Sulli’s Jinri Market Episode 1

Sulli Jinri Market

Sulli Jinri Market

As mentioned previously Sulli is back with a new variety show Jinri Market. It looks like it will be a 12 part series and 1st episode was recently premiered. This is a little recap of the first episode and at the bottom of the page you could checkout the whole episode.


Sulli Jinri Market

Sulli is on a phone call with someone and she has some tears in her eyes. Their are a few clips of what we will see in the future episodes. Production staff wants to see if people will change their views about Sulli after the show. She is talking to her manager and we see few clips of her before her debut. Then we see a same clip played twice first with positive BGM and captions than with sad BGM and captions. You guys decide what they were trying to emphasize.


Sulli Jinri Market


She has a low key opening ceremony with her staff members.



Sulli Jinri Market

She is talking to her manager about her scandals and how her friends left her when she needed them. She also talks about her having panic attacks and her emotional instability. Then we see some more clips of what to come in future episodes.


There was not much in this episode about what this whole series is about. Also, most of the captions throughout the episodes were about viewers changing their views about Sulli. I can understand why they were doing it but my concern is that they were doing it too much. I mean it be counter-productive if they continue in the same way but that’s just my opinion. This show is produced by SM in participation with V Live. So all you guys who were wondering if she is still an SM artist than you have been answered.

Checkout the whole episode:


Let me know your thoughts on her return. Will her past personal issues will have any kind of affect on how you will view this series?  Write your opinions about Jinri Market in the comments.


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