Running Man Episode 449 Recap

I’m An Actor 

Running Man Episode 449 RecapRunning Man Episode 449 Recap

The show starts on a good note with Jong-Kook getting congratulated for his first solo concert in 9 years. He thanks all the members for their support especially Jae-Seok who stole the limelight. Jae-Seok got extra hyped during the concert leading him to show his dance moves which helped him made the news. Jong-Kook and So-Min’s chemistry is also shown through their SNS banter. It is time for the guests and today’s guests are Esom and Kim Kyung-Nam. Both of them are appearing in a new movie that stars Shin Ha-Kyun and our Running Man’s own Kwang-Soo. Kwang-Soo who tends to act differently in other projects gets blamed for having celebrity entitled syndrome. Meanwhile, Kyung-Nam is super nervous and goes in the “mong” state every time he is asked a question. PD then gives them invitation cards, they move to the location of their invitation. The invitation is given by the secret Host S (not so secret we all saw him in preview last week). Today’s race is called inseparable money race with a total prize of amount $100,000. The location has 10  big containers, members need to leave their personal belongings and only use the intercom (inside containers) to communicate with each other.



Not A Thrift Shop

Running Man Episode 449 RecapRunning Man Episode 449 Recap

If they want to use anything they will need to buy it and the money will be subtracted from the prize money. The number of individual expenses will not be revealed to the other members. Kwang-Soo looks the happiest to hear the news. The race starts with each member going in their own containers that they chose. Few members start asking the price of things, the cost of items are highly inflated. Jae-Seok is the first one to order, he orders a meal which will cost $4,000. An hour passes and the doors will be open for 30 minutes for members to “enjoy” some together time. Members are surprised when they find out that $11,500 has been already spent, Jae-Seok is caught by Jong-Kook’s dog nose. Kwang-Soo is the next but under suspicion, he gets beaten but the actual criminal was Jong-Kook. Their next hour starts in the cage with wrongly accused Kwang-Soo spending the money big time. Along with him other members also start to spend money while poor Kyung-Nam holds his bladder to save money. On their next out the remaining money is only $46,600, less half from the starting point. Poor Kwang-Soo tries to hide his spending but gets found out. On top of it, the members barge in his room and get surprised to see the number of items.


I’m Bond, Yooims Bond

Running Man Episode 449 RecapRunning Man Episode 449 Recap

The next round begins with members continuing their spending spree. Meanwhile, Jae-Seok reads the note he secretly received from Esom during the break. The note says that he is Yooims Bond and that Esom is the Bond girl. Furthermore, it states that there is a spy who is after Jae-Seok and whom he needs to eliminate. It is then revealed that Esom will be Jae-Seok’s assistant and both needs to carry out secret missions. They also need to eliminate the spy before Jae-Seok gets tagged out himself. Jae-Seok takes on his Yooims Bond identity and buys the water gun. The doors open for the third time and the leftover money is just over $20,000. The members then play a game and the winner gets to decide to see any of the member’s container. Jae-Seok wins the game and decides to see Kyung-Nam’s, members are surprised to find nothing in his container. The next round comes and goes with members not spending too much money. Jae-Seok and Esom have no idea who is the spy while Jae-Seok equips his gun with ammunition. After the final round, the leftover money is $19,300.

Attack Of The Money

Running Man Episode 449 RecapRunning Man Episode 449 Recap

PD then reveals that they will be participating in an individual race called Money Race. They will find vaults which contain the individual prize money of $1,930 while one vault contains total prize money of $19,300. The race starts with members searching for vaults while Jae-Seok and Esom ponder on the identity of the spy. Both of them are then given their first mission, every time a member opens the vault. He/she will catch the poison money disease that members need to be shot by Jae-Seok’s gun which contains vaccine otherwise he/she will be eliminated. jae-Seok’s will work as the kryptonite for the spy who will get eliminated if shot by the gun. Both Jae-Seok and Esom needs to work together to find out the spy and eliminate him/her before Jae-Seok gets eliminate by the spy. Se-Chan is the first one to find the money, Jae-Seok finds him and cures him with his gun. While helped by Esom, Se-Chan has no idea what happened and is taken to the infirmary. Next to find the vault is Kwang-Soo who is also saved by Jae-Seok and then he is also taken to the infirmary.  In the infirmary, Se-Chan sees the watermarks on Kwang-Soo’s name tag and realize the return of Yooims Bond.

Kwang-Soo, Esom, and Ha-Kyun on V Live


Friendship With Failure

Running Man Episode 449 RecapRunning Man Episode 449 Recap

Haha finds the money and gets infected while Jae-Seok is chasing him Ji-Hyo also finds her money. Jae-Seok then saves Ji-Hyo then Suk-Jin and then Haha. After taken to infirmary they think that they have been eliminated. Meanwhile, Kwang-Soo leaves the infirmary and it is revealed that he is the Spy. He is put in this position by Shin Ha-Kyun our Host S to be the successor of Yooims Bond. Kwang-Soo needs to put quails egg in members hood to find out the way to eliminate Jae-Seok. When Kwang-Soo comes out Jong-Kook gets suspicious of him. Jong-Kook have the idea about something is going on with Kwang-Soo but have no concrete evidence. Kwang-Soo is then seen by Esom who knew that he was already sent to the infirmary. She then concludes that he is a spy and informs Jae-Seok who was suspecting Kyung-Nam. Kwang-Soo then runs into both Yooims Bond and the Bond girl and starts running away from them. Jae-Seok chases him but has to go save Kyung-Nam who found the money. Meanwhile, he Kwang-Soo finds out that he needs to break the egg on Jae-Seok’s head to eliminate. In the final battle, Jae-Seok beats Kwang-Soo, the identity of Host S is revealed. Kwang-Soo then gets planked for losing by Shin Ha-Kyun.


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