Running Man Episode 424 Nightmare of Halloween Recap with A-Pink’s Son Na Eun

Running Man Episode 424 Recap

Running Man is back after last week’s absence. They are also late with their Halloween Special but it’s better to be late than never. They will be joined by three special guests for today’s episode. Let’s start Running Man Episode 424 recap.

Running Man Episode 424 Recap

Broadcast Date: 4th November 2018

The cast members enter dabbing while surrounded by pumpkin lanterns. They all are dressed in their Halloween costumes, some looking better than the others. They are dressed as follows:

Yoo Jae-Seok – Park Joong-Heon (from Goblin)

Ji Suk-Jin – Hong Kong Grandma

Song Ji-Hyo – Corpse Bride

Kim Jong-Kook – Wolverine

Haha – Clown

So-Min – Chucky

Lee Kwang-Soo – Frankenstein

Yang Se-Chan – Mummy

Running Man Episode 424 Recap Running Man Episode 424 Recap

They are joined by three guests for today’s episode. The guests are Se-Chan’s favorite Apink’s Son Na-Eun dressed as Virgin Ghost. Actor Ahn Hyo-Seop (Still 17) dressed as Dracula and actress Seo Young-Hee dressed as a witch. The members rather than welcoming the guests get angry because guests are not wearing any funny make-up. The guests look beautiful whereas the cast looks hideous. They finally calm down and apologizes none the less.

Ahn Hyo-Seop who is 187cm tall is a little shorter than comedian “Kwang-Soo”. Hyo-Seop looks really nervous and starts sweating profusely. Jae-Seok asks Kwang-Soo why he hasn’t paid his comedian club dues. Kwang-Soo replies he doesn’t need to as he is an actor. Jae-Seok again tells him that acting is his side job but his main job is as a comedian and he should pay his dues.

Dangerous Invitation 

Running Man Episode 424 Recap

Today’s race is “Dangerous Invitation”, out of all 11 members there are real ghosts who will turn humans into the ghost. They will go through three rounds and winner of every round will get a hint towards the real ghosts. If humans are able to get rid of ghosts they win and vice-versa. PD tells them that before the start of the first race they need to change into their uniforms. Listening to him running man members gets really angry and gangs up on him. They ask him why they spent so much time on makeup if he was just going to use them for the opening.

Dancing With The Ghosts

Running Man Episode 424 Recap

Their first mission is dancing with the ghosts. They will be separated into two teams and in 100 seconds they will relay dance moves. The last person has to guess the song title and singer’s name. Depending on the numbers of right guesses they will get the number of hints. Na-Eun and Young-Hee play Rock Paper and Scissor to choose their team members. Na-Eun wins the first round, Se-Chan hopes she chooses him. They have been a couple on the show before and Se-Chan has always shown his likeness for Na-Eun. She forcibly chooses him (on her 3rd choice) but denies to shake his hand. Other members of her team are So-Min, Haha and Kim Jong-Kook and rest are in Young-hee’s team while Suk-Jin will play for both teams.

Running Man Episode 424 Recap

Na-Eun’s team goes first, Suk-Jin and So-Min seem suspicious. Whereas, Na-Eun is called out for her pretentious dancing while Se-Chan coming to her defense. Now it’s team B’s turn but all of them are really bad at dancing especially variety newcomer Hyo-Seop. His stiff moves and cute acting makes him look a little suspicious. They chose six suspicious members and play again. Suk-Jin’s bad dancing makes HAHA angry and he kicks Suk-Jin hard. They get two hints for making six correct guesses.

Battle for Hints

Running Man Episode 424 Recap

Jae-Seok takes the hints and wants to see them himself. Jong-Kook wants everyone to see the hints, in the process of keeping the hints to himself. Jae-Seok accidentally touches Jong-Kook aggressively on his chest which makes Jong-Kook angry. To calm him down Jae-Seok gives him a kiss on his chest. Their first hint is, the ghost is an “oppa”. Suk-Jin says among three ghosts one is a woman because only ladies will say the word Oppa.

Which make Jong-Kook almost certain that Suk-Jin is a ghost because nobody said anything about the total number of ghosts. So, how did Suk-Jin knew that there are three ghosts unless he is a ghost himself? Suk-Jin tries to deny it but it looks like he gets caught because of his blabbermouth. They open their second hint and it says, “The ghosts are 2 men and 1 woman”. Let’s see if he turns out to be a real ghost.

Your Name has 3 Syllables

Next round is to win lunch as well as a hint. They will be divided into groups of two. PD will say first syllable and the group members have to say one each and complete a three syllable word for e.g runn-ing-man. Six dishes have been prepared and every dish has a sentence about the ghosts. Female members get to chose their partners first, Se-Chan only has eyes for Na-Eun. Much to his disappointment, she chooses Jae-Seok and then he gets teased by Kwang-Soo nad Jae-Seok. The last female to chose is So-Min but nobody wants to be her partner. Jong-Kook becomes her partner after winning in RPS.

Running Man Episode 424 Recap Running Man Episode 424 Recap

Ji-Hyo Haha couple wins the first dish, Suk-Jin makes the mistake and loses a dish so does Jae-Seok Na-Eun couple. Jae-Seok finishes 3 syllable word with just 2 words KIM-BAP. So-Min Jong-Kook couple also loses. Jae-Seok starts nagging them but Kimbap ssi (Jae-Seok) easily shut down by Jong-Kook. Kwang-Soo makes a mistake and they lose another dish as well. Jae-Seok starts his nagging again and Kimbap ssi is put in his place again.

While choosing which dish to remove Jae-Seok taps on Jong-Kook arm lightly and have to apologize to the arm by kissing it. They bet their winning dish to play one more round. Kwang-Soo, Na-Eun, and Young-Hee are chosen to play while Jae-Seok can help them. PD starts and Kwang-Soo looks at Jae-Seok for help but he avoids his eyes. They end up losing all the dishes and chance to get a hint about the ghosts.

Get Out, It’s Crowded

Running Man Episode 424 Recap

There are four cardboard rooms with holes for faces. They will be asked a question with four choices. They have to enter the room that corresponds to the right answer. Only four people can be in a single room. Within the time limit, they have to push out the extra person from the room if any. Jong-Kook looks the calmest out of all of them. After the first question, Se-Chan pushes out his crush Na-Eun and ends up pushed out himself by Jae-Seok and Kwang-Soo. As a punishment for people who answered wrong, they get their faces smashed with flour. For the next question, they are sprayed with water.

Running Man Episode 424 Recap Running Man Episode 424 Recap

DOL+I So-min sccared of punishment, runs away but she is brought back and gets punished. Kwang-Soo tries to enter through face holes but ends up getting his pants pulled down by Jae-Seok. In the end, Jong-Kook because of his knowledge and mostly because of his strength is able to win the first place. Kwang-Soo gets the second place when Jae-Seok and Se-Chan try to take credit for his victory the get smacked on faces by him. Both of them receives hints towards the real ghosts.

Find The Hidden Ghosts

Running Man Episode 424 Recap

“Humans” must find the ghosts and ways to eliminate them. When all the ghosts are eliminated humans win. On the other hand, if ghosts rip name tags of all the humans they win. Hints and weapons to eliminate ghosts are hidden throughout the building. Ghosts don’t know how they can be eliminated. Na-Eun asks Se-Chan to be with her which makes him more happy than suspicious. They find a couple of hints and gets terrified of Hyo-Seop when he approaches them without making any sound. He makes jokes but his sweating continues. Haha tries to approach him but he runs away and ends up caught by other members. Haha only wanted to take a selfie with him, Hyo-Seop is a ghost but nobody knows it. They still haven’t found a weapon to eliminate him.


Running Man Episode 424 Recap

While everybody is suspicious of Suk-Jin, Hyo-Seop ends up eliminating him by ripping his name tag when both of them are alone. Ji-Hyo finds a weapon to eliminate ghost, a garlic necklace. She and Haha corner Hyo-Seop and eliminate him. So-Min and Kwang-Soo get eliminated and Young-Hee calmly eliminates Jae-Seok as well. Which makes her the second ghost, the third ghost is also disclosed, it’s Jong-Kook. I didn’t even have a clue about him being a ghost, it was like watching Usual Suspect. He also eliminates his fan club manager Se-Chan. Then Young-Hee eliminates Ji-Hyo, just like she did to Jae-Seok. Haha and Na-Eun are the only humans left, they will be facing cold Young-Hee and Sparta Jong-Kook.

Running Man Episode 424 Recap

Na-Eun finds a way to eliminate Young-Hee just as she was starting her hunt. Jong-Kook corners Haha in a room and he enters the room. When he tries to eliminate Haha, Na-Eun who was hiding behind the door eliminates him with the weapon. This ends ghostbusting and humans are able to win. Humans win shiny gold badges, Kwang-Soo wants to tell a funny story but get shut down by Jae-Seok.


This is the end for Running Man Episode 424 Recap. Jong-kook turning out to be a ghost was the most entertaining part of the whole show for me personally. Young-Hee was quite good at the ripping name tag but her elimination looked scripted to me. Se-Chan’s one-sided crush towards Na-Eun continues, giving him some more sleepless nights. Let me know your thoughts on today’s episode in the comments. Share the post if you enjoyed it.


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