Running Man Episode 448 Recap

Fashion Conundrum

Running Man Episode 448 RecapRunning Man Episode 448 Recap

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Things start with regular fashion diss act, the victim is Haha. He is getting laughed at because of his underwear on top Superman fashion. Not able to take anymore he takes off his bottom on live camera. Causing laughter and panic among the cast members. In today’s race, they need to make a video that goes viral and is ranked top at a search engine before midnight (the day show airs). The team that is searched the most will win the race. To help the members a few guests will join them. The search word each team needs to go viral must include Running man and the name of the guest. The first guests are the face and voice of Idol group EXID, Solji and Hani. This is the first time Solji is appearing on Running man. Jong-Kook (and others) finds her similar (look wise) to actor Im Won-Hee, her perfect impersonation of him makes things worse (and funny). EXID members then show their harmonizing skills but get outclassed by the RM members. Then Hani shows his famous CFs dance moves, Ji-Hyo and So-Min also join her.


The Returners And First Timers

Running Man Episode 448 RecapRunning Man Episode 448 Recap

Its time for the next guests and they are Min-Gyu and Seung-Kwan of SEVENTEEN. AS soon as they come So-Min is mesmerized by Min-Gyu’s perfume, we may have to tolerate more of flirty So-Min. They talk about their previous appearance at RM duringĀ  100 VS 100 special episode (Episode 271-272). Min-Gyu then talks about how he has many time told Jong-Kook that he is from Anyang as well but he never remembers. The sudden revelation caught Jong-Kook off guard and his face turns red out of embarrassment. Variety veteran Seung-Kwan show his entertainment and then both boys finish their introduction with their dance moves. The next guest isĀ Sky Castle star Kim Hye-Yoon. Unlike her role in the drama where she played a high school girl she actually has already graduated from college. She looks really really excited to be at Running Man for the first time. She then reveals that she hasn’t gotten much work after her appearance in SKY Castle.


I’m A Bad Boy

Running Man Episode 448 RecapRunning Man Episode 448 Recap

For some reason, at this time Yoo Jae-Seok turns from good guy to a meanie. He starts taking digs at Hye-Yoon. The members are in shock to see the change in his attitude, Jong-Kook the only guy who is liking his new personality. He doesn’t change with the new guest Han Bo-Reum as well. Bo-Reum shows her rapping skills and gets embarrassed by the outcome. It is time for the guests to choose their partners, Seventeen chooses Ji-Hyo and So-Min. Next up, Hye-Yoon gets three duds, she chooses Kwang-Soo and Jae-Seok while discarding Suk-Jin. Bo-Reum chooses Jong-Kook and Se-Chan while Suk-Jin gets discarded again. He becomes teammates with EXID and Haha. For the first round losing team’s punishment will be a water bomb. They need to re-enact a drama scene and then answer the correct song and singer for the questions. The winning team’s name will be shown on the monitor from the moment they win. As the round goes on the team members show their acting skills.


Creation Of Viral Videos

Running Man Episode 448 RecapRunning Man Episode 448 Recap

Only Se-Chan gets dissed while re-enacting a scene involving former RM member Song Joong-Ki. Still, his team wins the first place followed, by Seventeen team. Meanwhile, Hye-Yoon continues to get embarrassed because of her high confidence but lacking in skills to back that confidence up. In the final confrontation, EXID team loses when they don’t listen to Suk-Jin who knew the right answer. Hence they get punished by huge water blast drenching them up to the toes. Now it is time for teams to make a 1-minute promotional video that needs to be put on SNS. The team that gets the most likes will be today’s winner. During the making of the video, Hye-Yoon continues to get humiliated because of her lack of dancing skills. Her teammates are having a hard time but decide on HeungBo by Yukgaksu. EXID team decides to make their cameraman the main focal point of their video. Meanwhile, Seventeen boys have troubled time with two ahjummas.


The Winners And Losers

Running Man Episode 448 RecapRunning Man Episode 448 Recap

Elsewhere, Joong-Kook uses his celebrity connections including GOT7’s Jackson and Son Heung-Min among others for his PR video. Now is the time for the final round which is tale catching race. In order, the teams get eliminated their videos will be deleted in that order and at the exact time of their elimination. The order they have to catch the teams are EXID to catch SEVENTEEN they catch KJK they catch Hye-Yoon team they catch EXID. Everyone is scared of KJK team for obvious reasons. Hye-Yoon teams males chase EXID team leaving Hye-Yoon behind who gets caught and eliminated by Jong-Kook. KJK team is chase by Seventeen team but they can’t break through Jong-Kook’s defenses. Seventeen team then gets circled and eliminated by EXID team. Who then loses to KJK team and KJK team is declared the winner. It is time to count the like and in a surprising result, Hye-Yoon team who got eliminated first are declared winners with most likes. With that win, they receive an extra word for search engine while the results of the total searches will be revealed next week.


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