When Devils Calls Your Name Episode 5-6 Recap

When Devils Calls Your Name Episode 5-6 Recap My New Muse Ha-Rip goes to Mo Tae-kang and argues that Yi-Kyung didn’t cuss, and she indeed is a first class soul. Tae-Kang tells him that first class souls used to exist before but not anymore. Chances of Yi-Kyung to be aContinue Reading

Netflix's Because It's My First Love

Netflix’s Because It’s My First Love Netflix released a trailer for its new teen drama series, “Because It’s My First Love”. The drama stars young and talented Ji-Soo who I really enjoyed in Ping Pong Ball and Angry Mom among others. Other two leads are Idols Jung Chae-Yeon (DIA, I.O.I)Continue Reading

Best Korean Dramas of 2019

So the first quarter of 2019 has come and gone and took several Korean dramas with it. I watched most of the dramas and here is the list of my favorite dramas for the first quarter of 2019. Dramas that started airing in December of 2018 were considered while theContinue Reading

Drama Item

Upcoming MBC Drama Item has released its first teaser trailer. The series stars Ju Ji-Hoon, Jin Se-Yun, Kim Kang-Woo, and Kim Yoo-Ri. This series looks quite dark and morbid thriller, just what I like. The first teaser trailer features Ju Ji-Hoon as Kang-Gon. Kang-Gon works as a prosecutor and who has to save his niece.Continue Reading

Fluttering Warning Episode 7 Recap

Woo-Hyun starts to have the feelings for Yoo-Jung and they may have another kiss. This time while both of them are superconscious. Woo-Hyun mother will have a hard time keeping her secret, especially with her coward accomplice. Hye-Joo will also need to pick up her game if she wants toContinue Reading

Feel Good To Die Episode 7 and 8 Recap

In the previous episode, we saw some more deaths of Jin-Sang, I hope the trend continues. Roo-Da needs to find the solution to the time-loop. She hasn’t even given it a thought in any of the previous episodes. Also, is any of you keeping the total number of his deaths? FeelContinue Reading

Fluttering Warning Episode 5 and 6 Recap

The leading couple signed their love contract in previous week’s episode. Now that they are legally bound, will their hearts will follow as well. Yoo-Jung has totally moved on from her ex-boyfriend and Woo-Hyun is showing no good signs towards Hye-Joo. So, there is no emotional baggage left to stop themContinue Reading

Feel Good to Die Episode 5&6 Recap

If you guys have read the recap of the 1st episode you will know I really like this drama. So I have decided to do the recap for all the episodes, except the 2nd one. The second episode was really funny and I don’t think I can do justice toContinue Reading

When Time Stops

Kim Hyun-Joong returns to the small screen after 4 years break with a new drama When Time Stops. This is his first drama after his return from his military service. Last few years has been quite tough on him because of all the scandals. In the press conference of theContinue Reading