and chasing team to get revenge on So-Min. Ji-Hyo finally locates the couple who only needs to take one more selfie to complete their mission. The hyenas finally catch their prey as Ji-Suk rips So-Min’s name tag. As a loser So-Min receives a pie blast to her face as a penalty.


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