Encounter Episode 16 Recap

Encounter Episode 16 Recap You Do Your Thing I Will Do Mine Jin-Hyeok makes a final push towards Soo-Hyun, he tells her that he understands why she wants to break up with him. She can break-up with him but he is going to keep loving her. He is also goingContinue Reading

Encounter Episode 14 Recap

Encounter Episode 14 Recap The Note Soo-Hyun is in despair after being told to break up with Jin-Hyeok by his mother. Soo-Hyun’s father calls Jin-Hyeok and meets him for dinner. He tells Jin-Hyeok that he is happy Jin-Hyeok is with Soo-Hyun, now he can move forward with his long-awaited project.Continue Reading

Encounter Episode 13 Recap

Encounter Episode 13 Recap Wrong Place? Soo-Hyun arrives at Jin-Hyeok’s home rather than going to Woo-Seok’s. His family is really surprised to see Soo-Hyun, Mrs.Lee joins them as well. Soo-Hyun really likes the home cooked food. Jin-Hyeok’s mother notices the couple ring on Jin-Hyeok and feels a little uncomfortable. Mi-JinContinue Reading

Encounter Episode 12 Recap

Encounter Episode 12 Recap Men Are Men Woo-Seok tells Jin-Hyeok he has come to see him because of “my woman”. Jin-Hyeok finds him irritating, Woo-Seok further tells Jin-Hyeok that he can’t handle¬†Soo-Hyun. Jin-Hyeok replies that he is ready to endure everything in order to protect Soo-Hyun. Elsewhere, Jin-Hyeok’s father meetsContinue Reading

Encounter Episode 11 Recap

Encounter Episode 11 Recap We Want To Break Free Soo-Hyun and Jin -Hyeok spend some quality time in Cuba before going back to Seoul. Jin-Hyeok is reinstated back to his previous position in the main office. He gets welcomed by his team, except Mr. Choi’s man. Jin-Hyeok calls Soo-Hyun toContinue Reading

Encounter Episode 10 Recap

Encounter Episode 10 Recap Unrequited Romance After Soo-Hyun surprises Jin-Hyeok with a visit to Sokcho they enjoy some food at the hotel restaurant. The hotel managers help them with some alone time.  Jin-Hyeok calls Mr. Nam to pick Soo-Hyun up because he is worried that she may be tired. Elsewhere,Continue Reading

Encounter Episode 9 Recap

Encounter Episode 9 Recap Goodbye Kiss Jin-Hyeok and Soo-Hyun leave the party after their new year Kiss. Woo-Seok spots them while they are in each other’s embrace. Jin-Hyeok and Soo-Hyun decide to go to a late night movie date before Jin-Hyeok has to leave for Sokcho. Meanwhile, Dae-Chan wins theContinue Reading

Encounter Episode 8 Recap

Encounter Episode 8 Recap I am Just a Puppet Furious Soo-Hyun calls Mr Choi and asks him why did he backstab her? He tells her that she already knows it is not his own doing, Mrs Kim is behind all this. Soo-Hyun further tells him that she is going toContinue Reading

Encounter Episode 7 Recap

Encounter Episode 7 Recap The Rebellion After Soo-Hyun reveals her relationship status to the world her mother gets angry with her. She wants Soo-Hyun to ask forgiveness from Mrs Kim, Soo-Hyun tells her from now on she is going to live her own life. Soo-Hyun then meets Jin-Hyeok’s team asContinue Reading

Encounter Episode 6 Recap

Encounter Episode 6 Recap Start of Sseom Jin-Hyeok asks Soo-Hyun to be into a “Sseom” relationship, she agrees to it and now they are in a Sseom relationship. To celebrate their relationship they go on a bike ride. Both of them have a big smile on their faces (finally). Elsewhere,Continue Reading