Feel Good To Die Recap

Have you ever hated your boss so much that you wish he dies? If yes, you may be felt some remorse for our lead actress. She is tired of her nagging boss and wishes he dies. He does die not once but many times, again and again. Poor girl triesContinue Reading

100 Days My Prince Review

100 Days My Prince shows us that a peasant could be happier than a King.  This my little review of the drama 100 Days My Prince. 100 Days My Prince tells the story of an amnesiac prince who has to live as a commoner and he becomes happy for theContinue Reading

Big Forest Episode 2 Recap

We are back to see if our variety TV super star Shin Dong-yeop survives in drama land. Will he try another unsuccessful suicide attempt or Sang-hoon will be able to save him. Unlike the previous post I have decide to shorter the post and just write about important parts ofContinue Reading

Running Man Episode 420 Recap

Another episode in Dangerous delivery series is finally here. We still haven’t seen anything deemed dangerous yet, hope that changes.   Running Man Episode 420 Recap Broadcast Date: 30/09/2018 Jae-suk and Suk-jin are the only ones to arrive at the airport. They are getting punished after previous week’s loss. AfterContinue Reading

Big Forest Episode 1 Recap

  Pervy MC Shin Dong-Yeop is back on TV in a new drama Big Forest, playing the character of himself. Last seen in a drama series as a lead, was in Vampire idol and last time heard, when he voices Jung Ryeo-won’s pervert horse in Wok of Love. Jung Sang-hoon’sContinue Reading

Ping Pong Ball Drama Review

I recently watched this mini-series called Ping Pong Ball. It is based on webcomic “Takkookong” by Jo Geum-San. I wasn’t expecting much from it when I started watching it (without reading anything about the series) and I am glad that I did that because if I had known it wasContinue Reading

Omniscient Interfering View Episode 21

Omniscient Interfering View Episode 21 Broadcast Date: 23/09/2018 Little Omniscient Interfering View Episode 21, after teasing  us for past couple of weeks we finally got to see PSK(Park Sung-Kwang) fan meeting. Today’s special guest was Crush, SEY(Song Eun-Yi) was also back after last week’s absence. JHM(Jun Hyun-Moo) introduces crush withContinue Reading

Running Man Episode 419 Recap

Broadcast Date 23 September 2018 Running Man Episode 419 Recap/Review This is my little recap/review of running man episode 419. After last week’s “Dangerous Delivery” episode we come to the second part of the race. We get to see whats in the briefcase that cast delivered last week. Episode startsContinue Reading