SKY Castle Episode 20 Recap Education Leads To Death And Evil

SKY Castle Episode 20 Recap

SKY Castle Episode 20 Recap

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall, Who’s The Evilest of Them All?

SKY Castle Episode 20 RecapSKY Castle Episode 20 Recap

Seo-Jin goes to jail to meet Joo-Young, Joo-Young asks her if she won’t regret putting her in jail. Seo-Jin tells her that she may regret her decision but she is sure she would have regretted it more if she didn’t do the right thing. Joo-Young further tells her that Seo-Jin and her daughter are already on the path of destruction. Also, the hate she created in the heart of Hye-Na made Hue-Na come to her with a proposition. Which led to her death by the hands of Joo-Young hence according to Joo-Young she and Seo-Jin are both responsible for the death of her husband’s daughter. Yoo-Jung continues comparing Seo-Jin to herself and tells her that she is as selfish and as evil as herself. Seo-Jin comes back home, she is distraught and starts feeling guilty due to Joo-Young’s words.

Fathers of The Nation

SKY Castle Episode 20 RecapSKY Castle Episode 20 Recap

Dads of SKY castle meet for some drinks, Joon-Sang and Min-Hyuk both are troubled by their family issues. Chi-Young hopes that they can provide a happy and safe environment for their kids. Woo-Joo decides to drop out of the school as he has realized that good grades and the university doesn’t mean anything. His parents hope that he can take a break rather than totally dropping out, they let him make the final decision. Seung-Hye comes back to home after receiving a text sent by Min-Hyuk (while drunk) in which he apologizes for his past behavior. He also accepts all her terms regarding their kids and she decides to move back in with kids. Joon-Sang resigns from the hospital and says his goodbyes to his colleagues.

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Anarchy Rules

SKY Castle Episode 20 RecapSKY Castle Episode 20 Recap

Ye-Seo has changed as well, she is not worried about her grades and looks happier. Woo-Joo drops out of the school, his teacher starts talking bad about him (behind his back) in front of his classmates. Ki-Joo rebels against him joined by his brother and most of his classmates who find their teacher’s remarks too harsh. They skip their class and join Woo-Joo in his departure. Later, Seo-Joon and Ki-Joon “help” their father throwing his pyramid in the rubbish. Jin-Hee’s family also spends some time together and she seems to have changed her mindset regarding her son’s education. Seo-Jin contacts her family after a long time.

The Evil Returns

SKY Castle Episode 20 RecapSKY Castle Episode 20 Recap

Seo-Jin meets Soo-Chang and Young-Jae and presents them with her new book “Goodbye SKY Castle” as she thanks them for their help. Both father and son seem to be on good terms with each other now. Woo-Joo decides to go backpacking through Europe. Seo-Jin’s new book is not much of a seller which makes Seo-Jin really happy. Later, Seo-Jin brings Joo-Young’s daughter to meet her in the jail, her daughter not understanding the situation is really happy to see her mom. Seo-Jin tells her that don’t worry about her daughter she is very well taken care of. Elsewhere, Se-Jin’s family move out of the SKY Castle, new neighbors move in their place. The new neighbor comes to introduce herself to the mothers, she is too much into her kid’s education just as they used to be before. Elsewhere, a VVIP meeting of bank investment takes place, Joo-Young is there.

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What a gem of a drama this was. When it started I had no expectations just like everyone but it captured my attention from episode 1 and never let it go. No wonder it was in my list of Best Korean dramas of 2018. The story was really amazing although a little too stretched towards the end. The characters were just as great as the whole storyline and all the actors who played them deserve big kudos (each and every one of them). There is not a single character who didn’t perform well or was lacking somehow.

I was expecting Choi Won-Young’s character Chi-Young will change towards the end will have some evil tendency. That is because we all know how good of a villain Won-Young could be. I really hope families watched this drama and have some kind of change in their mindset towards their kid’s education. This drama could also have been named “Young Psychopaths in Making”.

If for some reason you guys haven’t seen this drama yet I would highly encourage you guys to go and watch. I can guarantee you if you start watching it you won’t be able to put it down until you finish it.

And here this the best soundtrack from the drama:




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