Fluttering Warning Episode 15 and 16 Recap

Fluttering Warning Episode 15 and 16 Recap Just Like That Yoo-Jung and Woo-Hyun decide to get married on a whim because of Yoo-Jung’s long overseas schedule. Jae-Kyung is not happy with Yoo-Jung deciding on such a big decision without her involvement and on a spur of a moment. Woo-Hyun givesContinue Reading

Fluttering Warning Episode 12 Recap

Fluttering Warning Episode 12 Recap Brothers In Arms After Yoo-Jung and Hye-Joo get in a little scuffle, Woo-Hyun arrives. Hye-Joo holds onto his arm, Sung-Hoon also arrives and sees them. He misunderstood the situation and punches Woo-Hyun on his face and drags Yoo-Jung with him as he leaves. Woo-Hyun chasesContinue Reading

Fluttering warning episode 11

Woo-Hyun is ready to start his fight with his father. Although this fight has and will take its’ toll on his relationship with Yoo-Jung. Hye-Joo is also getting active with her schemes to bring an end to the leading couple’s relationship. Sung-Hoon who made his feelings known to Yoo-Jung will haveContinue Reading

Fluttering Warning Episode 9 & 10 Recap

At the end of the last episode, three of them met together in the same place. Will Hye-Joo reveal Woo-Hyun’s family secret to Yoo-Jung? It will be hard for Woo-Hyun to stop her from hurting Yoo-Jung. Yoo-Jung finally gets to meet her competitor. So let’s see what new happens inContinue Reading

Fluttering Warning Episode 8 Recap

Woo-Hyun and Yoo-Jung have finally started dating for real when they are hit by a surprising news. The news of their break-up is released when they are on their actual date. How will the leading couple will deal with this? Hye-Joo has shown his cards and started to go for Yoo-Jung’sContinue Reading

Fluttering Warning Episode 7 Recap

Woo-Hyun starts to have the feelings for Yoo-Jung and they may have another kiss. This time while both of them are superconscious. Woo-Hyun mother will have a hard time keeping her secret, especially with her coward accomplice. Hye-Joo will also need to pick up her game if she wants toContinue Reading

Fluttering Warning Episode 5 and 6 Recap

The leading couple signed their love contract in previous week’s episode. Now that they are legally bound, will their hearts will follow as well. Yoo-Jung has totally moved on from her ex-boyfriend and Woo-Hyun is showing no good signs towards Hye-Joo. So, there is no emotional baggage left to stop themContinue Reading

Fluttering Warning Episode 3 and 4

In Fluttering Warning’s premiere week episodes Yoo-Jung is cheated on and dumped by her boyfriend Jae-Min. She meets Woo-Hyun who reluctantly helps her. She again comes to see him for another favor. He already has a lot on his plate because of his father. Will he agree? Let’s find outContinue Reading

Korean Drama Ratings

Halloween week is over and so does end of the run for few drama series. Here are Korean Drama Ratings for the period of Oct 29 to Nov 4. 100 Days My Prince ended with ratings over 14 as we expected. Other dramas from Mon-Tue. bracket lost them, viewers. Bad Papa did not air on TuesdayContinue Reading