Running Man Episode 451 Recap, Sejong The Riddler

Running Man Episode 451 Recap

Running Man Episode 451 Recap

Teacher’s Day Special

Running Man Episode 451 RecapRunning Man Episode 451 Recap

Today’s race is individual race and all the members are starting from different locations on their own. The teacher’s day special episode will also celebrate Sejong The Great. In the final round, members will need to solve Sejong’s riddle. The last survivor member will be the winner and get the cash prize. They will also be able to win chance cards for completing missions from 4 different mission keywords at their respected locations. The members call each other to find out who is choosing which location. Everyone wants to avoid Kim Jong-Kook while Suk-Jin is the member everyone wants to face. Jong-Kook chooses the keyword “War” he further reveals his choice to other members. Even though members wanted to avoid Jong-Kook his two slaves Haha and Se-Chan end up choosing the same mission location. Elsewhere, 4 stooges Jae-Seok, Suk-Jin, Kwang-Soo, and So-Min all end up at the same location. Ji-Hyo gets lucky as she is the only one at her mission location and receives the chance card.


4 Stooges And 2 Slaves

Running Man Episode 451 Recap

4 stooges will compete with each other in the game “Blow The Money” to win the chance card. They will be competing in pairs and the first competitors are So-Min Vs Kwang-Soo. As expected both of them play dirty (and look dirty) while the other two are not so keen to play this game. So-Min wins the round and goes to the final although her face is not that of a winner. The next competitors are the two oldies, who starts to show the lack of their lung capacity. Jae-Seok wins and goes to the final against So-Min. Elsewhere, Jong-Kook and kids will be playing rubber gun to determine the winner. Haha directly goes to the final thanks to his “bad luck”. Jong-Kook terrifies and brings bodily harm to poor Se-Chan. Jong-Kook ends up winning and competes in final against Haha. He defeats Haha as well and wins the chance card. Both the weakling ends up even praising Jong-Kook in fear of his wrath. Elsewhere, So-Min beats Jae-Seok in the final and wins the chance card while the other three are dumbfounded by the outcome.



Worse Than Hammer Of Thor

In the second round, members are given the choices of two dishes at two different restaurants. The restaurant that will have a lesser amount of members present will be declared the winners. Those winning members will win a meal card and one of them will get a chance. While the losers will get flogged as a punishment. 4 stooges decide to play different games and send the losers to the same location. Kwang-Soo beats the other three and sends them to the location he is sure Jong-Kook will choose. Thanks to Kwang-Soo Jong-Kook loses after 3 stooges and Ji-Hyo choose the same dish as him. While the other three members win the meal card and Haha wins the chance card after he beats other two in Rock, Paper, Scissor. The losing members play a game to decide who will get flogged, Jae-Seok and So-Min are the unlucky ones. To make things worse both of them get flogged by Jong-Kook. Poor Jae-Seok who was supposed to get flogged by So-Min gets cheated on and as he gets the wrath of “Spartan Hammer”. All the members then move to the final location where they will be solving the riddle about King Sejong.


Mom, I’m Not Stupid Anymore

The members will be standing on the platforms. Every time someone answers the question he/she gets to decide which platforms members will be eliminated. The decider will be blindfolded and the other members can change their platforms. The last surviving member will be declared today’s winner. Kwang-Soo is the first one to be eliminated and he is soon joined by his arch-rival Jong-Kook. Jong-Kook gets eliminated even before using his chance card. The next ones to be eliminated are the weakling Suk-Jin and “ugly” Se-Chan. They are followed by Ji-Hyo and Jae-Seok while Haha and So-Min are the last remaining one. Everyone is surprised that Haha has survived until now even though he hasn’t answered a single question. Their surprise turns into disbelief as he eliminates So-Min thanks to his chance card. His chance card he was able to choose two platforms instead of one which helped him eliminate So-Min. As the winner, he will receive the cash price. He is given choice of two briefcases one of them contains $1000 while the other contains $10. Haha receives luck (or bad-luck) from comedy gods as he chooses the briefcase containing only $10.

That is it for Running Man Episode 451 Recap I will see you guys next week.


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