Strangers From Hell Episode 1-2 Recap

Im Si Wan returns to small screen for the first time after his military duty. He will be playing the role of Jong-Woo, who moves to Seoul for his new job and to be close to his girl-friend. He ends up living in small studio which is cheap but surrounded by some weird people. Another big star of the drama is our handsome Grim Reaper Lee Dong-Wook who may or may not be playing a negative role. Let’s start Strangers From Hell Episode 1-2 Recap.

Drama: Strangers From Hell (English title)

Hangul: 타인은 지옥이다

Network: OCN

Episodes: 10

Airing: Sat. & Sun. 22:20

Language: Korean

Strangers From Hell Episode 1-2 Recap

New Place

Jong-Woo enters his building along with someone while holding a knife in his hand. The other person then disappears while Jung-Woo locks himself in a room. He is then attacked and dragged by a stranger while Jung-Woo narrates about being in a fiery pit surrounded by strangers (talking about his studio building). He is then hit by a hammer on his head by the stranger.  We then see Jong-Woo coming to Seoul looking for a room for a cheap price but having a hard time finding one. Jong-Woo finally finds the room which will become the fiery pit surrounded by the strangers.

Strangers From Hell Episode 1-2 Recap

His new neighbors are all weird, one is a gangster, one is a pervert, other one has a stutter. Jong-Woo is also told (threatened) to not go to the studio on the 4th floor. It is only for women although no one is living there because of fire damage. Meanwhile, cops find a dead cat probably the one Deuk-Jong was playing with. One of the cop Jung-Hwa gets really into this serial killing (of animals) case much to the annoyance of her partner. She is also suffering from a tooth ache for which she goes to see a dentist, Moon-Zo (Lee Dong-Wook). Elsewhere, Jong-Woo goes out to drink with his senior, who gave him his new job.

Surrounded By Danger

He then witnesses a brawl between two drunks, he stops them after remembering from his past. Jong-Woo is also seems to be annoyed by his senior who keeps talking about Ji-Eun. Back in his room he is watched by someone through a hole in his wall. While cooking Hee-Joong (gangster) informs him not to eat eggs given to him by the landlady as they rotten eggs.  Furthermore, he warns him about the person living next door to him and don’t get close to anyone from the building. Jong-Woo then gets angry at Nam-Bo who keeps staring at Jong-Woo, Nam-Bo is hiding a knife behind him.

Everyone Is Weird

Later, Nam-Bo stands at Jong-Woo’s door talking to himself should he kill him or not. In the night Jong-Woo wakes up after hearing something. He open the door of room 305 and find it full of blood stains all lover the walls. He is then hit on his head, and he falls over but all of it turn out to be just a dream (or does it). Jong-Woo then hears noises coming from outside and learns that stuttering guy actually has a twin. Hee-Joong is angry with one of them for entering in his room when he was not present. When he tries to attack them he is stopped by Jong-Woo’s next door neighbor about whom he warned Jong-Woo.

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Next day, on his way to work land lady apologizes to Jong-Woo for other’s behavior. She also informs to him that the gangster ahjussi will be moving out soon. Meanwhile, Jung-Hwa continues her investigation into cat killer, from CCTV footage she gets suspicious of the Deuk-Jong. Elsewhere, Hee-Joong is attacked and stabbed by the residents although it turns out to be a dream (again). He then hears something and goes to the 4th floor and finds a bloody body in one of the rooms. He is then attacked by one of the twin from behind. Jung-Hwa takes stutterer to the station for questioning then released, we also see a poster of a missing person.

Who IS The Good Guy?

This is the same person whose body Hee-Joong saw earlier. At work, Jong-Woo’s female colleague shows interest in him which leads to jealousy from another male colleague. Elsewhere, Hee-Joong is tied to a chair is able to free himself and calls Detective Cha. He gets attacked by Ki-Hyeok before he could runaway, the stutterer gets scolded for all this. Back in his room Jong-Woo finds a diary (written in Hindi) which could belong to the guy whose body Hee-Joong find earlier. Later, Detective Cha comes to the residence looking for Hee-Joong. The landlady tells the detective that he has runaway without even paying his rent.

She also tells him that Hee-Joong beat his neighbors yesterday before running out. The detective then runs into Jong-Woo while they are talking someone lurking in shadows is spying on them. After that Jong-Woo finds his parceled opened by the pervert guy (in his opinion). He gets angry because of all the stress and decides to go to the detective again. Meanwhile, the detective while in his vehicle gets strangled and then stabbed by Ki-Hyeok. After seeing Jong-Woo (who decides to go back) Ki-Hyeok looses concentration and gets in scuffle with the detective. Moon-Zo arrives at the scene (“by a coincidence”), Moon-Zo then chokes Ki-Hyeok telling him he creates art not murder. Later, we see that Moon-Zo was the one spying on Jong-Woo through the wall hole.

End of Strangers From Hell Episode 1-2 Recap

This drama is f@#$ed up and awesome at the same time.

Personal Rant:

P.S.: My only issue was that diary (only if it belonged to the guy whose missing poster was shown in the station), he is supposed to be a Pakistani (his nationality was written on the poster) but his diary was written in Hindi rather than Urdu. Which is the language it should be written in because it is very unlikely, it just shows lack of culture knowledge. It would be similar if a US TV showing a Korean person writing his personal diary in kanji rather than Hangul. It is also possible that diary didn’t belong to that guy and I’m just ranting for no reason.

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