Running Man Episode 450 Recap

Bad Luck Continues

Running Man Episode 450 RecapRunning Man Episode 450 Recap

Let’s start the Running Man Episode 450 Recap. The show starts with usual banter between members about their or the lack of it. Jae-Seok is the victim who is trying to replicate the fashion of Oh Hyuk lead singer of Hyukoh band. PD then reveals the result of episode 448, two teams were able to go viral with their videos. Team Bo Reum/Jong Kook and Team Hye Yoon/Jae Seok but in the end victory goes to Team Bo Reum who were able to stay for 49 mins at the top if search rankings. Because of the result, both Jong Kook and Se-Chan as winners are exempted from taking the scary ride of the amusement park. Among the three other teams, they will play a ladder game to decide which team will ride the scary pirate ship. There was no surprise with the result as the unlucky team of Jae-Seok and Kwang-Soo are chosen to take the ride. Both barely finish the ride, now is the time for our guest who is, the actor Lee Dong-Hwi (Reply 1988). The cast is somewhat disappointed that Tak Jae-Hoon’s (who is really really funny) look-alike is the only guest. Today’s race is the “case of missing names”, Dong-Hwi is suspected of the crime by Jae-Seok.


Betrayer To The Bone

Running Man Episode 450 RecapRunning Man Episode 450 Recap

Members will be separated into 3 three teams lead by three fathers, the first team to find their names will win the race. Team Jae-Seok has DOng-Hwi and Se-Chan, team Haha has So-Min and Jong-Kook, and team Suk-Jin has Kwang-Soo and Ji-Hyo. Until the members find their real names they are assigned with temporary names. The first round is “Aging Game” and all the members turn into 5 years old. The rules of the game are hard to describe in writing so I will give you just gist of it. Teams have 10 mins to age and at the end of the time team which has accumulated most age will be the winner. Song Ji-Hyo is not loving her teammates but has no way to escape them as well. Team Jae-Seok gets the lead and the other two teams decide to make an alliance. Kwang-Soo shows his true colors and betrays but it ends up costing his own team. The game continues but our guest Dong-Hwi is having a terrible time due to all the running. Team Jae-Seok is in the lead followed by the other two teams who on level accumulated age. But because of cowardly Kwang-Soo, his team goes in the last place while giving team Haha the overall lead with less than 5 minutes are left.


Hard Work Pays Off

Running Man Episode 450 RecapRunning Man Episode 450 Recap

Kwang-Soo then works extra hard at the game and becomes the oldest member while Jong-Kook team still lead in total amount accumulated. In the end, Kwang-Soo’s hard work pays off and thanks to him his team wins in the end. As a prize, he asks for the names Song, Ji, Kwang and Soo to returned to them. All though Kwang-Soo gets part of his name members still tease him with his temporary name. Team Jae-Seok and Suk-Jin have their names overlap hence none of them wants to win because they will be helping the other team as well. The second is “Kidz Quiz”, the team that answers correctly will get to choose a note from the board. The notes contain names of snacks and one of the note has is winning note. The team that chooses that note will instantly win the round. Team Jae-Seok name their team “Flower Boys” and getting harsh criticism from other members. Haha answers the first question and wins ring candy with his pick. Jae-Seok shows his skills in knowledge about anime but doesn’t have the luck to match it with his picks. All three teams continue to answer correctly but are unable to pick the winning note. Kwang-Soo then answers correctly and thanks to Ji-Hyo’s golden hands they win the first place again.


Battle Before War

Running Man Episode 450 RecapRunning Man Episode 450 Recap

As the winning team, they get to choose three syllables of their choice. Because the two victories Ji-Hyo and Kwang-Soo retrieve their name while Suk-Jin only needs Suk/Seok to retrieve his name as well. It is time now for the final round of the episode. The final round of the day is called “Beep Beep Bicycle”. Teams will be playing pop the balloon game on kid’s tricycles. Each of the cycles has three balloons, for popping every balloon members will be able to pick a syllable. But before the game three members, one member from each team will be playing for the tools and the size of balloons. The first battle is between the ace Ji-Hyo versus the weakling Haha and Jae-Seok for the size of the hammer.  Jong-Kook will battle against Se-Chan and Suk-Jin for the size of balloons. While the remaining three members will battle it out for the types of cycles they will be using. Surprising Jae-Seok wins his battle against the other two due to his luck. Elsewhere, there are no surprises as both Kwang-Soo and Suk-Jin end up losing their battle. Now the leading team Suk-Jin is at the most disadvantaged at the start of the Beep Beep Bicycles round. If Suk-Jin’s team is unable to burst even one ballon then Suk-Jin will get punished while his teammates will survive.

I Will Take You Down With Me

Running Man Episode 450 RecapRunning Man Episode 450 Recap

The members of the third battle play their game an extra round for fun and a flick to forehead. There are no surprises this time as well as the unlucky Kwang-Soo is picked for the penalty. Rather than flick, he gets punched on the forehead by So-Min and Dong-Hwi. Suk-Jin is not happy with his teammate’s efforts even though he lost his battle as well. The team Jae-Seok are in the best position to win the final round thanks to their pre-round battle performances. The final war will consist of two halves with two members from each team fighting against each other. Suk-Jin’s team are the easy target thanks to their small tricycle, on top of it he pops his own balloon. Ji-Hyo loses to Jae-Seok and Dong-Hwi but manages to pop one balloon before losing. Jong-Kook then makes the easy meal of both Jae-Seok and Dong-Hwi and wins the first half. Although Ji-Hyo popped one balloon because Suk-Jin popped one of his own their score remains 1-1=0. Meanwhile, Thanks to Jong-Kook his team wins seven syllables and all three of them complete their names as Haha only needed one syllable. The second half is between the remaining two teams. In the end, Suk-Jin pops one of balloon again because of that he will lose one syllable. The chosen syllable in Seok hence both Seok-Jin and Jae-Seok gets penalized. As a penalty, both losers water bomb each other. This is the end of Running Man Episode 450 Recap, I will see you guys next week.


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