Ryo Nishikido of Kanajani8 cast in Drama Trace

Ryo Nishikido Trace

Ryo Nishikido, Yuko Araki and Eiichiro Funakoshi are cast in Fuji drama series Trace: Kasouken no Otoko. The drama series is based on manga Toresu: Kasouken Hoi Kenkyuin no Tsuiso by Kei Koga.

In the drama series, Ryo Nishikido will play forensic scientist Reiji Mano who is very knowledgeable but uncooperative with his colleagues. He also hates media and is looking in an old case. He excludes subjectivity and speculation, only believes in the objective truth obtained from the expert opinion.

Yuko Araki will play a rookie forensic scientist Nonna Sawaguchi. They work together to solve cases. Eiichiro Funakoshi the “Emperor of Suspense” will also be the part of the cast.

Ryo will be back on screen after a break. He was last seen in the taiga drama Segodon. About the Mano’s character, Ryo said, “He is cold from outside but has a warm heart”. He also said that he will try hard so that people of various generations will like the drama.

It will be directed by Hiroaki Matsuyama whose works include Liar Game and Nobunaga Concerto. It will air after currently airing Suits (Japanese version).  Trace: Kasouken no Otoko first airs January 7, 2019, in Japan on Fuji TV.

Source: FujiTV

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